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Tonneau Covers at 1A Auto

What are tonneau covers and where are they located?

Tonneau covers, also known as "bed covers," can benefit your truck in a number of ways.  Tonneau covers are a great addition as they can offer protection from bad weather, animals, or thieves for items stored in your trucks bed.  They can also improve fuel economy by giving your truck an aerodynamic shape, and they can even add style to the overall look of your truck.

They typically mount near the front part of the bed and come in many different styles. Some of these styles include hard, soft, tri-fold, roll-up, hinging, snap, snap-less, retractable, and removable covers. Some covers can roll-up and latch to the end of the bed to give you full access; others will need to be removed in order to use the entire space.

Tonneau covers can be made of materials such as leather, fiberglass, and aluminum. Depending on the type, they can also be visible above or below the sides of the bed. There are many types to pick from, and it's good to know what your habits and needs are before choosing one.

How do I know if my headlights need to be replaced?

How do I know if my tonneau cover needs to be replaced? 

Time and use are usually determine your cover's condition. Depending on the cover, certain parts like rack adaptors, locks, cover clamps, and cover rails can wear out. Excessive wear and tear can happen from rough weather conditions or just plain old age. If you've noticed your cover has one too many holes in it or doesn't protect your stuff like it used to, it might need to be replaced.

Can I replace a tonneau cover myself?

Yes, replacing the tonneau cover is a fairly easy process and can be done by a beginning do-it-yourselfer. In fact, part of a bed cover's benefit is its ability to be installed and removed at will, so the process should hardly be a time consuming task.  Cover installation can vary depending on the type, truck, and brand, but most follow a simple procedure and hardly require anything more than a socket and ratchet or a wrench.

The first step may require the pressing of a weatherstrip. Roll-up tonneau covers usually require the installation of a bed rail. The rail needs to be lined up along the side of the bed and is typically held in place by metal clamps. If you're installing a fiber glass or tri-fold tonneau cover, you'll want to center them on the bed of the truck. For a roll-up cover, the cover should be latched in on the front side of the bed and rolled out evenly along the bed rails. Once completed, the tightness and pull of the cover can be adjusted with a tensioner, which it typically comes with. 

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