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What is an A/C Condenser and where is it located?

Your A/C condenser is an integral part of your car's A/C cooling system. When you want to cool the inside of your car, you activate the A/C. The A/C is actually a system of high and low pressurized refrigerant that alternates between a hot and cold liquid/gas state. The A/C compressor compresses the refrigerant to a high pressure state, pushing gaseous refrigerant along the lines to the A/C condenser, usually found in front of the radiator. The A/C condenser's job is to release the heat from the refrigerant out of the car, and the A/C condenser fan helps by blowing air over the condenser and out of the vehicle's front end.

As the refrigerant travels through the condenser and cools down, it condenses into a liquid from the high pressure, which creates heat. Once cooled, the refrigerant travels over to the receiver/drier to remove moisture and contaminants, and it visits an orifice tube or expansion valve to reach a cool, low pressure state, where it turns back into gas. From there, the refrigerant makes its way to the evaporator, where the A/C blower fan blows cool air into the vents, bringing chilly air into the cabin.

How do I know my condenser needs to be replaced?

One of the most common issues with condensers is clogging from outside debris, like bugs and leaves. Sometimes you can flush the condenser with water, but if the blockage is too big or severe, it might be time for a new condenser. Like the rest of the A/C cooling system, condensers also may leak and bend. This can be caused by wear and tear, old age, or external debris from the road like sticks and stones. It's also possible to damage the condenser if you hit anything with the front of your vehicle. Of course, the lack of cooling from a broken condenser fan can lead to a broken condenser, so you always want to make sure that's working first.

Can I replace an A/C condenser myself?

We only recommend that you replace the A/C condenser if you're very experienced with cars and trucks. In order to replace the condenser, you'll need to remove the refrigerant from the system and later recharge it. Professionals can also test the system with special equipment. Unless you have a good idea of how the A/C system works, it might be better to schedule an inspection.

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