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What are the hood hinges and where are they located? 

Your hood hinges are what allow the hood to open and close smoothly.  They hold the hood to the body of the vehicle, while still allowing the hood to move.  You can find the hinges at the rear of your hood.  Depending on what type of car you have, the hinges might mount to the outside or the inside of the hood.  Hood hinges often have a spring mechanism to push the hood open. 

How do I know if my ­­­­ hood hinges need to be replaced?          

Hood hinges can become worn and loose over time.  On the other hand, they can also become rusted and stuck.  Although the hood hinges probably won’t see too much use, and those found under the hood aren’t exposed to the elements very often, they can face normal wear and tear over time.  A loose hood might not line up properly with your hood latch, making it difficult to latch and unlatch the hood.  If the hood hinges are stuck, it will be difficult to push it open. 

Can I replace the hood hinges myself?  

Replacing the hood is pretty straightforward, but a second set of hands will definitely make the job go more smoothly.  If the hinges are located under the hood, you will have to open the hood.  Before you can remove the hood hinges, you should mark their position.  That will help you align the hood afterwards.  Have an assistant hold the hood up as you remove the bolts that hold the hinge to the body and to the hood.  With the help of your assistant, pull the hood off.  Mount the new hinges in place and start the bolts into the hinges.  Do not tighten them yet.  Do the same with the bolts that connect the hinges to the hood.  Have your assistant help you get the hood lined up straight as you tighten up all the bolts. 

If the hinges mount outside the hood, the process will be very similar.  You won’t have to open the hood, but you might have to remove the windshield wipers and cowl to access the part of the hinge that mounts to the body.  

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