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What is a battery tray and where is it located?

The battery tray, along with the battery hold-down, helps keep your vehicle’s battery secured in place. It is a metal or plastic tray that the battery sits on top of and is mounted into. This keeps the battery from moving around while the vehicle is in motion. A moving battery could damage nearby engine parts, or cause damage to the battery itself. It could also loosen the battery connections, which will keep the battery from efficiently supplying power to the truck or car’s electrical systems.

How do I know if my battery tray needs to be replaced?

Metal trays often suffer from rust or corrosion, while plastic trays can develop cracks. In either case, the battery may become loose. It’s good practice to periodically check the battery tray whenever you are working around the battery. If there is mild rust you may be able to clean it with rust remover. Once done with the rust remover, you will want to seal and paint the area so it does not begin to rust again. A lot of rust, or a cracked plastic tray, indicate that it’s time to replace your battery tray.

Can I replace a battery tray myself?

Replacing your battery tray should be a relatively straightforward task. You will, of course, have to remove the battery to access the battery tray. Then you simply have to remove the bolts that hold the tray in place and pull out the old tray. You may have to apply penetrating oil to the bolts before your remove them. Once the old tray is removed, then simply install the new tray, insert the bolts, put in the battery and reattach the battery cables and any mounting hardware. In some cases, with a metal battery tray, you may have to cut it out and weld the new one in place.

Need a replacement battery tray?

A rusty automotive battery tray can be dangerous as well as ugly. Replace your car or truck battery tray with an aftermarket replacement from 1A Auto. We carry aftermarket battery trays for many makes and models, and at great prices.

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for a replacement battery tray for your car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our replacement trays, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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