1ADHI00944-Chevrolet GMC Driver Side Interior Door Handle Repair Kit TRQ DHA49937



Chevrolet GMC Driver Side Interior Door Handle Repair Kit TRQ DHA49937

07-11 Full Size PU (New Body), SUV Inner Smooth Black Door Handle Lever Repair Kit LF = LR
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4.65/ 5.0 421
It's a door handle...
January 22, 2017
The door handle works well, butwhat I like was the fact s video on how to was offered. Great customer service!! Thank you!!
January 23, 2017
January 24, 2017
Easy installation even had the movie to watch in case I needed help but it worked great
Silverado interior door handle
January 26, 2017
I Recently broke off the drivers side interior door handle. I went to the local Chevy dealer here in town, and they quoted me $439, just the part not to install it. I went out to the parking lot and googled the part number he had given me and found it at A1auto for $43.95!!! , and they had an awesome video of how to do it. I paid extra to ship it faster ( total for part and shipping $61) got it, and pulled up the video and followed it step by step.and had it done in 45 minutes! I would definitely recommend them !
January 27, 2017
The kit is what it says to be. I am pleased for the easy repair of my door panel.
perfect fix
January 27, 2017
the handle was a perfevt fit an fix the vido sure helped , looking forward to doing bussiness in the furture.
Silverado door handle
January 29, 2017
The part was an easy search and technical support was fast and answered all questions.delivery time was very quick.installation videos helped with removal and install of new part.overall a great place to order from.
GMC Door Handle
February 1, 2017
I was very pleased with the service. The product was near perfect; with just a few small adjustments I was able to make it fit perfectly. The video describing how to do the work was excellent.
Great experience
February 8, 2017
The delivery was CRAZY fast! The product (inside door handle-2013 Silverado) was a perfect match. Chevy will not sell the handle by itself, it's a component item for the entire inside door panel. $485! I found 1A Auto on line and they had just the door release mechanism for $41. No brainer there. Now, I am NOT mechanically inclined. I have a basic knowledge of wrenching on vehicles, but I hate doing it. I watched their tutorial on YouTube and decided to give it a try. With the help of the video, it was simple and only took me about 20 minutes. Thanks a lot guys! You made a dreaded job simple and stress-free. I will be shopping with you more often, for sure!
Door handle repair
February 8, 2017
Prior to discovering the retro repair kit I engineered my own repairs on the handle and cable they worked fine for about two years :-) I used a motorcycle cable repair kit on the cable and cut and fastened a washer onto the handle as a cable receiver. The repair kit and cable that I purchased were easy to install and work great!
Half the price
February 9, 2017
This door handle kit has everything that the kit from the local part stores has but was less than half the price. Going to be looking at other parts as well
This is great product
February 20, 2017
GM wanted $700 for the full inside panel and I install this within a hour.
Shopping experience
February 20, 2017
My shopping experience went well, product arrive on schedule. Unfortunately the product was not an exact match. I was able to reuse the old base with the new spring, metal piece and handle. It would have been nice if the base was made more to spec. That is why I only gave a 3 and not a 5 star rating. Handle does work.
February 23, 2017
Great kit and instructions. Wish the screws were a touch longer.
February 25, 2017
your service,product, and communication was EXCEPTIONAL
heavy use
March 1, 2017
We replaced this in about a 1/2 hr. after watching the video this will be a god test for the product as it is on a 1 ton at a lumber yard.so far everything is great.
Excellent customer service
March 6, 2017
In today's fast paced world, I need efficiency and that is what you provided. A great video with a direct link to the entire kit I would need to do the job.
March 8, 2017
Everything that was needed to change out the part was included. Instructional video was very helpful.
Inside door handle
March 13, 2017
Ordered an inside door handle for my 2010 gmc truck. It came earlier than was expected. Everything went great! Thanks A1!
March 14, 2017
I was told by the GM dealer I could not buy an inside handle for my 2010 GMC Truck. I was told I would have to buy a whole new panel for hundreds of dollars. I found your website and found I could just purchase the door handle. Your installation video was great. I will check A1 Auto for all future repairs I will take on. I would recommend this website to all my friends and family if they are looking for auto parts and instructions on how to install them.
Great auto parts store
March 18, 2017
Excellent selection of auto parts, explains exactly what it comes with and the "how to" YouTube videos are really informative. - Stephen R.
2012 Chevy Silerado 1500 Door Handle Replacement
March 18, 2017
Excellent personal service with ordering. Received complete order withing 3 days. The new plastic molded piece with the new handle did not line up with holes. So, I took the new handle out and replace the old broken handle. Fit correctly and works great. Will use 1A Auto again should I have more issues.
interior door handle
March 21, 2017
in your tool list , i had problem with panel screws behind door pull to close door from inside. if i had a magnetic driver for the torque screws i would not have had to pull panel off twice to get the screws in, or if chevy did not leave opening below access place,the screws would not have fallen inside door trying to get them started in holes, maybe it was just me , but other wise no problem,
Replacement drivers door handle
March 24, 2017
Thank you thank you 1aauto!! Your product saved me so much $ and aggregation that I will from now on call you 1st. I own a 2011 Gmc sierra 1500 and jjust out of the blue went to get out of truck and the damn door handle broke off in my hand. I was shocked that was even possible. But not as much as when I called dealership for another 1 and. they told me you had to buy a whole new door panel $420. I saw a youtube video from 1aauto ordered the part 3 dayrs later fixed it for $41.50. ???? You guys got it figured out.. THANKS ALOT DOC
Complete kit, but requires installation extras and patience
March 27, 2017
The kit comes complete with pretty much everything you need. However, PROPER installation and fit-up is not exactly quick and straightforward. The part I received required some hole slotting in the bracket, that allowed the bracket to conform to the panel inset and lay completely flat. This was accomplished using a Dremel rotary tool. In place of the Superglue that was provided in the kit, I substituted JB PlasticWeld, as I felt it was a better bonding choice with this type of installation. I also reused the original factory pull-handle in place of the one included in the kit, as the kit version curved in too close to the door panel. To fit the original pull-handle to the new mount, required some additional hole filing and sizing. (PS - If you care about the quality or your work, then just be tooled-up and prepared to do the job right before tackling this project. If you're thinking of hiring someone else to do it for you, then it's a virtual guarantee that they won't do anythi
March 29, 2017
Product installed perfectly. I very much appreciated the specialty drill bit supplied with the handle assembly. The video was excellent. It guided me through the replacement process, and without it I would have been lost.
