1ALHP00638-Toyota Sequoia Tundra Driver & Passenger Side 2 Piece Headlight Set DIY Solutions LHT03489



2008 Toyota Tundra Driver & Passenger Side 2 Piece Headlight Set DIY Solutions LHT03489

Guaranteed to fit 2008 Toyota Tundra
07-11 Toyota Tundra Sequoia Headlight Pair
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DIY Solutions
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DIY Solutions
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4.91/ 5.0 33
Great customer service
January 21, 2017
One of the head lights as broke apoun opening. I called customer service and they sent a new light free of charge. It arrived two days later. Easy install, great company.
2010 toyota sequoia headlights
July 23, 2017
Perfect fit and excellent price. My truck looks brand new. Thanks
November 27, 2017
Product is perfect replacement and easy to install. Much better night driving now.
Perfect replacement for a great price
January 7, 2019
I was a little leery reading some of the reviews but these were delivered quickly and installed without a single problem. They appear exactly as the OEM in the fitment and construction.
2009 Toyota Sequoia headlights
July 2, 2019
The headlights on my wives 2009 Toyota Sequoia were yellow , scratched , and foggy. Also someone backed into her passenger side view mirror, smashing it nearly off. The dealer wanted more than a thousand for replacements and I couldnt afford it. I saw an online add for 1AAuto and I checked to see if they had quality replacements and they did at a fraction of the price. I ordered the parts and watched the videos on how to install them. It only took me s short while and her vehicle looks like new. Her friends and coworkers were impressed and thought it was fixed at the dealership. I saved a lot of money and my wife told me she was touched. The parts were good as new and I got the satisfaction of doing my self, knowing it was done right.
Very satisfied
July 3, 2019
Headlight assemblies delivered quickly, came complete, fit well and appear to be of good quality.
2011 Sequoia looks great again!
August 31, 2019
Easy quick replacement for both head lights. Im a stay at home Mom, but able to finish job quickly while kids were playing. Did not end up needing the headlight mounting grommets replaced but Ill hold onto them for later. Would suggest buying the black plastic retainer pins to replace original- they are cheap and will likely break. Watch video
First time user
November 14, 2019
Bought a new pair of headlight for my Tundra. The cost was 1/3 the dealers asking price. Quality was awesome!
Sequoia headlights
November 26, 2019
Parts were great and went in perfectly.thanks
Tundra Headlight Housing
January 19, 2020
Perfect match to my stock headlights! They even come with lightbulbs. I didnt use the low beams because I installed Led bulbs there. But the rest was plug into your new bulbs. Easy install. Nice product
Perfect fit, look great and huge difference in visibility
February 27, 2020
I bought these based on other reviews and was not disappointed. I am not a car guy or mechanic and they were super easy to switch out. I have an 08 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Edition. I only mention platinum because apparently I had no idea there are headlight washers that I had to work around, but once I figured that out it was easy to unhook them, install the headlights and then re-hook them in. Took about 20 minutes total for both headlight assemblies and they fit perfectly.
Looks like new again!
March 7, 2020
My headlights were looking very oxidized and dated. It was starting to effect my night driving. These replacement were perfect. The came with bulbs and are adjustable. Took me about 10 minutes to replace on each side. I love how new my truck looks again.
Great clarity, not the same fit as OEM and adjustment not functional
March 18, 2020
It was easy to install. I swapped them for the old yellowed assemblies in my 2007 Tundra. 2 problems-they don't quite fit the same as the originals and the lower retention tab on the front does not fit snugly in the metal slot. Also, the adjustment screws that change the elevation of the headlight beams have no effect. They appear to be cosmetic only. Disappointing quality.
March 30, 2020
The app is easy to use and the products are exactly as advertised. I am totally satisfied and will shop with this store again in the future. Keep up the good work folks.
Perfect fit
May 25, 2020
These headlights went in like a breeze. Look and work great
Simple fix
December 18, 2020
Old headlights were needing some help. Unboxed the new headlights and installed with no problems. New set came with bulbs. Just unplugged old lights and replaced with no additional wiring.. Easy fix at a good price.
