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Customer Feedback
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Dash Pad Cover at 1A Auto

Dash Pad Cover Basics

A dashboard is an extremely important part of a vehicle. Located at the front of a car or truck’s interior, a dashboard is essentially a control panel that houses all kinds of instrumentation and controls that are needed to operate the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, fuel gauge, heating and A/C controls, and more. You may not even think about it much, but the reality is that your vehicle’s dashboard is constantly exposed to a pretty harsh environment, including wide temperature swings, direct sunlight for hours at a time, various cleaning chemicals, and the occasional bump or hit. As they get older, all of these factors can cause dashboards to become faded, brittle, crack, and fall apart.

If your vehicle’s dashboard is suffering from any of these problems and is in need of some serious TLC, you can renew and restore your car or truck’s interior with a new dash pad cover (also commonly referred to as a dash cap) from 1A Auto.

Dash Caps From 1A Auto

Aftermarket dash caps from 1A Auto are molded using original factory dashboards to ensure a perfect fit for the specific make, model, and year of car or truck’s existing dashboard. They are made from a type of vacuum formed plastic that allows for flexibility similar to rubber so that they are durable and can be easily maneuvered into position for easy automobile dashboard repair. Dash caps from 1A Auto have also been designed so that they easily install over your car or truck’s original dash pad, so there is no need to remove the old one. Simply apply the adhesive that is included to the dash cap and then lay in place over your old dashboard. These dash covers are laminated with a special layer of ultra-violet resistant material which won't fade in the sun and deteriorate your dashboard and cause cracks in it. These interior dash covers are a breakthrough for the aftermarket and are perfect for any auto restoration project!

1A Auto Dash Pad Cover Features Summary:

  • - Material: laminated with a UV resistant material to ensure that it will not fade or wear easily, giving
      your vehicle’s dashboard the protection it needs
  • - Flexibility: made from a versatile plastic that allows for almost rubber like flexibility
  • - Finish: dull sheen to minimize glare
  • - Grain: matches the factory original for a virtually identical look
  • - Comes with adhesive and installation instructions for a quick and permanent install that produces
      beautiful results
  • - Dash pad covers are molded in black. The customer can paint the product for an exact match. SEM
      brand vinyl paints are recommended for re-coloring these dashboard covers.
  • - Made in the U.S.A.

In addition to our aftermarket dash pad covers, we also carry a small selection of OEM replacement dash covers for certain makes and models. These are genuine replacement dashboard covers and are the very same part you would receive if purchased from your local dealer.

Can I Install a Dash Pad Cover Myself?

Although we recommend professional installation for most auto parts, here's an excellent link for the do-it-yourselfer describing how to install a newly purchased dash pad cover. We are not affiliated with this website, nor are we responsible for any of its content - we just think it's a great resource for you, our customer.

Need a New Dash Cap?

Do you have a worn out dash pad or dash cover? Well, you’re not alone! If you need to breathe new life into a faded or damaged dashboard without having to replace your existing one, then you have come to the right place! At 1A Auto, you will find a large selection of dash pad covers for many makes and models that will help hide all of those unsightly scars like cracks, splits, fading, and tears that have accumulated over time on your old dashboard, while giving it the added protection it needs. Your vehicle’s interior will look like new once a new dash cap from 1A Auto is installed in your car or truck!

So, upgrade and improve the look of your vehicle’s interior without having to replace your old, faded or damaged dashboard by ordering a new dash pad cover from 1A Auto today!

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