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For over three decades, American Motors Corporation (AMC) produced several successful automobile lines and provided competition for Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler until becoming defunct.


1. Origin and the Rambler
2. Changing Focus and Future Product Development
3. Financial Woes and Renault Partnership
4. The End of AMC

Origin and the Rambler

American Motors was the result of a merger in 1954 between the Hudson Motor Car Company and the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, which itself had been formed as the result of a merger between Nash Motors (Est. 1916) and Kelvinator Appliance Company (Est. 1914) in 1937. George W. Mason, who was CEO of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation at the time, helped orchestrate the acquisition and subsequent merger with Hudson, feeling that by combining the strengths of both Hudson and Nash, the resulting company would be better suited to battle the larger automakers. Mason was AMC’s first CEO but unfortunately, within months of the formation of AMC, he died in 1954, never to see the results of his hard work.

Both the Nash and Hudson lines remained available to consumers at the onset of the merger, and cars were often restyled and then made available under each marque. However, the compact Rambler model released in 1956 became so popular that eventually, in 1957, both the Nash and Hudson names were replaced and Rambler became its own marque. This would last until 1970.

Changing Focus and Future Product Development

In 1970, the Rambler name itself was dropped due to a shift in company focus towards larger and more profitable cars and its financial and market woes at the time. AMC at that point became the official brand name for all American Motors vehicles. American Motors also added the Jeep brand of 4x4 off-road SUVs and light trucks, as well as their government contracts, to complement their car business in 1970 with the purchase of the Kaiser-Jeep Corporation (formerly known as Willys-Overland) from Kaiser Industries. In addition to the Rambler, American Motors developed several classic vehicles in the 1960s and 1970s. The AMC Javelin, Rebel, Marlin, Matador and Hornet are all desirable collector cars. Other models included the AMC Pacer, Gremlin, Spirit, and Concord, as well as the AMC Eagle produced in 1979, which was one of the first true crossover vehicles.

Financial Woes and Renault Partnership

During the mid to late 1970s, the company was suffering from serious cash flow problems, even despite record profits on sales in 1979. It had received credits from US banks, and it also partnered with the nationally owned French automaker Renault in 1978 to jointly manufacture and distribute cars and trucks. A year later, the company struck another deal with Renault that would inject much needed cash into AMC, amongst other things, in exchange for a little over a quarter ownership interest in the company. The company continued to struggle and, in 1980, due to US banks failing to provide AMC with any more credit, it once again turned to Renault to help finance the company’s manufacturing operations and obtain the capital and resources it desperately needed to try and compete in the changing marketplace. With the potential of bankruptcy looming, AMC shareholders approved the plan for Renault to acquire a controlling stake in the company and become its principal owner. By 1983, Renault owned 49% of the company and American Motors’ run as an authentic American automaker sadly had come to an end.

Production on all AMC cars was discontinued after 1983 except for the AMC Eagle, which lasted until 1988. Instead, the focus turned to the AMC-Renault partnership and its joint vehicle the Renault Alliance (later, simply called Alliance), and to Jeep. The Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Wagoneer were introduced in 1983 for the 1984 model year, and these models helped usher in a new market segment that later developed into the sport utility vehicle (SUV).

The End of AMC

In 1987, due to changes in the marketplace and in management, as well as having problems of its own back in France, Renault sold its share of AMC to the Chrysler Corporation, which then also bought out the remaining shares. Production on all AMC and Renault brands was then discontinued by Chrysler in America (the French company has since returned with its purchase of a controlling stake in Nissan in 1999), while assimilating several managers and engineers to build new Chrysler vehicles. What was left of AMC after the buyout formed the Jeep/Eagle division of Chrysler Corporation, which manufactured vehicles until 1997, when the Eagle division was eliminated and Jeep became a standalone division not long after the Chrysler Corporation was bought by Daimler-Benz AG. Despite no longer existing, American Motors has left a lasting legacy and is admired even today for its progressive thinking. Resourceful management and the anticipation of consumer interests initiated advances in the industry such as fuel efficiency and four wheel drive sport utility vehicles that remain to this day.

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