Complete plug and play with light bulbs
January 2, 2021
I ordered from 1A Auto vs Amazon because I still wanted the level adjustment and was not disappointed. The headlights were a simple replacement and all holes lined up and the body lines match. The best part was the housings coming with the bulbs and connectors which was an added bonus as my old connectors were burnt and charred. I replaced the 9005 and H11 with LED bulbs but used the new side marker and parking/turn signal bulbs. Nice to feel like I'm not gambling with night driving anymore!
January 25, 2021
The bottom part where plastic trim piece snaps in was broken off in the box, so I just wired it into place
Auto leveling
February 15, 2021
Save 200 bucks and just use the non auto levelling lights. They fit the same and i have never used the auto levelling switch in my truck in 8 years. Also ive never towed at night so its kind of a redundant feature for me. I just taped up that connection and tucked it away. Lights look great. Always get my parts from 1A.
Easy affordable upgrade
March 21, 2021
Like these so far. Easy to install. Use small different sizes of flat head screw drivers after watching videos to not break the lamp harnesses and bumper brows. The second side is always easier. Try to find the black plastic rivets. Rivets hold the bumper brows and air deflectors on. Its a Toyota part. I went to dealer. Talked them down to 1.50$ each from 5$. They are all over Toyotas and there are different types of plastic rivets. Easy to install always break upon repoval and reinstall. Chances are your missing them already, if your thinking of replacing the lights. Just pop the hood and look directly above the lights at the painted piece and deflectors behind it. Cheers
Simple Installation & Great Price
May 17, 2021
Replaced my fogged up headlights & took about 30 minutes! They look awesome! These cost under $100.00 ea. Got a price from a local automotive store for $345.00 apiece! Very pleased!
Quality product, prompt delivery, and everything fit perfectly.
July 13, 2021
Quality product, prompt delivery, and everything fit perfectly. The fact that each headlight assembly came with all the bulbs made the installation very easy. The only thing that was off was the brand of the product. They were advertised as "DIY" but I received "Eagle Eyes", which was not a problem but I did notice.
Dreamt price
July 17, 2021
Took 20 minutes to install. Perfect fit
As good as advertised
August 26, 2021
Just as described. Looks factory
Easy install!
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/0f456af9ad5223bb201eea8ec85d6f87_1635333705028_0.jpeg", "caption": "Very easy install! And the results looks amazing."}]
October 27, 2021
The whole process was great. The headlight actually comes with bulbs preinstalled in the fixtures. The video on the website was very straight forward and easy to follow. Had both headlights changed in under 30 min.
December 10, 2021
Easy to install looks fantastic great price highly recommend it
"Clearly" An Improvement
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/f4e3996cf80f08de109b10b6927569ff_1640126115373_0.jpeg", "caption": "Before and after...what a difference."}, {"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/0b091f71f9a932933624e72bfe106128_1640126151418_0.jpeg", "caption": "Crystal clear lens make the vehicle look more attractive and make it a lot safer to drive at night."}]
December 21, 2021
These headlights were a perfect fit. The packaging they were shipped in ensured that nothing could get damaged in shipment. I was able to remove the old lights and install these in less than 20 minutes - start to finish. I highly recommend these. My only complaint is that once installed in my Toyata Tundra, the beam adjuster is close to the battery on the driver's side and the washer fluid container on the passenger side so getting my hand into the area with a Phillips head screwdriver to make the necessary adjustments tore up the tops of my hands even wearing disposable nitrile gloves - there was a lot of cursing going on
January 29, 2022
Easy to install and good fit
Great replacement part
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/d2cf265b079a41061127ccf78c8ce9ff_1644244338304_0.jpeg", "caption": "New life to the front of my Tundra"}]
February 7, 2022
Easy to order, fast standard delivery and exact fit, I will purchase parts in the future and recommend to a friend .
Great product
February 21, 2022
Perfect fit. Look just like OEM but at a much better price.
quality purchase, but need your own bulbs
March 1, 2022
excellent performance. It is a bit weird that the bulbs included are temporary.
