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Oldsmobile was one of the oldest American car brands and one of the oldest in the world, having been a leader and innovator in the automotive industry for over 100 years until its discontinuation by General Motors (GM) in 2004.

The Oldsmobile Origins

Founder Ransom E. Olds' true aptitude for machining was apparent in his gas-steam vehicle that Scientific American Magazine featured in 1892 and was later sold and exported to Bombay, India, making Olds the first American to export an automotive vehicle. He had worked at his family's shop before then, repairing steam engines and carriages, and later created a few three-wheeled renditions of his own.

He spent the next few years developing a carriage that could reach 25 mph with a one-cylinder engine, and he is credited with the first automobile carriage patent in the US. Olds then partnered up with a group of investors to establish the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. Years later in 1899, the Olds Motor Vehicle Company and Olds Gas Engine Works consolidated under a new name, Olds Motor Works.

The Olds Motor Works

The new partnership lead to the first US automobile factory, located in Detroit. Several types of gasoline and electric cars were built and experimented with. The company would develop the Curved Dash Olds, which marked the Olds Motor Works as the first company to offer a mass-produced car. All cars came with tiller steering, a seat side crank, two-speed transmission, chain drive, and a one-cylinder 4.5 horsepower engine, but options included a rear-facing seat, fenders, a top, and wooden spoked wheels. It also boasted an impressive 40 miles per gallon. These vehicles were also purchased by the American Postal Service and used as the first postal "trucks." Officially, the cars, including the Curved Dash, were called "Oldsmobile Automobiles," but they became known and generally referred to as "Oldsmobiles."

Oldsmobile is also credited for implementing the first assembly line, while Henry Ford is credited for the first moving assembly line. By 1904, Olds Motor Works was the country's largest automobile producer.

While the company became the top selling automobile manufacturer in the United States for a few years and the popularity of the Curved Dash soared, Olds left his own company, now known as Oldsmobile, in 1904. He started up the REO Motor Car Company that same year. After the departure of Olds, Oldsmobile remained in business, and then General Motors came knocking.

GM Purchase and the Early Decades

William Durant purchased Oldsmobile in 1908 to be a subsidiary of his newly formed General Motors. The Oldsmobile 20 was the first Oldsmobile car produced under GM. Powered by an inline four-cylinder engine with 22 horsepower, the model was scratched for 1910, and the Special and the Limited series replaced it. The 1910 Oldsmobile Special came with a 4-cylinder engine with 40 horsepower and the Limited came with a 6-cylinder engine with 60 horsepower. Buyers could opt for whatever body they desired - ranging from a touring car to a coupe to a roadster to a limousine body. The roadster and limousine bodies were made of aluminum, while the coupe and touring car were made of wood.

1911 brought the 4-cylinder Autocrat. A year later, the Defender series, with its 298 cubic inch engine with 35 horsepower, replaced the Special as the base model. The Autocrat bumped up the engine size to 471ci and the output to 40 horsepower. In 1912, GM pushed Oldsmobile away from luxurious cars. This decision led to the Model 42, also known as the "baby Olds" for its small size. The Model 43 joined the lineup the following year as its replacement. In 1916, Oldsmobile offered its first V8 in the Light Eight Series.

Eventually the company adopted a "companion marque" known as Viking.  After a long hiatus through the ‘20s, when the brand only offered 6-cylinder engines, it introduced the 81 horsepower Viking monoblock V-8, the first of its kind. Oldsmobile was also the first to offer chrome plating, surrounding parts like the radiator and headlights.

A True Innovator

In 1932, Oldsmobile offered an automatic choke, which was also the first of its kind. By 1935, Oldsmobile had produced its one millionth vehicle. Innovation for the ‘30s didn't end with the automatic choke. In 1937, along with Buick, Oldsmobile cars could come with a four-gear automatic safety transmission, which was not fully automatic and still required some shifting. They got it right in 1940 with the "Hydra-Matic," the first mass-produced automatic transmission for passenger cars.

During WWII, Oldsmobile switched to production of war materials, but it did offer a passenger car during the War known as the B-44. After the War, passenger car production resumed. Soon came the "Rocket" V-8 engine, included the 88, Super 88, and 98 models. Known for its 135 horsepower with the 2 barrel carburetor and 165 horsepower in the 4-bbl, the base model 88s adopted the nickname "Rocket 88." The stock 88s won 6 of the 9 NASCAR races that year.

Additions throughout the '50s like a wraparound windshield, hardtops, and an open "maw grille" were all new, and Oldsmobile was the 4th largest automaker in the US.

The 1960s

In this decade, Oldsmobile released the first turbocharged engine in a production car: the 1962 Oldsmobile Turbo Jetfire. The Jetfire was a performance version of the F-85 Cutlass, itself a sports coupe version of the 1961 F-85 wagon or sedan. Its 215ci V8 could pump out 215 horsepower and could reach up to 110 mph.

The 1960s was a decade for the muscle car. Some of these include the 442 and the Cutlass Supreme. A few more interesting models, like the extended wagon Vista Cruiser and the stylish full-size Delta 88, were also produced. The Toronado, released in 1966, was the first modern front-wheel drive car produced in the United States in close to 30 years. It was named Motor Trend's "Car of the Year" in 1966.

The 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s

Oldsmobile's Cutlass Supreme was the top selling car in North America by 1976. The Toronado offered another industry first with the driver's side airbag in 1974.

Oldsmobile had its bestselling year ever in 1985 at over 1 million, and it was also the first to offer in-dash GPS systems and the first factory-installed video entertainment center in the '90s. In 1997, a new Oldsmobile logo was implemented, and many of the existing, familiar models like the Cutlass Supreme were phased out and replaced with newer, more modern models of cars based on the design of the Aurora. While the company rediscovered critical success in the mid-‘90s and beyond, sales and profitability did not. In December of 2000, General Motors announced its plans to phase out the Oldsmobile marque. The Oldsmobile Bravada SUV would be Oldsmobile's last new model ever produced.

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