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What is a window regulator and where is it located?

Window regulators are key components to the proper operation of your vehicle’s windows. Since we use our windows so often, they are some of the most actively used parts in any vehicle. Window regulators help raise and lower the door glass of an automobile, and are usually located behind the door panels. Depending on the type of options a vehicle comes equipped with, it will have either manual or power window regulators.

If a vehicle is equipped with manual windows, then it will have manual window regulators. This type of regulator lifts the door glass up and down through the physical rotation of a window crank handle located on the door panel that connects to the regulator assembly. If a vehicle is equipped with power windows, which are most common today, then it will have power window regulators. In this case, electricity powers the motion of the door glass. A power window regulator assembly has a window motor attached to it that is controlled by a power window switch, which is usually located on the door panel or the vehicle's console panel. When someone pushes the switch, the window motor activates the window regulator linkage, which then moves the windows up or down.

How do I know if my ­­­­window regulator needs to be replaced? 

Your window regulator may need to be replaced for a variety of reasons:

  • Damaged window track – A damaged window track can make it hard for your regulator to lift the window, and it will eventually fall in the door and stop working altogether.
  • Worn or compromised weatherstripping – sometimes rain, snow, ice, dirt, and debris and get inside your door and destroy parts inside.
  • Misaligned window – Like a damaged window track, regulators were designed to lift and lower windows in their appropriate spots! A misaligned window only puts more pressure on the regulator and may prevent the window from moving up or down.
  • Misplaced window stops – Window stops keep the window glass in place. If they’re misaligned, the window is bound to fall off the window track.
  • Obstructions in the windows or doors – Objects that don’t belong in the door can lead to an eventual malfunction if it interferes with the regulator
  • Weakened balance springs – Your balance springs help balance the weight of the window. Door windows are surprisingly heavy, so without springs, your window is bound to transfer that weight to the regulator, which isn’t good if you want to keep your window motor intact.
  • Ground wiring fault – A ground wiring fault can lead to a lack of energy needed to operate the power window regulator motor. If the ground is partly damaged, this can lead to it finding a path of least resistance, which might cause the window to work intermittingly.

Can I replace the window motor myself?

Because car windows are used so frequently, window regulators are subject to high wear and tear which often leads to breakage and inconvenience. Since being able to open and close the windows on your car is such a necessity, your window regulators should always be in working codnition. If yours has failed, a replacement will be necessary so that you can get your windows to open and close again.  The process usually requires a socket and ratchet, and depending on the type of regulator possibly a rivet gun, and typically involves the removal of the door panel. The repair is doable for any novice do-it-yourselfer.

1A Auto Window Regulator Features:

  • Brand new
  • Pre-assembled
  • Direct bolt-on replacement
  • Built to quality control standards
  • Often improved design for durability
  • Per item warranty included

For an in-depth explanation of the different kinds and styles of window regulators that there are, maintenance tips, and more, check out our replacement window regulator guide.

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