March 30, 2017
Replacing the handle was as easy as it looks in your step by step video.It took about 1 1/2 hour.Chevy wanted $423.00 for the door panel with handle.They don't sell just the handle and lever. Thanks again and I would recommend this for anyone,not just mechanics.
worked great!
June 15, 2017
Worked great,just another GM bad design. thanks A1 Auto,also LOVE the videos helped a lot.Thanks
June 16, 2017
Did everything you said it would! Easy to replace, GM should be ashamed of using this part on new trucks. I could become a FORD man or worse yet a DODGE fan.
June 23, 2017
Worked great and the how to video was very helpful
Door handle
June 24, 2017
Cheaper than every other website or store I could find and had helpful videos on the website.
door handle
June 25, 2017
It's it's great not to have to roll the window down to get out of the car now
Fit, broke, and was immediately sent New one
June 25, 2017
My title summed it up. Unfortunately the part broke within a week...not due to it being poorly made. 1Aauto immediately sent me a replacement which had me squared away quickly. Outstanding support and videos!
Interior door handle
June 26, 2017
Worked out and installed as advertised, much better solution than buying entire door panel from dealer, would use again,thanks for coming up with a realistic and affordable solution.
Quality kit, easy to do
June 26, 2017
Was very impressed by the quality and also the bit that came with it. Made the job easy to do
door handle
June 28, 2017
It broke in the first week . I had to take it out again . Using both old and new parts make one that would work. Piss poor
Door repair.
July 2, 2017
The interior door handle broke on a really windy day and the local dealership said we could only fix it by buying the entire door insert. Found your website and that you sold the part we needed. Repaired and haven't had an issue with it! Will definitely come back when we need other parts!
Door handle and window switch
July 2, 2017
Great products. Installation video made it an easy task
Chevy door handle.
July 5, 2017
Went to my Chevy dealership to replace a broken driver side door handle and was quoted a price of $429 + tax and labor. Bought this part from 1A AUTO for just over $40 with FREE shipping. Took a few hours to install and works like a charm. Shame on Chevy for trying to SCREW a loyal customer of 30 + years. I went back to the dealership and gave them something to think about! THANKS 1A AUTO
2007 chevy silverado
July 6, 2017
well priced part
July 10, 2017
This part saved me over $300 from what the dealer wanted for it. installation was easy and straight forward, 1A Auto's customer service was great.
Interior door handle assembly
July 10, 2017
An easy fix and a perfect fit. I recommend watching 1A Autos instructional video which makes the installation a breeze. Took about 1 1/2 hrs from start to finish.
Great door handle repair kit
July 11, 2017
The inside handle on the driver would no longer open the door. Had to open by rolling down the window and using the outdoor handle this kit replaced the faulty part and included everything needed as a kit. Quickly installed and now the door works again. Great package.
Interior door handle
July 17, 2017
Had issue with initial part that plastic cracked and broke where little ball that pulls mechanism connects inside door. A1 promptly sent me a replacement part and I put the new one in and working like a charm. Excellent customer service by A1. Only reason I rated a 4 was due to part but in talking with my mechanic buddy they are all made with plastic now so not A1's fault!
A money saver
August 1, 2017
Got sick of sending my trucks in and paying for new door handles. This kit, along with the video, made the repair easy and affordable.
Interior Door Handle for 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500.
August 2, 2017
1A is great! They sent the kit; it had everything I needed. I followed the video on youtube too! Easy Peasy! It is amazing the door or the handle didn't break sooner... so many little moving parts, but I am good now and don't have to open my window in snow or rain to open my door!
Awesome Parts
August 8, 2017
I was really pleased with the how fast and easy the parts went in. I was also very happy with the pricing. I would order parts from you guys again. Good job.
Very satisfied
August 16, 2017
Easy to order from 1aauto, employees very knowledgeable. Product came when promised, installation was very easy after viewing the how to video. Will definitely will use 1aauto again.
1A service
August 17, 2017
The part I ordered came in with in three days. I thought that was very quick, was not expecting it to be so soon. The video that they recommended was very helpful. It showed step by step on installing the part. I would recommend this company (1A Auto to everyone. They shipped the part promptly and it was ease to install. Thank you 1A Auto
Easy to replace
September 1, 2017
This kit was a breeze to install. Just what I needed. Thanks A1!
September 4, 2017
I first compaired prices with two other local suppliers but returned to the installation video and realized that 1A also solded the parts. I called and spoke with a member of your staff and found your prices to be much better than those I checked. I am extremely happy with the parts I ordered for my truck and the excellent YouTube video made installation a snap. I am so happy that I recently ordered front break pads and rear break shoes for my Nissan Versa. I will always check with1A first when I need anything for my automobile needs !!
Just that easy
September 15, 2017
I was very pleased and yes I would recommend this product. I watched the video showing how to replace the broken handle and it looked easy enough. I checked my local Chevrolet dealer and they wanted about $75 and it did not come with the drill bit. When I received the kit I watched the video again and went to work on it. I recommend drilling the plastic rivets just enough to get them off. Don't over do that part. I may have over did that slightly and the center point of the bit took out more of the plastic in the middle than I expected. That of course is where the replacement screws are supposed to screw into. They seem to be holding fine and I was done in under an hour.
broken interior door handle
September 15, 2017
I was very pleased to receive interior door handle from 1AAuto. The accompanying video was very helpful, although I made some modifications to the task. The metal handle broke off just behind door panel, and I was able to undo the broken handle, and re-insert the new shaft onto the existing plate, reused the original spring and only had to redo three bolts, thank you again....
