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Headlight Trim at 1A Auto

What is the headlight trim and where is it located? 

The headlight trim protects your headlights and makes them look good.  Headlight trim includes molding, bezels, and brackets.  Molding and bezels are usually made of plastic and surround the headlight on the outside of the vehicle.  They provide a small amount of protection from road debris to the headlight, and contribute to the overall style of your vehicle’s front end.  They may be available in different colors, as paint-to-match replacements, or in swanky chrome.  Plastic or metal headlight brackets help hold the headlights to the headlight support. 

How do I know if my ­­­­headlight trim needs to be replaced?      

Just like the headlights themselves, bezels and molding can be exposed to a lot of hazards at the front of your vehicle.  These trim pieces can get scratched, scuffed, cracked, or even snapped off by flying pebbles, sticks, and other road debris.  They can also get damaged in fender benders or front end collisions.  If headlight brackets get broken or bent out of shape, your headlights can end up misaligned or may not stay in place. 

Since a different colored headlight trim will still fit the same, you could also replace your headlight trim to give your vehicle a new look.  Adding a bit of chrome to your front end is an easy way to give your car a little bit of flash. 

Can I replace the headlight trim myself?  

Replacing headlight trim is pretty easy and can usually be handled by a novice do-it-yourselfer.  Headlight molding and bezels are usually held on with screws or small bolts.  Remove these and you’ll be able to pull the trim off.  In some cases, parking lights and side marker lights might be mounted to the trim.  If that’s the case, you can remove the lights from the old trim and mount them to the new trim.  Put the trim into place and refasten it. 

For headlight brackets, you will usually take them off with the headlight assembly.  Then you can separate the bracket from the headlight and mount the new bracket and reinstall it.  

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