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Hood & Hatch Lift Supports

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Hood & Hatch Lift Supports at 1A Auto

What are Hood and Hatch Lift Supports and where are they Located?

Your vehicle’s lift supports are gas charged supports used to open and safely support the weight of certain parts of your vehicle, including the hood and rear hatch. These lift supports consist of a piston within a nitrogen gas pressurized cylinder. The support achieves lift by releasing the stored energy created by the compressed gas within the cylinder, causing the rod to extend. Once extended, it will firmly support the weight of the hood, hatchback, etc., so that they remain stable.

Lift supports are extremely helpful to have on a vehicle because it prevents you from having to hold up your car’s hood or rear hatch with your hands when attempting to do things such as work on your engine or remove groceries from your rear hatch, amongst many other things.

Many different names are used when referring to gas charged lift supports. The most common are:

  • - Simply lifts or supports, in combination with the specific application, i.e. hood supports or hatch lifts
  • - Gas supports, gas lifts or gas lift supports
  • - Gas springs, gas lift springs or spring lifts
  • - Gas struts, lift struts, lift support struts, support struts or simply struts in combination with the specific
      application, i.e. hood struts, rear hatchback struts, hood lift struts, hatch lift support struts, etc.
  • - Gas shocks, lift shocks, lift support shocks or simply shocks in combination with the specific
      application, i.e. hood shocks, hatch shocks, hood lift shocks, etc.
  • - Gas dampers or simply dampers in combination with the specific application, i.e. hood dampers
  • - Gas props or simply props in combination with the specific application, i.e. hood props
  • - Gas cylinders, gas lift cylinders or lift cylinders

Various combinations of the above can also be used when referring to a lift support system.

Hood and Hatch Lift Supports Failure

Over time, lift supports naturally lose their gas pressure, causing them to weaken and fail. Climate, and more specifically outside air temperature, can greatly affect the performance of gas charged lift supports. Lift supports will become weaker in very cold temperatures, and harder in very warm temperatures. For applications that require two gas lift struts, which are most common, it is highly recommended to replace both struts at the same time. This is due to the fact that the lift supports are designed to work in tandem, and each support should have equal gas pressures.   

Need Replacement Hood and Hatch Lift Supports?

Maintaining the gas charged lift supports on your vehicle is important from a convenience standpoint, but more importantly, from a safety standpoint as well. If your lift supports are damaged, they should be replaced immediately because they put you and your loved ones safety at risk. Having your hood fall on top of you as you perform maintenance on your vehicle is not something you want to have happen as a consequence for failing to replace your lift supports.

At 1A Auto, shopping for replacement lift supports for your vehicle’s hood and rear hatch is easy - we're here to help you! We also have trunk, tailgate, liftgate and rear window glass lift struts as well. Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our gas charged lift supports, warranty, and compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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