Handled it all by myself
September 15, 2017
Dealer wanted over $600 to fix my door handle. With this excellent product and 45min of my time, I was back in the drivers seat!! Customer service made sure i had the right part. The how to video gave me the confidence to handle it myself! . Low cost and great service I will definitely use this site again and I am telling my friends. Thanks
door handle
September 18, 2017
Very good.come with everything I needed to install.I would highly recommend A1 auto
Great product. Better than stock. What a good how to video. It's so nice to call up a phone number and actually talk to a human that knows what they are talking about. I'm a customer for life!
September 25, 2017
Great product. Better than stock. Such a good how to video. It's nice to know you can call a number and actually talk to a human that knows what they are talking about. I'm a customer for life.
Good option, only option
September 29, 2017
Door handle install easy, however does not look like oem once installed. Kind of sloppy fitting in the handle but does attach to door firm. Only con is that i wish the handle end didn't almost touch the panel as opposed to staying parallel to it.
was so easy to install
October 3, 2017
after watching your video , i went out the next day and installed the replacement handle. one of the easiest installs ive ever done.
October 9, 2017
Part fit as advertised, saved me from having to buy a whole interior door panel from the chevy dealer.
October 9, 2017
Used on 2013 GMC Sierra K2500. Video described it perfectly. Replaced it in under 30 minutes.
Exactly as promised.
October 17, 2017
Replacing the poorly designed OEM handle was easy with the help of the video. The only tricky part was releasing the cable, otherwise straight forward. Thanks 1A-Auto for your help.
install a breeze with their videos
October 17, 2017
The videos were super helpful in getting the handle replaced. Watched the video first and clicked the link from the video to order. Super easy. Quick delivery. The handle does seem loose compared to the passenger side. But it works as it should. Will order any parts in the future from them.
Door Handle Repair
October 26, 2017
Thanks for the great parts and excellent video on how to replace the broken interior door handle in my 2012 Chevy Silverado. I manage a fleet of service trucks and do a lot of the minor maintenance and repairs myself. Your videos have been a great help. Thanks, Steve San Diego
Interior door handle
November 1, 2017
Easy to install took me about 30 minutes. Chevrolet dealers told me this type of part is not available need to buy new interior panel. This part saved me Hundreds of dollars.
Repair broken door handle
November 3, 2017
Great company. You save me a lot of money and the video was great. Everything went perfect
November 20, 2017
fit perfect, instructions on youtube great, only a little trouble getting cable back into new handle mechanism
Fit perfectly
November 29, 2017
great solution to buying a whole new door panel! Video makes it look easier than it is but it is still not that difficult. upper triangular trim panel has a tendency to break clips so use care and use care getting the door cable unattached. Very satisfied.
December 14, 2017
Was a great fit. Pulled up youtube video and a gentleman showed me just how to get in there and change it out. Thank You very much. Great product.
December 17, 2017
A++ 1A Auto Outstanding Kit !!
December 19, 2017
High quality part, Install Video is Excellent, Kit even comes with the glue and drill bit, everything you need A++ Outstanding. Now for the GM Review: I had a 97 silverado that needed the handle replaced twice before I sold it, I thought it was a weak design. Now I have a 2011 and again!! Another Broken Handle. What a pain in the ass!! The Chevy dealer told me the only way to fix this was to replace the whole door panel and its like $500, You've got to be kidding!!! GM is Plagued with Terrible Handle Designs.
December 22, 2017
Right part arrived fast, a relief, since I had to reach out the window to get out of my truck in December. How to video was spot on. Installed the part in my driveway in about 45 minutes, no sweat. I have no problem recommending 1AAuto parts
Could be better
December 28, 2017
Overall, this repair kit was satisfactory. It included every necessary part, including the drill bit to remove the old rivets. The on-line videos are also a huge plus. My one complaint is that the fit between the stud on the mechanism and the handle itself was so tight that I could not use the handle. I ended up removing the broken stud from my old handle and using that with the replacement mechanism.
January 12, 2018
Installation video and door handle parts were Excellent Also purchased power window zmd door lock switches could not hzve been easier to install and they work perfectly 5 stars
Great Kit
January 20, 2018
came.with the drill bit and screws to mount it. even had super glue just in case. Install took minutes to complete
Well Pleased
Len Endres
January 20, 2018
It was worth a try or buy a interior door panel from the dealer at a Cost of $350.00 +' Replacing the handle went well only had a small problem putting on the handle, but a little sanding did the job, well satisfied. Len
January 26, 2018
Worked great except handle was hard to push on,would definitely order again and tell others about it
January 27, 2018
Door Handle
January 31, 2018
First, the inside door handle for my GMC that I received from 1A Auto was less than half the price of any other parts store. Second, I received it in 2 days. And third, I am so greatful for you guys making the how-to videos and putting them on YouTube. You did a great job and it was a huge plus for me!!! The next time I need any parts 1A Auto will be my first stop. Thank you very much, Mark.
Good fix, need additional hardware
February 14, 2018
Its definitely worth buying this fix over having to buy a new door panel from the dealership. Only thing that shouldve been more clear was when drilling out the plastic rivers be very careful to not go too deep. Had to buy 6 - 1/4 screws with a pointed tip to mount properly (have a few marks where you can see them coming through, extremely minor only I notice the marks cause I know theyre there) otherwise this is a straight forward good option to fix the problem.
Replaced interior door handle
February 19, 2018
After watching your how-to video, replacing the door handle on my 2011 Silverado went very well.
thank you
February 26, 2018
I needed a new door handle or my 2011 pickup truck, so I went to the dealership in my area and was told that this particular part was only available as part of an entire door panel because it was welded in. AND, it only cost $446 for this door panel. AND, that did not include labor. Said Thank You, But No Thank You. Found 1AAuto online and bought the door handle (by itself, and including an installation kit [ turns out the handle was connected to the inside door panel by plastic rivets ] which included a drill bit for the rivets and new bolts to hold the handle in place) Total cost for the repair was $42.95, and took about 30 minutes. 1AAuto has earned themselves a new 'for life' customer. THANK YOU
February 27, 2018
Fits good. Works well. Not a fan of the super glue but overall it works well.
Great site!!
February 28, 2018
Great & accurate description of part. Videos are easy to watch and understand. Will definitely use this site again in the future!
Door handle replacement
March 6, 2018
it was intimidating thinking of the replacement . The Video was awesome walked me right through step by step took an hour already visited the 1aauto site for my next project
Save big bucks!
