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Steering & Suspension Kits

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What are steering and suspension kits?

Steering and suspension parts connect your wheels to the rest of your vehicle. The suspension includes parts like shocks or struts, control arms, and sway bars, which keep handling steady for safer braking and to maintain ride level and comfort by easing the effect of driving over any bumps or potholes. Steering includes parts like the steering rack, tie rods, and pitman arms, to give the driver control over the vehicle by steering the wheels.

We have steering and suspension kits to meet varying needs. You can find kits for whatever you're working on, steering, suspension, or steering and suspension, and they range from a kit with a wheel hub and outer tie rod to hubs and control arms to outer and inner tie rods to front sway bar links to ball joints and tie rods. Whatever you need to take care of the job, a kit can be found, giving you more for your money and saving you the headache from having to track down needed parts, one by one.

How do I know if my steering and suspension parts need to be replaced?

The obvious sign you need to replace steering or suspension parts is abnormal handling while driving.  For steering parts, you feel a looseness in steering, or, if the parts are wearing down more towards one side, the vehicle will pull to that side of the road.  Hearing a clunk each time you drive over a bump is a sign that tie rods are loose.  If you're skeptical, check the parts by trying to move them by hand.  If a part has looseness or too much play, replace it.

As for suspension, if the car has a lot of bounce, or if your ride comfort has waned, the struts or shocks might need to be replaced. This is especially true for cars that encounter a lot of off-roading or poorly maintained roads. Poor shocks and struts might be punctured or leaking fluid, and they also leave cupping in your tires. If you're unsure, a good way to check the suspension is to perform a jounce test. Simply push down on the hood or trunk and if the vehicle bounces more than once or twice, look into restoring your suspension. Putting off these issues can lead to worse problems like uneven tire wear.

Can I replace the steering and suspension parts myself?

Many steering and suspension jobs can be done by do-it-yourselfers, difficulty varies from one part to another. Replace steering & suspension parts in left-right pairs to keep your ride even.  This is especially true for suspension to maintain an even ride.  Our Kits offer left right pairs helping you replace parts evenly. 

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