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License Plate Lights at 1A Auto

What are license plate lights and where are they located?

As you undoubtedly know already, a vehicle’s license plate is an important accessory as it is used to distinguish the vehicle from others. License plate lights, also referred to as license plate lamps, illuminate a vehicle’s rear license plate. Generally, there will be two lights mounted to the rear bumper that shine on your license plate. They come on when your other vehicle lights are activated, and serve to make your license plate visible and legible while driving at night or during inclement weather.

How do I know if my license plate light assembly needs to be replaced?

Many states require that your license plate be visible at night. Broken license plate lights could result in a ticket or a failed vehicle inspection. If the license plate lights don’t turn on with your other lights, then you will need to find the source of the problem and remedy it in order to avoid legal trouble. Like with most lights, the bulbs can burn out over time. Problems with the fuses or wiring may also cause the license plate lights to fail to turn on. It is also possible for the license plate light housing and lenses to become damaged by debris or in an accident. 

Can I replace a license plate light assembly myself?

The license plate light assembly should prove fairly easy to replace. If you are only replacing the bulbs, you may be able to pull them out from behind the bumper and change them. To replace the license plate light lenses and housings you’ll need to unbolt the old ones, pry them off and disconnect the bulbs. Reverse this procedure to install the new ones.

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