March 9, 2018
This kit is a wonderful way to replace the door handle without having to spend over $400 to buy the full door panel. This kit even includes the particular drill bit needed for the job. My only complaint is that the replacement internal door handle does not sit straight, nor does it fit flush against the door panel. If you don't mind these minor aesthetic issues, this is a great value!!
March 17, 2018
Shipped incredibly fast, easy to install and works like a charm.
March 18, 2018
The video was very well put together it takes you step by step. Pause as you go or rewind!!
2011 Silverado Door Handle
March 20, 2018
This is a great solution to an expensive GM alternative. $50 verses $500. The video is great and very helpful for anyone that has never disassembled the door panel.
Good quality product
March 25, 2018
Fast service, good product and the YouTube installation instructions from 1A Auto made this a great, money saving purchase.
Door Handle Repair Kit
March 28, 2018
Everything received as described. Only problem I had installing was the handle didn't seem to fit all the way up on the spindle. I had to push firmly to get it on there and it still doesn't seem perfect.
April 2, 2018
Watched video and ordered part. Repair went just like the video. I had to order the lock cable also. Easy repair and saved us $700.
Replacement door handle
April 3, 2018
I've had to order this part for a second time. GMC is not making a very good product it seems. 1A is a great place and very fast on delivering the parts. Thank you very much
April 11, 2018
The parts arrived on time, the youTube video by 1A Auto was very clear. Installed pretty quick and works well. thanks!
Easy installation
April 12, 2018
Installed relatively easy with all parts included. I would suggest slightly longer self tapping screws. Once I used a longer screw, The part secured perfectly and provided a perfect repair alternative to replacing the entire panel.
Good not quite great
April 22, 2018
Product was made of very sustainable material. Everything fits great except handle doesn't snap in firmly.
April 23, 2018
Door handle kit came with all the pieces it was supposed to. It works just fine and looks pretty much identical to original. The shipping was faster than I thought it would be. They seem to have how-to videos on a lot of their products, wich is nice. Only negative would be quality. The mounting material appeared to be pretty thin and cheap. So far it works just fine, I'm happy with it.
Worked just as expected
April 24, 2018
Everything you need to do job. Dealer wanted twice as much for parts.
Good product.
May 1, 2018
The first one broke after 3 days of use, but I used the online help and the representative sent me a replacement at no charge. The replacement is working as designed and no more door issues! Yeah! I did not give 5 stars because of the first defective part.
Great product
May 3, 2018
Simple installation, took about 20 minutes. I really like the fact that they provided a video which I watched prior to installation and it could not have been easier.
Door handle repair kit
May 4, 2018
The door handle repair kit that I ordered from 1a auto came through the mail very quickly. Everything that you needed was in the package. The video on YouTube showed you exactly, how to install the new door handle. I would highly recommend this product from 1a auto to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on what is a very small repair. Great product at a great price.
May 6, 2018
This was few of many purchases through 1a auto i love the quick guide great viewing experience of parts to make sure the one you order is precise for application great delivery service arrives when due or sooner best move i have made to get parts at great price with great service experience THANK YOU 1A AUTO
Interior Door Handle Repair Kit worked perfect!!!!!
May 23, 2018
The kit did everything needed to fix (replace) my 2010 Silverado inside door handle that was broken. I followed step by step from the YOUTUBE video. They even inclued a drill bit, in the kit, to remove the old plastic rivets so the old door handle mechanism could be removed easily and the new one put on with the hadware supplied with the kit. Oh did I mention the dealership did an estimate cost of more than twenty times the cost of your repair kit, that I purchased, for their parts and labor.
Ordering parts good place
May 29, 2018
No how to work perfect. No problem installing got it when they said I would and you were that a reasonable price I recommend yall try if you need a part
this site is awesome
June 2, 2018
They had what I needed, even a video on how to repair my door. I will use them again when I need parts for sure!!!
June 8, 2018
My order was delivered fast and on time I will order from them again!!!!
Excellent solution to replacing door panel
June 11, 2018
The aftermarket part was well suited it was a little tricky to get it apart but it was. Great I had help and it seems it is working well I would recommend this product to anyone it doing its job.
Great Replacment
July 11, 2018
East to install, great YouTube tutorial, and quality made part! Ordered several more parts from 1AAuto afterwards! Highly recommend.
Best service in a long time.
July 20, 2018
This part was a steal with 1Aauto! The pricing was perfect, the quality was great and they even provide a link to a video they made showing how to handle the entire process. They estimated the part would arrive in 5-7 days and it arrived in 3. I am truly impressed with the quality and customer service experience from my online experience with 1Aauto.
Spot on replacement
August 3, 2018
Video was very helpful and told you how to remove and install new handle. Great product. Thank you
2012 door kit
August 4, 2018
fast spot on kit always great people I needed the cable too so had to wait to get it from another company
Door handle installation
August 16, 2018
The door handle and associated part were correct for my application and very well built. Im very satisfied with the parts and the detailed instructions after watching the video.
not 100%
August 20, 2018
Although it wasn't a hundred percent exact fit i rigged some zip ties to make it work
door handle replacement kit and video
August 20, 2018
Following the video made it a quick job replacing the handle (the dealer told me was going to be $210 labor and the entire panel at about $400 for a total of $610)...The only hiccup was the cable fastening procedure...wound up having to use some epoxy glue to seat the cable properly having snapped off a piece of plastic trying to redo it.
Interior door handle, Silverador Pickup
September 10, 2018
The video for installation was very instructive. This lead me to decide to replace the interior door handle rather than having a shop perform the work. The replacement went well. There was a small issue with getting the handle itself placed on the metal lever. Had to file the lever down a fraction to allow the handle to slip onto the assemble. Small hiccup but other than that, it works very well.
Installation Simple
September 12, 2018
Everything went as described! Thank you 1A Auto for the video installation instructions. The only challenge was getting the new handle to attach, finally with a little effort it worked!
September 12, 2018
Super fast shipping, great price, quality parts! Fit exactly like it should!! Will buy from again!
