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Decal & Stripe Kits at 1A Auto

What are decals and where are they located? 

Decals are like your car’s clothes.  They help your car look good and show off its own unique style.  Decals can include fancy nameplates—like the rad “screaming chicken” insignia—or sleek stripes that affix to your car’s body, trunk, and hood.  The original purpose of racing stripes was to help racers in a spin align their front end with the track.  Today, they mostly serve a cosmetic purpose—to make muscle cars look more streamlined.  Hopefully, you won’t get into a spin often enough to need them for aim.  Due to their association with racing, they’re sometimes called "go-faster stripes."  Sadly, they won’t actually help you go any faster (believe us, we’ve tried).  What they will do is make your car look just like new.   

How do I know if my decals need to be replaced?                       

If your decals are starting to look ragged, then you might want to consider putting on a newer, shinier set.  Maybe your old decals have started to crack or fade, or maybe they’re starting to fray and come up loose at the edges.  Whatever the problem is, you can get a new set of decals to replace the old ones.  Our decals come as complete kits to replace all your decals at once so you can get your whole car looking spiffy.  These kits are made to the manufacturers’ specifications and will look just like the originals. 

Can I replace the decals myself?  

Yes. Replacing decals doesn’t take a whole lot of technical skill, it just requires a little bit of patience.  Our decal kits come with a set of instructions specific to your vehicle to help you get the job done right.  The general idea is pretty straightforward, though.  You’ll have to remove the old decal first.  A hair dryer will help release the adhesive.  Then you can clean any adhesive residue off with rubbing alcohol.  Then you’ll want to carefully line up the new decal before you apply it.  Spray a mixture of water and liquid soap on the spot where you want to apply the new decal. Put the decal back on.  Then use the squeegee that comes with your kit to push out the soapy water.  The adhesive will apply to the paint and it will take about an hour for the adhesive to set.

You’ll need to have cooperative weather conditions to apply your decals.  You want it to be warm but not too hot.  Wind may blow dirt underneath the decal and make the adhesive less effective.  

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