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We're a bunch of car guys at 1A Auto, plain and simple. Between us, we have decades of automotive experience from working on and fixing vehicles, buying parts, and from just living and breathing everything about automobiles and trucks. Now, we want to share all of the expertise and knowledge we have accumulated over that time with you! Here you'll find a wealth of automotive resources including 101s on parts, repair and maintenance tips, buying guides, information about makes and models, general help, and much more.

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Empower Video Series

Articles About Parts

Car Part Terminology

OEM vs Aftermarket Auto Parts

Wheel Hub & Bearing Guide

Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms

Bad Shocks & Struts Symptoms

Timing Belts Vs. Timing Chains

Tire Size Guide

Shocks Vs. Struts

Exhaust Manifolds Vs. Headers

Window Regulator Replacement

Replacement Side View Mirrors

Weatherstripping 101

Replacement Fog / Driving Lights

Control Arm Basics

Towing Mirrors Guide

Ignition Coils & Coil Packs

Exhaust Manifolds 101

Replacement Headlights

Replacement Tail Lights

Alternators 101

Parking, Corner, Side Marker, Turn Signal, Bumper, Repeater Lights & Reflectors Guide

Auto Radiators 101

Oxygen Sensor Basics

Starter Motor 101

What is a Cylinder Head and How Does it Work?

What Fluid is Leaking From My Car?

Why Are My Power Windows Working Intermittently?

What is a MAP Sensor & What does a MAP Sensor do?

MAP vs. MAF vs. IAT Sensors

Can a Bad O2 Sensor Cause a Misfire?

Crankshaft Position Sensors

General Automotive Articles

Understanding Vehicle Identification Numbers / "VIN Numbers"

Automotive Differentials Explained

What are the Different Types of Automotive Brakes?

What is OBD II and how does it work?

Power Steering 101: What is it and How it Works

Distributor Ignition Systems Explained

What are the Different Types of Fuel Injection Systems?

How Fuel Injection Systems Work

What is The Difference Between Flat Plane and Cross Plane Crankshafts?

What is The Difference Between Four Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive?

Short Ram Vs. Cold Air Intake Systems

Understanding Truck Body Styles

What to Do When Your Car Overheats

Why Do Car Batteries Die in Cold Weather?

Low Tire Pressure in Cold Weather

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Articles About Makes, Models, Companies and Brands

History of General Motors (GM)

11 Common Jeep Problems & Complaints - Death Wobble

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