Silverado door handle repair
September 13, 2018
This part worked excellent for me. The dealership quoted the repair for $700, because they said that they would have to replace the whole door pannel. This kit worked excellent and saved me a ton of money. It was easy to install, and has been durable so far.
September 15, 2018
Excellent tech service parts allsome Great people on phone delivery on time would order from again
Time will tell on true quality
September 17, 2018
I was very surprised to see what this kit truly consisted of. When you use the drill bit to drill out the plastic rivets it leaves very little shaft left for the new screw to cut into. But then you realise that the 10mm bolt that goes through the new bracket hole is what really holds it all together. So it just needs to stay in place until the door panel is bolted back on. One other issue is that the new door handle doesn't want to go on the new metal shaft easy, and because the door handle bracket is barely held on the back it can push the metal shaft back into the door panel. I had to hold the shaft still using needle nose pliers to press on the handle. It's all on and working but I am skeptical of its longevity.
Happy customer
September 26, 2018
Very very happy with your product installation wasn't too difficult satisfied customer yes I would recommend your company to anyone looking for parts
Door handle assembly
September 26, 2018
Great fit, great price! Would highly recommend to anyone in need of parts
October 5, 2018
Just what I needed. So much cheaper than dealer cost plus their labor .
Works well
October 9, 2018
The video helps make installation easy. Didn't take long to install. Door handle works fine so far. I would buy this again at this point
October 10, 2018
Sweet got what i ordered I'm good door handle and kit
Interior door handle
October 15, 2018
Great product it was the perfect fit for my 2010 hybrid chevy silverado 1500.
Great product
October 18, 2018
Perfect fit and great instructional video! 1/3 the price The dealership wanted !
Door handler 2011 Chevy Silverado.
October 20, 2018
I was skeptical at first when I purchased this if it would work or not. This door handle is well worth replacing yourself compared to buying replacement at dealership cost(500) just for door panel not including replacement cost. I installed myself was really simple watching there YouTube video on replacing it. Well worth money. Highly recommend this.
GMC interior door handle kit
October 21, 2018
As always with 1A Auto Part was a perfect fit, shipping was very fast and the video is worth a thousand words. The dealership wanted more to look at it than it cost. When you see it done and these guys tell you the tools you will need . It is always a success Please continue to make the videos
Good product
October 22, 2018
The only thing i have to say thats negative is it does not completely match the oem handle, it has more of a curve to it, and to snap the handle on was a bit challenging, but the process was straight forward and easy.
Great Price!!
October 23, 2018
Had the door handle break in my 2014 Chevy Silverado, called the local dealer as was told I needed to replace the ENTIRE inner door panel at a cost of $240, did a little online searching and found this kit as a very cost effective replacement as well as video on how to not only take off the inner door panel, but how to install the new part as well, had the job done in about a half HR after getting it in only 2 days, Very satisfied customer and will gladly do business with them again in the future!!
October 24, 2018
This was easy to instill. All the right equipment for the job at hand. I would recommend this part to everyone.
Inside handle repairs.
October 27, 2018
All new parts arrived as said. New parts installed as said. Working as said all good easy installations. Thank you Ron.
Fast and easy..
October 27, 2018
Finding the part on the site was very easy. Ordering the part was easy. Then having a video showing how to install the part was amazing. I was able to pause and play on complicated areas, which made it very uncomplicated in the end. Already ordering more parts!!
2010 silverado inside door handle.
November 4, 2018
I'm really happy with how handle looks and works. To take the old broken handles was a challenge but after taking cable off was a piece of cake. The kit comes wit all you need to get the job done. Very happy with product
Very Happy with 1A Auto
November 5, 2018
I was very happy with the door handle repair kit. It fit perfectly and has been working great. Thanks 1A Auto!!
It's not very robust
November 5, 2018
I installed the kit and it did function properly for about three weeks. The driver door failed to open from the inside, again. I disassembled the door and found that the area where the cable assembly passes through the handle bracket had cracked and would not retain the cable assembly as it should. Rather than return this item, I fabricated a gusset out of thin sheet metal with a hole and slot for the gable to pass through. I pop-rivitted it to the original bracket. It works fine. Why can't this be designed not to fail?????
2011 Silverado drivers side handle
November 8, 2018
A very good product, took about 2 hr to install, no directions come with product. But not hard to figure out. Cost me 38.95 verses entire door panel from dealership for 550.00 plus labor.
Replacement inside truck door handle
November 12, 2018
Had to modify some of the hardware to make it fit. Not the greatest replacement. Next time will go to the dealer
Fit and finish not so great.
November 13, 2018
One of the last steps says to just snap on new handle. Well mine didnt just snap on, took a bit to figure out but I got it. Then once it was on, the handle isnt straight or anywhere near where the old handle was position wise.
November 14, 2018
Good product install without any problem except the exterior handle so I just used the original one worked like a charm if you need a new assembly I definitely would use this saved a lot of money. Billy G
Door handle
November 16, 2018
Excellent price and easy to install after watching the video. I book marked the web site if the need arises for any other parts.
Chevy door parts
November 18, 2018
The parts were exactly what I needed . They were easy to install and saved me a ton of money!!!! I will definetly will be ordering all my parts from 1A AUTO !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
A big money savings.
November 19, 2018
I love this what a big savings of time and nasal. I just watch the video and do the step by step directions. If it were not for you It might be a long long time to find some one that would take the time to do it ore show me. I'm sure it would cost many times what it coast with you all. Plus I like fixing things like this. Keep it Thank You Tom Ponder (615) 483-3456
Door handle
November 19, 2018
Everything worked fine handle fit fine and was easy to install
Master window switch for 2012 Chevrolet silverado
November 21, 2018
It was good at first, then my driver window switch gets stuck and automatically rolls down all way. You would think switches are checked before shipping.
Fantastic fix
November 23, 2018
First time writing a review and this deserves it. I had to purchase this because the metal stem of the handle had broke. It was incredibly generous to provide the one drill bit that probably no one has, to drill out the original plastic rivets that hold the whole for handle assembly on. All-in-all this fix is pretty painless, and here's to hoping I don't have to buy another one.
I'm Very happy today
November 25, 2018
Great product, great price. And was very shocked with how fast it came to my home!
