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Gas / Fuel Tank Straps at 1A Auto

What are fuel tank straps and where are they located?

Fuel tank straps are the main support for a vehicle’s diesel fuel or gas tank, whose purpose is to safely store the vehicle’s fuel supply—whether it be gasoline or diesel—until it is needed by the engine to run the automobile. Typically found underneath the rear (or the side for some trucks) of the vehicle, the fuel tank straps attach to the chassis and hold the diesel fuel or gas tank in place.

When do fuel tank straps need to be replaced?

Fuel tank straps are usually replaced because of rust or damage from removing the diesel fuel or gas tank. Rusted straps, if severly damaged, can cause the fuel tank to fall off of the vehicle. When trying to remove the diesel fuel or gas tank, since the straps are constantly exposed to harsh elements, they may need to be cut if they're stuck or their mounting hardware seizes.

Can I replace diesel fuel or gas tank straps myself?

Replacing fuel tank straps can be a simple process, but it’s always a good idea to be cautious when working around a diesel fuel or gasoline tank. Be aware of how much fuel is in the tank before trying to remove it, as it can add a lot of weight to the tank and make it hard to balance. If necessary, a siphon may be needed to remove excessive fuel from the tank. Since the fumes from the fuel are highly flammable, it is not recommended to use anything that may cause sparks to cut the straps; metal cutting shears or tin snips are suggested.

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