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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
"Thanks for the fast reliable service. Great price, and the headlights were as good as oem or better!!! Keep up the good work..."
- Dwuan M.
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Fog / Driving Lights at 1A Auto

What is a Fog Light and where is it Located?

Fog lights, also commonly referred to as “fog lamps,” “driving lights,” and “driving lamps,” are located on the front of cars and trucks and are there to help drivers see the road better during fog, rain, and snowy conditions. Fog lights are mounted on the front of a car at a lower level than the headlights with the intention of providing extra illumination in order to light up the road as much as possible in times when it is needed. However, while the headlights on a car or truck light up everything that is in front of the vehicle, the purpose of fog lights is to focus on the road itself.

When a vehicle is driven through fog, rain, heavy dust, or snow, the light that automotive headlights produce can be reflected back into the driver’s eyes, causing an almost blinding-like condition that temporary negates your sensitivity to light, which of course is very dangerous. This occurs because of the location of the headlights on a car or truck and the fact that they are focused on what’s straight ahead in front of you. Because automotive fog lights are mounted and aimed so low, this allows for their wide beams of bright light to be directed solely towards the road surface in front of the vehicle, underneath the fog, snow, etc. This angling helps avoid the reflection of light that occurs and increase visibility, and makes driving a car or truck during harsh conditions such as these just a little bit easier and safer, especially at night. Fog lamps also help to make you more visible to other traffic during conditions of poor visibility as well.

Fog Lights and Driving Lights: One in the Same or Different?

A front fog light assembly may produce a white or selective yellow light, depending on the type of lens the light has, and this where some confusion sets in. Many people believe that the lights with yellow lenses that produce a yellow light are fog lights (or fog lamps), and the ones with white or clear lenses that produce a white light are driving lights (or driving lamps). However, at 1A Auto that hasn’t been our experience. We feel that the words "fog" and "driving" light (or "lamp" for that matter) are totally interchangeable no matter what the lens or bulb color is. That is why you will see the phrase “fog / driving light” used so often not only here at 1A Auto, but elsewhere as well.

When are Replacement Fog / Driving Lights Needed?

Due to their location on a car or truck, fog / driving lights are subjected to extremely harsh conditions. Every puddle, rock, curb, snow pile, and rogue log can bring an untimely end to a fog / driving light assembly. If any of your fog lamps have been badly damaged or are missing, then it is time for replacement. Fog lamps can also suffer from general wear and tear, and become dull or discolored, or they can get badly scratched from the various things they may come in contact with on a day to day basis. This may also require replacement. Lastly, one may choose to replace fog / driving lights simply for cosmetic improvements, and not for any functional need whatsoever.

For more detailed information about fog lights, how they work, replacement tips and more, check out our in-depth guide to replacement fog lights.

Need Replacement Fog / Driving Lights?

Having working fog / driving lights is important for your own safety, as well as for the safety of others while driving. If you need to replace a discolored, scratched, dull, broken or missing fog / driving lamp, then you have come to the right place. At 1A Auto, we carry a large selection of aftermarket fog lights for many makes and models. Fog / driving lights from 1A Auto are of the highest quality, and are the most durable aftermarket fog lights you will find for your car or truck. We know that because we use these aftermarket fog lights on our own cars and trucks.

At 1A Auto, shopping for replacement fog / driving lights is easy - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! However, if you have any questions about our lamps, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, please call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393. You can also buy online right here at 1A Auto. So, don’t let a broken or damaged fog / light driving get you down, order a replacement from 1A Auto today!

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