Perfect fit
November 26, 2018
They are perfect fit every time. Only downfall is chevy made the cheap design. I would definitely recommend it as a replacement
Not worked great
November 26, 2018
The kit worked just as it was to do. No problume with installation. Very happy
2008 Silverado - great part, short screws
November 27, 2018
As other reviews have mentioned, some of the screws were a little too short/skinny for a strong grab. Everything else was great. Was pretty happy the bit and glue were included as well.
November 29, 2018
excellent it was the reason I purchased the product from you,
worked great
November 29, 2018
It was very easy installation and is working great. Would by it again .
Fit perfectly
December 1, 2018
Coukdnt be more happy with this part easy installation
Excellent service
December 3, 2018
parts ordered were an exact match and $400 dollars cheaper than the dealer. Of course they said I had to buy a complete panel. Thats when I discovered 1aauto. They also have excellent videos to help with the installation I will be purchasing more parts in the future Great job 1Aauto
1ADHI00944-Interior Door Handle Repair Kit
December 4, 2018
This door handle kit and the video showing instructions were easy to follow and install. Although the door kit was not of great quality. The plastic for the cable assembly is thin and lasted only one day before it broke. I fixed it by drilling a hole in the plastic and wiring through and around the cable assembly. The door handle would not fit the mounting and will not clamp in with the pin. I can say that 1a auto did work with me to fix the problem quick and efficiently.
December 7, 2018
Great product, price and fast shipping!! Will order again.
Just like the 1AAUTO Video
December 9, 2018
really enjoyed the ease of ordering, shipping and the installation was just like the video and the replacement part is working like a charm.. Thank You Very Much.. Just ordered another couple parts ..Jim
December 10, 2018
Product was delivered in a timely manner, there was good communication letting me know shipping status, etc... Product worked well, installation was easy, and I would recommend buying from these people.
December 10, 2018
The right part the first time, free shipping and detailed instructions via U-Tube. Can't get much better unless someone comes out to put it on for me. Seriously this was the best online purchase I've ever had.
December 20, 2018
INCREDIBLE PRICING - TOP NOTCH QUALITY - SPEEDY DELIVERY , HELPFUL !! "In the body shop business deadlines have to be MET in order to have repeat customers, forever grateful for the service, the quality of the product, THE PRICE of the product..... NO BRAINER"!! YOU WILL HAVE MY BUSINESS and... EVERYONE I can tell. THANK YOU
December 24, 2018
It was well worth the money. Gm wanted $490.00 to fix the door handle plus laber
Install Interior door handle
December 25, 2018
The video made it so easy. Everything went just as it was supposed to. Perfect fit.
Great Price and service
December 30, 2018
Needed to replace the Driver door handle. Watched the U-Tube install and ordered right off the video. Kit had everything and the drill bit was critical. No issues with the install and working fine with these comments. Nice job!
Handle purchase
January 1, 2019
great price, video installation(awesome),even drill bit included
Interior door handle for 2011 silverado
January 3, 2019
The order arrived before I was told, the product was the same as original material. It was great that you provide a you tube instruction with your web site, and it made it very easy to install.
Great product
January 4, 2019
Product came in a timely fashion as promised. Installation took 20 minutes. And worked perfectly. The local dealership wanted 700$ to replace handle.
Replacement door handle for 2500HD Chevy Truck
January 7, 2019
When my door handle broke on my truck, I was concerned about the cost. Chevrolet wanted close to $700 to replace the whole door assembly and labor to do the work. I checked with IA Auto and found a kit for $38.95, but more importantly, there was a video on how to install the kit. Without hesitation after seeing the video, I ordered the kit from IA Auto. It arrived in time for me to put it on within a few days. A simple process and quality parts. !A Auto is on my favorite list from now on.
January 10, 2019
This product is great and fairly easy to install. Youll need a power drill! Its awesome that they have videos to walk you through it!
Perfect Fit, excellent quality
January 12, 2019
The parts kit was the perfect solution to my broken door handle. The video on the site was outstanding - very clear and well organized instructions for the complete repair job from removing the door panel to putting everything back together. The quality of the parts kit was excellent and it fit perfectly. Much better, and much more cost effective, solution than having the dealer replace the entire door panel - that part alone was $400.
Very satisfied
January 15, 2019
I bought this part against the advice of my mechanic. He said he had installed one on another truck and it lasted two weeks. Replacing the whole panel was just too costly though. The instructions were very easy to follow. Everything needed came in the package. I did the work myself and after two months it is still working fine.
Door handle
January 16, 2019
Service person was very nice and very helpful,will definitely order again ,good price and good service.
Handle Was As Described
February 2, 2019
This handle repair kit was as described. The install was slightly difficult, with most of the challenges coming from removing and reinstalling the door panel and door latch cable. Replacing the handle was worth the effort and saved me a considerable amount of money over the dealership quote. The video provided by 1-A Auto was very helpful and I would recommend that it be watched.
Fast accurate shipping
February 3, 2019
Order came as expected. Exactly how it should. Love a1
As easy as it looks
February 4, 2019
Following the video this product removal and install is as easy as it looks. Of course it takes longer than the 5 minutes in the video but everything works as promised and saved me plenty of money. Thank yall!
I had a handle on this job
February 12, 2019
Part fit perfect,the how to video was great,making the job much easier knowing what to expect,the supplied drill bit was a value added and time saving feature and as always the price was excellent
Worked well
Tim D
February 12, 2019
After pulling door skin off, drilled off heads on plastic melted rivets, that help O.E.M part on. Word to the wise, DON"T DRILL to deep! Put a few drops/ small squirt of glue, into hole, and then put screw with washer, on, and screw down. DO BY HAND, not screw gun. Strip out easily. So far, so good!
February 20, 2019
The part I got was the perfect size. Price was way better then what I would pay in Canada. Delivery was pretty quick also. I will recommend you folks to everyone
Easy repair with the right parts
February 24, 2019
It took me longer to watch the video than it did to fix my broken door handle. Since then I have ordered new wheel bearings after watching the video on how to change them. Ill keep my phone nearby to guide me. I will continue to use them for my auto repairs and parts.
