Is It Illegal to Drive with a Headlight Out?

Yes, in most states it is required by law to have two working headlights. Headlights increase safety and reduce the chance of an accident by making your vehicle visible to other drivers at night and times of the day when it is difficult to see and be seen.

What Will Happen If I Drive With One Headlight?

For driver safety, it’s best to always drive with working headlights. Headlight beams are aimed at different points to illuminate the road, not blind other drivers, and light up signs, animals, or debris on the side of the road. It takes two headlights to effectively light up the road and driving with one greatly reduces your visibility.

In some states, it is illegal. Having only one working headlight means you could be pulled over and possibly ticketed. It may also cause your vehicle to fail a state vehicle inspection if your state requires it.

If your headlights are cloudy, cracked, broken, or old and need to be replaced, we have a number of headlights available for many makes and models that will fit directly and easily and give your car a new look.

Learn how easy replacing your headlights can be with our how-to videos. Do the repair yourself and increase your safety and visibility with two new working headlights.

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