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What are Parking Sensors and where are they Located?

One of the more challenging aspects of driving is knowing exactly where your vehicle begins and ends. This is particularly important when parking or reversing out of tight parking spots. Luckily, many vehicles are now equipped with parking assist systems. These parking sensor systems are extremely useful for vehicles that are higher off the ground. They also come in handy for new drivers that aren't yet familiar with the exterior dimensions of their vehicle! 

Parking sensors can also be called proximity sensors, back-up sensors, or reverse sensors. They mount in the rear bumper itself, and use ultrasonic technology to "see" objects as they come closer to the vehicle. Some parking assist systems use 4 proximity sensor, and others use 6 sensor or even more. They are usually connected to a beeping sound inside the vehicle that increases in speed as the object becomes closer. When a collision is imminent, the beeping becomes one solid, terribly ominous tone. Many vehicles also have a visual aspect of the parking assist system as well, where there are a series of lights that turn on as the obstacle gets closer. When the collision becomes imminent, these lights typically all begin flashing.

Need to Replace your Vehicle's Parking Sensors?

Parking sensors are commonly damaged, ironically enough, from people hitting things - the exact thing that they are used to prevent. So, if you need to replace a faulty assist sensor or sensors due to a parallel parking fiasco or from backing up into a parked car in a narrow parking garage, 1A Auto is here to help. At 1A Auto, shopping for a replacement back-up sensor for your vehicle is easy, just call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393, or you can buy online right here at

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