March 16, 2022
Fit perfect. I've always had good luck with their replacement products.
July 8, 2022
The item came extremely quick but they were the wrong item for my truck
Customer Q&A
will this product fit a vehicle with manual adjusting headlights?
April 23, 2016
Joe L
Fits specific models with these details: Vehicle Fit 2008-2014 Toyota Sequoia Headlight Pair 2007-2009 Toyota Tundra Headlight Pair 2010-2013 Toyota Tundra Headlight Pair (excluding Electric Leveling)
April 25, 2016
Brian F
Yesthe will work with manual adjust such as mine are, these are such well made headlights that my professional installer thought I bought them direct from Toyota
April 28, 2016
Mark V
Are these clear or smoked lenses? Pictures look kinda smoked, but Im wanting clear. Thanks.
April 17, 2018
Kevin K
These are clear lenses.
April 17, 2018
Tim K
Do these work with the headlamp washer feature?
February 5, 2019
Trevor W
probably not. they would not work on my Tundra because my headlights are auto adjust and 1A does not sell that model light. The light 1A sells does not say it will work with auto washers
February 5, 2019
Sy Flugger S
This should be able to work for lights that have the washer feature.
February 6, 2019
Emma F
Dont know My truck does not have washer feature
February 6, 2019
Yes, everything worked like factory. Made the front of my Sequoia look like new again. I had a body shop install them for me. Definitely recommend theses lights.
February 7, 2019
How to install Video that corresponds product with year of auto ?
December 18, 2020
Jose A
Written and video installation instructions are found on the product page under the "How-To & Tools" tab. We're constantly adding new installation video instructions. If we do not have one for your vehicle on the product listing page, please check again at a later time or check our Video Library to see similar repairs here: https://www.1aauto.com/videos
December 19, 2020
Adam G
Does this set come with lED?
May 2, 2021
David S
Lights are of excellent quality just like factory and simple to install. They come with regular bulbs "not LED's". I ordered the Beamtech H11 & H10 LED bulbs on Amazon so the fog lights matched the headlights and they are awesome! Hope this helps
May 3, 2021
New light bulbs are not included. Occasionally, manufacturers leave test bulbs in the lights. If you receive test bulbs, you'll want to replace them with your original bulbs or with new bulbs.
May 3, 2021
Emma F
Do you have to adjust the lights after installing them ?
November 20, 2021
Stephen E
Adjustments may be necessary for installation.
November 20, 2021
Cristina P
Yes, there are instructions on YouTube. Pretty simple. I believe you can do it with a flat head or a simple tool.
November 20, 2021
Edward O
Yes, but it is easily done with a stubby Phillips. Clockwise for up.
November 20, 2021
I did not have to adjust mine .
November 20, 2021
No. I replaced mine and they are pointed in the exact same place as my stock ones. Just replace and go!
November 20, 2021
Yes, there are instructions on YouTube. Pretty simple. I believe you can do it with a flat head or a simple tool.
November 21, 2021
Edward O
Yes using Phillips screwdriver
November 21, 2021
James N
Yes using Phillips screwdriver
November 21, 2021
James N
Mine needed no adjustment after I installed them
November 22, 2021
Scott S
Yes. Unfortunately, the adjustment screws in these headlight assemblies appear to be cosmetic only. Turning them many turns did not adjust the headlight beam heights at all. My right side headlight is too high but is not up in the trees so I gave up on trying to adjust. Good Luck
November 23, 2021
Michael C
Are light bulbs for uses or test ?
January 7, 2022
John D
New light bulbs are not included with this assembly. Occasionally, manufacturers leave test bulbs in the lights. If you receive test bulbs, you'll want to replace them with your original bulbs or with new bulbs.
January 8, 2022
Ricale A
Can someone on staff at 1A Auto provide a pic of the beam adjustment screw on the back of the headlight assembly on the  DIY Solutions LHT03489? I need to adjust mine vertically.
August 15, 2022
Grady S
We only have these photos available at this time and wouldn't have any photos of the adjustment screw or the back of the assembly.
August 15, 2022
Emma F
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