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Why should I buy side view mirrors from 1A Auto?

Is one of your side view mirrors broken, you'll want to replace them both so they match.  Knowing what a hassle that can be, we offer high quality aftermarket replacement mirrors to make the repair easy. 

Which side view mirror options does 1A Auto offer?

Mirror operation options

1A Auto’s selection of side mirrors includes the following mirror glass adjustment options:

  • Power: Mirror’s glass is adjusted by a motor inside the mirror, which is controlled by pressing a button inside the vehicle.
  • Manual: Mirror’s glass is adjusted by physically moving it (it does not have an adjusting motor).
  • Remote Manual: These manual mirrors are adjusted by a cable from inside the cabin.

Folding options

  • Power-Folding: This type of mirror will automatically fold in toward the door when you press its control button inside your vehicle. In some cases, the mirrors will fold when a vehicle is put in park.
  • Manual-Folding: To move this mirror back against your car or truck, you have to physically push on it.
  • Non-Folding
  • Dual Swing: If you bump into this kind of mirror, it will fold forward and backward.
  • Single Swing: Bump into this type of mirror and it will fold in only one direction

Mirror lights options

These lights are found on a mirror’s glass or housing and are available as options for 1A Auto side mirrors:

  • Turn Signal: Found on the mirror glass or housing, these lights activate when a vehicle’s turn signals are used.
  • Parking/Marker/Clearance: These lights, which are located on a mirror’s outer sides, are typically either constantly lit or activated when a vehicle’s parking lights are in use.
  • Spotlights: Located on the back of a mirror, these lights project light backward, typically when a vehicle is in reverse. In some vehicles, they will illuminate when their doors are unlocked remotely or when a door is opened after the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
  • Puddle: Found on the bottom of a mirror, these lights illuminate the ground beneath the mirror/in front of a vehicle’s door.

Mirror glass options

  • Auto-Dimming: Also known as electrochromic mirrors, they dim the glass to automatically reduce glare from lights coming from behind the vehicle.
  • Spotter Glass: This smaller second piece of glass is curved to allow the driver to see farther behind the vehicle.
  • Heated: A heating element, usually controlled by the defroster, touches the glass to melt ice and snow and dissipate fog.
  • Blue Glass: Helps prevent glare and maintain consistent visibility. Unlike other glass choices, blue glass has the option of being installed on only one side of a vehicle.

Color and finish options

  • Textured Black: Bumpy textured finish designed to be installed without having to be painted.
  • Chrome
  • Paint to Match (PTM): Indicates that you’ll have to paint the mirror to match your car or truck. Final preparation is recommended for better paint coverage and adhesion.

Other options

  • Blind Spot Detection: Mirror lights alert the driver about vehicles in their blind spots. (Other blind spot detection alerts include noises inside of the vehicle, or vibrating seats or steering wheel.)
  • Memory: Allows the driver to set the mirror position (and seat position) to their preference. In most vehicles with this option, two preferences can be saved—often listed as “Driver 1 and 2” inside the vehicle. The driver can then quickly select their saved preference.
  • Sail-Mounted: This kind of mirror is mounted at the front of the side window, in the corner of the door glass.
  • Swing Lock: Typically a stainless steel metal bar that mounts to the door skin with the mirror on top, this is often found on Broncos, Ford trucks, Explorers and Rangers.

For trucks specifically, towing mirrors are an option, either as a replacement if your vehicle already has them or as an upgrade for trucks that don’t.


Learn even more about side mirrors

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How do I know if my side view mirror needs to be replaced?

Signs it’s time for a side mirror replacement:

  • Damaged or cracked mirror housing
  • Cracked or scratched mirror glass
  • Mirror function (e.g., power-folding or defrosting) failure

Learn how to replace your own side view mirrors!

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