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Interior Auto Parts and Accessories Basics

The interior of your vehicle may not strike you as the most essential aspect of your vehicle, but it is the area of your vehicle you will spend the most time with (hopefully). Naturally, all the time you spend driving is spent inside your car or truck. Therefore, it would be wise to keep the interior of your automobile in a good state of repair. Doing so will only serve to make your driving experience easier and more pleasant.

There are many parts and accessories that play a role in the upkeep of your car or truck’s interior. These range from the aesthetic to the practical to the essential and each serves a specific function as well as helps the inside of your vehicle look clean and clutter free. New dash caps in can replace faded or cracked ones and give the interior a better look. New seat heating pads can make your drive more comfortable. Parts like cup holders and glove box liners serve practical functions, giving you a place to put your coffee and spare change, and your registration and embarrassing CDs, respectively. Your hazard light switch is essential in the event of an emergency, and instrument panel light bulbs keep you aware of the important information displayed by your vehicle.

These are only a small sample of the interior auto parts and accessories that you will find in the inside of your car or truck. Others include headliners, floor mats, steering wheel, horns, switches, interior rear view mirrors, parts for your doors, windows, seats, console, and much more.


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