Ford Harmonic Balancer Dorman 594-189

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This harmonic balancer and belt drive pulley is a new, aftermarket replacement part. This dampener pulley mounts to the front of the engine on the crankshaft, and is used to dampen engine vibration.


  • Brand new
  • Replaces dealer part numbers: F75Z-6312-BA, F65E-6316-BB, F75E-6316-B2A, F75Z6312BA, F65E6316BB, F75E6316B2A
  • 8-rib pulley
  • Direct bolt on replacement
  • Built to strict quality control standards

This replacement harmonic balancer is an excellent replacement for your worn or damaged original and has substantial cost savings over a dealer part.

Item Condition: New

Lifetime Warranty

This item is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. In the event this item should fail due to manufacturing defects during intended use, we will replace the part free of charge.

  1. step : Removing the Radiator Shield (0:25)
    • Remove the spark tire jack crank
    • Pry up the clips along the radiator shield with a Phillips screwdriver and flat blade screwdriver
    • Remove the clips
    • Remove the radiator shield
  2. step : Removing the Air Intake (2:26)
    • Remove the two 10mm bolts from the throttle body cover
    • Lift the cover
    • Loosen the hose clamp on the air intake near the throttle body
    • Disconnect the breather hoses
    • Lift the intake tubing
    • Loosen the latch on the housing
    • Disconnect the two sensors on the air intake
    • Lift the air intake up and out
  3. step : Removing the Fan (3:39)
    • Insert a fan removal tool to the fan pulley bolts
    • Loosen the fan clutch with the tool and a ratchet
    • Spin the fan and nut off of the pulley
    • Remove the fan
  4. step : Removing the Radiator Hose and Fan Shroud (5:27)
    • Loosen the radiator hose clamp with pliers
    • Remove the 8mm bolts from the fan shroud
    • Lift the fan shroud up and out
  5. step : Removing the Serpentine Belt (6:18)
    • Familiarize yourself with the route of the serpentine belt
    • Insert a 1/4 inch breaker bar into the tensioner
    • Turn the tensioner clockwise to loosen the belt
    • Pull the belt off a pulley
    • Release the tensioner slowly
    • Pull the belt off by hand
  6. step : Removing the Harmonic Balancer (7:55)
    • Remove the 18mm bolt from the harmonic balancer
    • Insert the puller into the harmonic balancer
    • Remove the pulley with a 10mm socket and ratchet
  7. step : Installing the Harmonic Balancer (9:46)
    • Apply silicone to the keyway on the balancer
    • Insert the balancer into the crankshaft and line up the keyway
    • Press a socket on to contact the interior surface
    • Tighten the bolt and washer into the engine with an 18mm socket and ratchet until the crankshaft turns with the wrench
    • Thread in two of the balancer removal bolts
    • Hold the bolts with a pry bar
    • Tighten the bolt to 66 foot-pounds
    • Tighten the bolt to 37 foot-pounds and another 90 degrees
  8. step : Reinstalling the Serpentine Belt (11:52)
    • Loop the belt down between the idler and tensioner pulleys
    • Loop the belt around the A/C Pulley
    • Bring it over the tensioner
    • Bring it underneath and around the crankshaft pulley
    • Bring it up and over the water pump pulley
    • Bring it under the idler pulley
    • Pull the belt down and over the alternator
    • Pull the tensioner clockwise with the 1/2 inch ratchet/breaker bar
    • Bring it around the power steering pulley
    • Release the tensioner
  9. step : Installing the Fan Shroud (14:09)
    • Feed the shroud and fan down in together
    • Spin the fan onto the pulley a few threads
    • Tighten the 8mm bolts to the fan shroud
    • Tighten the hose clamps to the upper radiator hose
  10. step : Installing the Fan (15:44)
    • Tighten the fan with the special tools
    • Hold the pulley and tighten the fan in
    • Torque the fan to 40 foot-pounds
    • Connect the upper radiator hose
  11. step : Installing the Air Intake (16:48)
    • Insert the air intake into place
    • Close the housing hatch
    • Connect the two sensor
    • Connect the two breather hoses
    • Tighten the hose clamp to the air intake hose
    • Place the throttle body cover over the throttle body
    • Tighten the two 10mm bolts to the cover
  12. step : Reinstalling the Radiator Cover (18:37)
    • Place the radiator cover on
    • Press the clips in
    • Push in the center of the clip to lock
    • Insert the jack handle into place

Tools needed for replacement:

    Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • RTV

  • Ratchets & Related

  • Socket Extensions
  • Torque Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Pry Bar

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 18mm Socket
  • 10mm Socket

  • Specialty Tools

  • Harmonic Balancer Puller
  • Fan Clutch Wrench

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Fits the following Makes:

Year Make Model Description
1997-2004Ford E150 Van Ford E150 Van V8 4.6L Harmonic Balancer
2003-2004Ford E250 Van Ford E250 Van V8 4.6L Harmonic Balancer
1997-2002Ford Expedition Ford Expedition V8 4.6L Harmonic Balancer
2004Ford F150 Heritage Truck Ford F150 Heritage Truck V8 4.6L (8th Vin Digit 6) Harmonic Balancer
2004Ford F150 Heritage Truck Ford F150 Heritage Truck V8 4.6L 4 Wheel Drive (8th Vin Digit W) Harmonic Balancer
1997-2003Ford F150 Truck Ford F150 Truck V8 4.6L 4 Wheel Drive (8th Vin Digit W) Harmonic Balancer
1997-2003Ford F150 Truck Ford F150 Truck V8 4.6L (8th Vin Digit 6) Harmonic Balancer
1997-1999Ford F250 Light Duty Truck Ford F250 Light Duty Truck V8 4.6L (8th Vin Digit 6) Harmonic Balancer
1999Ford F250 Super Duty Truck Ford F250 Super Duty Truck V8 4.6L 4 Wheel Drive (8th Vin Digit W) Harmonic Balancer
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