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Power Window Switch

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Power Window Switch

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What is a power window switch and where is it located?

Your vehicle’s power window switch is a main component to your power window system. Today, almost all vehicles are equipped with windows powered by the magic of electricity instead of windows that have to be operated manually with the use of crank handles. This makes raising and lowering windows as easy as pushing this switch. When engaged, the power window switch sends an electric current to the window motor, which is attached to the window regulator, activating it. In turn, the electric motor then powers a series of gears that lends motion to the linkage of the window regulator, which actually lifts the window glass up and down according to the direction that is indicated by the operation of the window switch.

Individual power window switches are found on the door panel armrests of each door, and they each control the movement of the window for the specific door they are located on. The master power window switch, which controls all of the windows in the vehicle, is commonly located on the driver side door panel armrest, but in some vehicles it is mounted on the center console.

Power Window Switch Failure

While typically quite durable and reliable, window switches are subject to general wear over time because of the fact that power windows are used so frequently, leading them to break. Excess moisture from leaving your car or truck’s windows open may also cause the switch to become defective. Some symptoms of a bad power window switch include intermittent operation or, no operation of the power window from the switch at all.

Can I replace the power window switch myself?

The power window switch is an easy part to install. Most of the time, all you will need is a flat head or Phillips screwdriver. However, in some vehicles you'll have to remove the door panel to access the power window wiring harness. In other cases, you might need to remove a screw from the pull cup. Then you'll have to pry the switch panel up with a flat blade screwdriver. Once you've seperated the switch panel from the door panel, you will need to disconnect the power window wiring harness, which can usually be done by pressing down on a clip with a flat head screwdriver and pulling the wiring harness out. Reinstallation is just a reversal of the procedure. Simply connect the wiring harness to the new switch panel and press the switch panel into place. Be sure to reinsert any screws that might have been removed.

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