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Rust Repair Panels at 1A Auto

What are rust repair panels and where are they installed?

Rust repair panels, also referred to as patch panels, are used to replace damaged, corroded, or rusted out auto body panels. The body panels are all the pieces that make up the exterior of your vehicle. Rust repair panels are often a small section of a bigger body panel. They allow the most commonly rusted parts of a panel to be replaced without having to replace the whole panel (think wheel arches versus complete bed side). They not only provide aesthetic value by keeping the exterior of your car or truck looking good, but they also provide structural integrity. A vehicle with a weakened body is more susceptible to damage.

1A Auto carries rust repair panels that replace the most commonly affected body panels. These include, for example: rocker panels at the bottom of your door frames; the wheel arches; pickup truck cab corners; quarter panels; and the lower door skin. The patch panels we carry are made of stamped 18 gauge steel and are the same ones made available to body shops. 

How do I know if I should install rust repair panels?

If you have dented or rusted auto body panels, then you can replace them with rust repair panels. Your body panels can take a lot of abuse from daily driving. Moisture, dirt, and road salt can cause the metal to rust and corrode, making body panels start to literally fall apart. Paint protects the panels from the elements, but paint can be scraped or scratched off by road debris like gravel or fallen branches. Once this happens, the underlying metal is exposed to the elements and can start to rust. 

Replacing rust body panels can make your vehicle look better, make it easier to sell, and, as mentioned above, protects the structural integrity of the vehicle. The auto body panels help support the frame, so you don’t want to have holes in them.

Can I install a patch panel myself?

Rust repair panels must be welded into place. If you are an experienced welder, then feel free to take on the task of replacing your rusted body panels. Otherwise, you’ll want to have this kind of work done by a body shop. 

To go about welding on the replacement panel, you’ll have to cut off the old body panel with an angle grinder, and clean off any rust, debris, or old adhesive that remains behind. Then you can weld on the new panel. The replacement panel will be slightly larger than the old one so that it can cover the hole left behind. When welding, be sure to use all necessary safety equipment and take proper precautions.

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