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What are automotive seat covers and where are they located?

Seat covers are what cover your automobile’s seats. They are pieces of upholstery that cover your seat’s frame and padding and make the seat look and feel good. Without them, you'd be sitting on a bare seat frame with foam padding. Your car, truck, van, or SUV likely came with seat covers made of vinyl or cloth, or some combination of the two. Leather is a premium option for many cars and trucks as well, and it's usually standard on more luxury oriented vehicles.

How do I know if my seat covers need to be replaced?

Seat covers can develop all kinds of damage from the various forms of use and abuse they face. They may get ripped, torn, or punctured by pets or careless passengers. They may get charred by cigarette burns or stained by spilt food and drink. They may simply fade in color or crack with age. Cracks and rips can worsen over time, and you may start to lose some of the foam padding through the holes. Seat cover problems can make your car’s interior unsightly and uncomfortable. 

Fortunately, 1A Auto carries many seat cover sets for both the front and rear of the vehicle. Whether you are looking to update or transform the look of your interior or replace your factory seat covers, 1A Auto has you “covered.” Our seat cover sets are specific to your car, truck, SUV, or van, and fitted to the original seats. We have vinyl seat covers, cloth seat covers, vinyl seat covers with cloth interludes, as well as leather seat covers. Our seat covers come in many colors and are also available for many style seats. Whether you have individual bucket seats (as in the front of many cars), a bench seat that crosses the width of the vehicle (usually found in the rear or in the front of older vehicles), or 50/50 split bench seats (bench seats with a console or fold down arm rest in the middle), our seat cover sets are specifically designed to fit your original seats. 

Many companies sell kits to patch damaged upholstery or generic seat covers that slip over your original ones. Aftermarket seat covers from 1A Auto actually replace your car or truck’s old, damaged seat covers and restore your interior to a like-new appearance. 

Can I replace seat covers myself?

You can certainly replace your own car or truck seat upholstery, but you should definitely put aside some time for the project. Although there is nothing especially complicated about replacing seat covers, it can turn into a big job. We advise taking photos or drawing pictures of your original seat covers before taking them off. This way you can have a reference when you install the new ones. New vinyl seat covers may be wrinkled from shipping. To smooth out the wrinkles, lay the seat covers in a dry, sunny spot, or gently warm them with a hair dryer. 

You will need to remove the seats from the vehicle and remove the old upholstery from the frame. This involves removing a number of hog clips, using a pair of hog clip pliers. Depending on your model, the replacement seat cover set may or may not come with replacement foam pads. If you are replacing the foam pads, you will need to separate them from the seat frames and scrape off any glue or debris. Then carefully glue on the new foam pads. Then you can pull on the new automotive seat upholstery and hook it to the frame with hog clips. Be certain that the new seat covers are centered before you fasten them in place. The seat covers need to be pulled very tight. You might want the aid of an assistant. Once the seats are reupholstered, you can reinstall them into the car or truck. As we said, the process is straightforward but it will take considerable time and effort. 

Need replacement seat covers for your car or truck?

There's nothing worse than getting into your vehicle every morning and having to look at tattered, stained, dirt-ridden, cracked, or just plain filthy looking seat covers. It’s a bummer for you - and likely not very comfortable - and you may come upon some potential passengers who are legitimately afraid to get into your automobile and sit on your seats. If you need to replace your unsightly seat upholstery so that you can get your vehicles interior looking – and feeling - like new once again, then you have certainly come to the right place! 1A Auto carries a large selection of aftermarket seat covers for many makes and models, at great prices. Whether its front or rear seat covers, or vinyl, cloth or leather material, or covers for bucket, bench or split bench seats, 1A Auto has what you need!

High quality, replacement automotive seat covers from 1A Auto are just what your car or truck's interior needs to look and feel new again. These auto seat cover kits actually replace your current worn interior - they don't just cover it up. Our automotive seat cover kits are made from the highest quality materials and the patterns are exact duplicates of the originals. Extensive test fitting and refining go in to each pattern to insure correct fit. All car and truck seat upholstery kits come with hog rings and pliers.

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for replacement seat cover sets for your car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our aftermarket seat upholstery sets, would like material and color samples, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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