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What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like?

A bad wheel bearing will cause a grinding, whirring, clicking, or popping sound at the wheels that increases in volume during acceleration or turning.

Sounds While Turning

When a vehicle turns, the outside wheel takes the load of the work. This means that when turning on the side with the working hub, the failing wheel hub will amplify in sound. When turning on the side with the failing wheel hub, the failing wheel hub will not sound as loud. This means if you hear one of these sounds while turning, it’s likely the hub on the opposite side.

Testing the Bad Bearing

How Do I Tell If I Have a Bad Front Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly?

To test a bad wheel bearing, raise and support the vehicle and test for looseness or play by moving the wheel back and forth from the sides. If the wheel is firm, try moving it from the top and bottom. If the wheel is excessively loose, the bearing will need to be replaced.

Ignoring a bad sounding wheel hub can lead to loose or vibrating steering. In extreme cases the wheel can fall off, leading to a potentially dangerous accident.

It’s important to change a defective wheel bearing as soon as possible with a quality replacement. Our parts with long warranties will work and fit like the original.

If you’ve replaced the brakes, a wheel hub replacement is a few steps more. Our experts can show you how to replace it with install videos for many years, makes, and models in our how-to video library.

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