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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
"Thanks for the fast reliable service. Great price, and the headlights were as good as oem or better!!! Keep up the good work..."
- Dwuan M.
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Grille at 1A Auto

What is a Grille and where is it Located?

A grille assembly, also commonly referred to as a grill, is located on a car or truck’s front end right between the headlights, and is a major distinguishing component of a vehicle’s face. However, while the design of the grille on most vehicles is strictly cosmetic, the grille does serve a purpose beyond just looks. The openings on the grille allow air to flow past the radiator or A/C condenser and cool things down. Some vehicles also use this opening to direct cold air to the engine intake. In addition, an automotive grille assembly also acts as a protective cover for the parts located within the front end of a vehicle, helping to keep debris from the road such as rocks and branches from entering into it and doing any harm to the engine, etc.

For many automotive manufacturers, a car or truck’s grille serves as the distinctive visual element that sets it apart from other makes and models, giving it that unique identifier. Since a grille is right smack dab on the front of a car or truck, it is among one of the first things someone notices about a vehicle, and therefore it plays a big part in its overall appearance and style.

When is a Grille Replacement Necessary?

Aside from serving as an attractive decoration for a car or truck, a vehicle’s grille assembly is more than just an aesthetic component; it also provides protection. Due to their location on the front end of a vehicle and the fact that they are made of plastic, grilles are rather vulnerable to damage from road debris and, more commonly, breakage from an accident or collision. Breaks in a grille assembly not only detract from a car or truck’s attractiveness, they can also allow for debris from the road to enter the insides of the vehicle and possibly interfere with or cause damage to the parts located within its front end. When this occurs, a replacement grille assembly is needed.

In addition to replacing an automotive grille because it has been damaged, a grille replacement may be sought to kick up the style factor of a vehicle a couple of notches. Again, since they are located at the front of a vehicle, grilles commonly serve as a vehicle’s first impression for those on the outside. That’s why many people will seek to replace their existing grille assembly for a different design or style, such as a chrome or painted grille for example, in order to improve its look.

Need a Grille Replacement?

Has your vehicle’s grille seen better days? Are you tired of the "black eye" or "fat lip" a broken or missing grille gives your car or truck? If so, 1A Auto has the replacement grille assembly you are looking for!

If you’ve been in an accident recently, your grille may not be in the best shape. Or, maybe you just want to replace your existing grille to improve the appearance of your vehicle and give off a first impression that wows people. Whatever the reason may be, 1A Auto is your source for aftermarket grilles. Our new, not used, aftermarket car and truck grilles are built to strict quality control standards. An aftermarket grille from 1A Auto also features a direct bolt-on design for easy installation. For many applications, we offer a chrome finish option so there’s no paint matching required. No cutting, no drilling and no hassle!

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for a grille replacement for your car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right one for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about the product, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online. Order a replacement grille for your car or truck from 1A Auto and stylize and protect your front end today!

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