Interior door handle replacement
Terry Cloth towel
February 26, 2019
Went to a Chevy dealership to fix my interior door handle for my Chevy Silverado, crew cab. Their cost over $600.00. Went to 1a got the parts and some equipment to install it, all went according to the video 1a supplied. A word to the wise do not get over aggressive using the super glue you have six holes to use it on. Great service from 1a and the parts work great.
Great product for a tough problem.
March 2, 2019
This repair kit was a great alternative to replacing the whole door panel. It was easy to install and has withstoood several weeks of heavy use.
Great fix
March 3, 2019
I've ordered this product before for another door on my truck. It is a great fix versus having to buy a new door from Chevrolet because they don't sell just the replacement handle. I highly recommend this product.
Door handle kit
March 8, 2019
Good quality and fit perfectly
Nice Option
March 12, 2019
I read the reviews before purchasing. I also ended up with the crooked lever angle and had to grind the lever locking pin that was too long; just as others experienced. It certainly was a nice option for replacing the whole door panel. The U tube video was excellent and was the main reason I purchased from 1A. other than breaking a couple of door panel catches, it went nearly as well as in the video.
Great fit!!
March 16, 2019
Great product even greater YouTube vids for support. Keep up great work. Fast reasonable price.
Chevy Silverado Interior Door Handle.
March 19, 2019
Part arrived in a timely manner and fit well. I have been using this handle on my truck for almost a year now without any issues. I recommend this part if you are undecided. from a 28 year experienced mechanic.
I can open my door like a normal person now
March 27, 2019
The interior door latch release cable broke during the deep cold spell this winter, so I had to roll down the window and open my door from the outside until warmer weather. I knew I needed a new latch as well because the OEM latch broke at the cable ball socket. I ordered the replacement latch from 1AAuto because they included all the components to make the conversion. The video on their website is very helpful as well. I had a little trouble getting the new latch to seat properly in the door panel pocket and wound up screwing up the rivets where the new screws are supposed to anchor into.I had to screw the latch to the door panel itself, so now I have screw tips poking through the panel. That was my screw up, not 1AAuto. I couldn't get the inside handle to pop onto the shaft like they showed in the video, but I was able to reverse the removal procedure and install the retainer clip in the new handle. Bottom line, my door works like it should and I didn't have to spend hundreds of d
Door handle assyembly
April 12, 2019
Easy to install. Followed instructions on their video support. Completed job in about 1 and a half hours. Workes very well.
Door handle kit for 2012 Chevy Silverado
April 12, 2019
1A auto had the best price for the replacement door handle kit for my 2012 Chevy Silverado. the delivery was so fast and if I need any more auto parts I will definately use 1A Auto The door handle was replaced the next day. Thank you 1A.
Good product!!
April 13, 2019
Worked great. The video installation link was very useful and the product fit was good. This was well worth the price I paid for it. I will be purchasing from this company again! Thanks
April 13, 2019
Have dealt with you before - excellent product and quick shipping to me. The video that you have for this and other products are really good and helpful. Thanks - keep up the good work?? Brian Davis
1ADHI00944-Interior Door Handle Repair Kit
April 15, 2019
Worked great, video is helpful
Replacement door handle
April 17, 2019
Your video was very helpful ,so when my part arrived it was very easy to install my replacement door handle .
Got it quick. Everything worked out well.
May 1, 2019
The parts were exactly as promoted. Everything went together well.The replacement handle looks and operates like the original.
video missing some steps
May 2, 2019
Overall the kit was good, and I got it installed but the instruction video was incomplete or incorrect as it says to just push the handle onto the spindle but it wont go on unless you loosen the clip that keeps it secure and then try your best to push it back on with very little room to work with.
door cable
May 4, 2019
right part at a fraction of the price that local parts store wanted.
May 13, 2019
Door Handle Replacement
May 14, 2019
Dealer said GM's only remedy was to replace the door panel. A replacement panel was about $400 without installation. I used the A1 Auto replacement and it was fairly easy installation after following the youtube video. I had trouble getting the handle to click on the shaft, so I used the old handle with the new mechanism. It feels as solid as the original mechanism.
Great product
Gary F.
June 16, 2019
Watched the video on YouTube, purchased this kit. Very easy to do, kit came with everything you need. Great product.
Saved me $300
June 17, 2019
Wow thank you for everything i couldn't have done it with out your help.
Door handle
June 17, 2019
Good service and exactly what I ordered will definitely use 1aauto again
June 21, 2019
Exact fit part and even comes with the drill bit to extract the factory rivets and the screws to replace them and hold the part in place
Perfect Fit
June 22, 2019
I bought a cheap kit from an unknown supplier. It did not fit, I filed it, it still did not fit, I filed again. Finally, I decided it would never fit. I sent it back. I bought your kit. It fit, it assembled in minutes. The savings I thought from the cheap kit were wasted many times more in my lost time, frustration and return shipping costs. I'm your customer now. And, the utube videos are flawless.
Saved a big hassle!
June 30, 2019
My truck door was stuck in the lock position. Neither opening from outside or inside. This part was the right part at the right time and the right price to get me back in operation. The video on how to install was priceless for me as a DIY.
Part worked well enough
July 1, 2019
The instructions were easy, installed with no problem. The provided replacement handle didnt fit mechanism but the old one worked.
Door handle for my 2013Chevy Truck
July 2, 2019
Fast delivery. All parts on board. Thanks 1A!
The engineering is spot on
July 8, 2019
great upgrade to the original design. even if this product fails in the future, it will be easier to replace
So far so good
July 11, 2019
Looks like its well built and works real smooth. The video was very helpful, but theres one thing about that. When you drill out the top of the rivets, they are not the traditional rivet in that they are part of the door mold and are all one piece. The drill bit I got didnt cut the plastic real clean so it appeared that part of the rivet head was still there causing me to cut it too short on a couple of rivets. If I had it to do again, Id stop drilling when I knew I could pull the assembly off and then lightly sand or carve off the remaining plastic. However, a # 10 x1/2 tin screw worked real good. I gave 5 stars because the trouble I had was my own fault.
Installation Door handle
July 13, 2019
Video instructions were spot and the part works well
Not bad!
