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Nerf Bars, Side Steps, Running Boards at 1A Auto

What are running boards and where do they install? 

Running boards are sometimes also called nerf bars or side steps.  They are metal tubes or bars that mount to the side of your vehicle underneath the door.  They make it easier to step into trucks or SUVs that are high off the ground. 

Why might I want to install running boards? 

As mentioned above, running boards make it easier to step in and out of a tall vehicle.  They also provide a small amount of protection for the body of vehicle, which is why they are referred to as running boards.  They can protect the body from debris that gets kicked up during off-roading, and provide a bit of a buffer for the doors.  Adding running boards can also enhance the appearance of your truck by making it look more rugged or adding a bit of chrome flash. 

Of course, if you already have running boards, you might find that yours have been damaged in a collision or by debris, or maybe they have started to rust. If that’s the case, you can install replacements to get back the convenience and appearance your vehicle once had. 

Can I install running boards myself?  

The exact process for installing running boards will vary depending on your vehicle, but overall the job should not be too complicated.  Your vehicle may already have mounting points on the frame.  If that’s the case, you will be able to simply to lift the running board into place, prop it up, or have an assistant hold it, and then bolt it on.  Otherwise, you will have to drill mounting holes into the frame of your vehicle.  Follow the instructions that come with your running boards to do so.  Some running boards come with lights.  You will have to wire the lights to the vehicle to get them to work.  If you do not have prior electrical experience, you might want to leave this step to a professional.  

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