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What Are Front Struts?

Struts are an integral component of a car’s suspension system. It’s common for many cars today to have two front struts and two rear shock suspension systems, but some vehicles have a different kind of suspension such as leaf springs.

Struts are a type of suspension that may have a coil spring attached. They help support the weight of the vehicle and keep the wheels connected to the ground and from bouncing up, making the vehicle safe to drive. The coil spring serves as an absorber to quell the impact from the wheels hitting the road. Unlike shock absorbers, struts also help direct the wheel and support the weight of the vehicle.

How to Test Struts for Wear

Rough Ride: Since part of a strut’s role is to give a comfortable ride when driving, you might feel a rougher ride or more bounce when driving over bumps, which can be a sign the struts are worn.

Excessive Nosedive: Excessive nosediving and bouncing at the front of the vehicle after braking hard or coming to a panic stop is a common sign that the struts need to be replaced.

Press the Hood: An easy way to test the shocks is to press down on the front hood and see if the vehicle keeps bouncing instead of quickly returning to its typical position.

Inspect the Tires and Struts: You can also inspect the tires for uneven wear, which may have been caused by the struts. Sometimes the upper bushings and mounts may wear out, and this can loosen the strut. The struts can also be inspected for leaks or dents.

If the strut is no longer in working condition, replace it as soon as possible. For better ride quality, we recommend that you replace the front struts in pairs and have a professional perform an alignment after installation.

For quality and dependable front struts and strut assemblies, check out what’s in stock for your vehicle. Replace bad, leaking, or dented struts with our how-to videos for many years, makes, and models.


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