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Mud Flaps at 1A Auto

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Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps at 1A Auto

What are Mud Flaps and where are they Located?

Mud flaps, also known as splash guards or mud guards, serve more than just a cosmetic purpose to enhance the look of your ride. Located behind the front and/or rear wheels of many trucks and SUVs, as well as some cars too, they prevent the wheels from spraying puddle water, mud, dirt, rocks, snow or road debris onto other drivers, pedestrians, or your own vehicle while driving in the city or doing some off-road adventuring. The centrifugal motion of the wheels can kick up a lot of dirt, grime, and debris, and the mud flaps act to contain this. This prevents you from potentially reducing other drivers’ visibility. Dirt and road salt can be corrosive to parts of your vehicle body as well. Since the wheels could kick up various crud onto your own vehicle, the mud flaps also serve to protect your automobile’s body from potential damage.

Splash guards are usually made of heavy-duty rubber or plastic, and are available in a wide array of styles and designs. They are typically custom molded and designed to contour specifically to a particular vehicle make and model, though some are made to be universal fitting. As mentioned, mud guards can be installed behind both the front and rear wheels, but there are also mud flaps made for other types of applications as well, such as towing, which attach to the vehicle’s hitch ball mount in order to protect the trailer. Mud flaps for dually trucks, which are trucks with dual rear wheels, are also available. Dually mud guards are specifically made to be twice as wide in order to handle twice the amount of road debris tossed by the additional tires.

How do I Know if my Mud Guards Need to be Replaced?

Hanging out behind the wheels and getting mud splashed on them takes a toll on your mud flaps. They may eventually wear out and break off. Rough off-road, or bad-road driving, may speed up this process. If your mud guards are damaged or missing, it’s best to replace them before you become a hazard (or at least an annoyance) to other drivers. 

Many states have regulations governing the use of mud flaps. Massachusetts law, as one example, states that “every passenger motor vehicle which is equipped with tires which extend beyond the fenders or body of such vehicle and which is operated in or upon any way shall be equipped with flaps or suitable guards to reduce such spray or splash to the rear and sides.” Odds are, if your vehicle came equipped with mud flaps, it’s supposed to have them.

Can I Replace Splash Guards Myself?

Thankfully replacing your old mud flaps is a very easy task. If your truck came equipped with mud flaps, you should be able to purchase no-drill mud flaps that install using the fasteners from the old mud flaps. You’ll just need to remove the old mud flaps, clean the mounting area, and install the new ones. Be sure to do this with the vehicle parked on a level surface so that you install the mud guards level. 

Other types of mud flaps are held in place by screws, which might require you to drill into your vehicle in order to install them unless the automobile came with factory-drilled holes already. If you are lucky enough to have these pre-drilled holes, then all you have to do is remove the old ones and screw the new mud flaps on.

Need Mud Flaps for your Vehicle?

Mud flaps are meant to do more than just enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal; they are also meant to defend your vehicle from the onslaught of the road. A rotating tire can kick up mud, dirt, rocks and other debris while doing some serious off-roading or just by driving your vehicle on a daily basis on smooth city roads. This can really dirty up your truck, SUV or car, as well as possibly damage its body and paint job. Mud flaps protect your vehicle from getting extremely filthy while preserving its exterior and keep it looking it fresh.

Whether you are in need of replacements or are simply looking to outfit your vehicle with add-ons, 1A Auto is your source for high quality mud flaps. From front mud flaps to rear mud flaps, dually mud flaps and molded mud guards – we carry a large selection of styles for many makes and models, and at great prices.

If you are tired of constantly having to clean off your vehicle or go to car washes in order to remove the mud and grime, or are sick and tired of rocks dinging up your beautiful paint job, then you should replace your damaged or missing mud guards, or add them on for maximum protection. At 1A Auto, we make shopping for mud flaps for your truck, SUV or car easy - we're here to help you select the right guards for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our aftermarket splash guards, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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