July 16, 2019
For the price, this is a handy solution to an otherwise very expensive repair from Chevy. The trick here, is that the bracket to which the handle afixes has to be secured to the door panel, which is very thin. The original manufactured design is using rubber grommets; so it's none to secure to begin with. The bolts provided by A1 to secure the replacement bracket to the panel are similarly very short; they could be someone larger in diameter, since it was easy to clean out the old rivets too much with the supplied tool However, the super glue does tend to work; there's no real torque on the bracket inside the panel to cause it to work loose as far as i can tell. I was unable to use the supplied handle however; the slip pin didn't cooperate - I ended up using the original handle, since it was the aluminum part attached to the bracket which had broken in our case - and we were able to get the old handle onto the aluminum lever. I would certainly buy this again, if needed, but i
Door handle
July 23, 2019
Fit exact no problems
great parts
July 26, 2019
Less than it would of cost me at the garage less than 25% of what it would of cost very happy.
Just what I needed
July 29, 2019
Wasnt completely sure super glue would actually fix my 2012 Chevy 2500 work truck. Its just as solid as the plastic original. Dealership quoted me $600 for a new panel, this was a much better alternative. Hardest part was getting the clip off the manual window knob. Definitely wasnt worth putting off fixing it for 3 months lol
Good product
July 31, 2019
I love this product I brought from 1aauto.com I am tell a lot of my friends love you guys
Door Handle Chevy GMC Driver side handle
August 3, 2019
This door handle fits my GMC Sierra Sle 1500 The contents were all that I needed came with all bells and whistles. Thank you A1 Auto you served me well. MN
Had a minor glitch in shipping..my fault. Quick turnaround with the part.
August 7, 2019
Bad address on my part but A1 hustled another part out. Great job!
Perfect fit
August 9, 2019
Parts were exactly what they were supposed to do. Easy to replace
Chevy interior door handle
August 18, 2019
Everything fit properly Looks like stock part very happy
Interior door handle for my Silverado
August 19, 2019
This is the second time my interior door handle has broken off. The first time the dealer replaced the whole door card. It cost me $200. For my deductible on my extended warranty. The second time I didnt have any warranty left and searched out an aftermarket fix. A1 auto got me the parts fast And the video online was very helpful. I would highly recommend and will be a customer Im sure in the future.
Terrific company to do business with.
August 19, 2019
Any company that puts out how-to videos like yours deserves our business. Contacting my local Chevy dealer about the price of a inside door handle replacement, I learned it would be about $250. Your parts cost me $40, and your online video walked me through the procedure without any difficulty. I received my parts in about 2 days, very fast shipping. If I need any repair parts inthe future, I will certainly contact you and recommend you to my friends. Thank you for exceptional customer service.
Door handle was perfect replacement
August 27, 2019
Tried to find a door handle everywhere and if you could find one it was stupid expensive!! 1aauto had the right part for a great price and a friend that works for a dealer in the parts dept asked if it was an OEM part. My only complaint was the initial description of the part did not say driver or passenger side door, but the return department was happy to help. Everything was great and now I dont have to roll down the window to open the door!! Will definitely be buying more items.
Door handle for Silverado
August 31, 2019
This is exactly what i needed and could not get it anywhere but here. The video they provide was spot on and it worked perfectly. I tried to get the part at the dealership and had to buy the whole door panel for $600. A1auto is the only place I go for my truck parts.
Door Handle
September 5, 2019
Wow, just to think that I paid 10% of what I was going to pay to repair my door handle. The door handle works like the original one. Thank you 1aAuto!!
Good but room for improvement
September 6, 2019
I watched the youtube video and that helped immensely. Easy if you watch that. I spent more time trying to get the included replacement handle to go over the lever than any other one thing. I finally tried the old handle and it slipped right on. Be careful when you drill out the old rivets. If you go too deep, things will be a lot harder for you. Drill a little and then pick and scratch the stuff off. Do NOT drill all the way through!
September 9, 2019
Works perfect, price was better than auto part stores. Received when stated.
Decent product needed slight improvement to work
September 15, 2019
Product was good had to file angle down where the door handle slips over to make it slip over probably tho
September 19, 2019
Easy to navigate on the site, great prices. Would highly recommend.
September 20, 2019
Arrived super fast. Now I can open my door.
New handle would not fit the mechanism.
October 4, 2019
The new handle would not fit the new mechanism. Ultimately had to use my original door handle. Also the handle is no longer flush with door. It doesn't feel as sturdy as the original door handle assembly.
Door handle repair kit
October 8, 2019
This was my first time to use 1A Auto Parts. You are first class. The door handle repair kit fit my 2013 Silverado perfectly and your video for this repair was right on. It took about 45 minutes to make the repair. Here is the biggie. My handle broke on my way to purchase new tires. While there I asked them to price me the door handle repair. They quoted me just over $300.00 and claimed their cost for the repair kit was $170.00. I purchased the same kit from 1A Auto for just over$47.00 including tax and you shipped it free. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Great instruction video, and product worked as advertised.
October 10, 2019
This product saved me a ton of money. $45 well spent, as Chevy just wants to sell the inner door panel for $700 (inner door handle is not considered replaceable, because it is mounted with plastic rivets). The product and instructional video were both fantastic! The crazy glue was inspired! I will certainly be buying products, in the future, from 1A Auto.
Inside door handle repair
October 14, 2019
Would not recommend the plastic is not as strong as original and where you snap in the door release cable broken had to take parts out of new piece and reuse the old plastic piece
Perfect fit
October 16, 2019
Was easy to follow instructions and install. Highly recommend.
November 4, 2019
Easy install and videos answered any questions I might have had...
Interior door handle
November 10, 2019
Fit great would highly recommend
The best place to purchase from
November 15, 2019
The price was amazing and it was easy to do didnt care too much about the superglue As one bolt fell out because it wouldnt stay in from the glue but Other than that it works really well Im happy with it
December 3, 2019
What a great product.
December 6, 2019
It was really great to know this product was around, thanks to 1A auto parts. This product saved me $360.oo. That is what the dealership wanted to fix my broken door handle. So thank you 1A auto. I will be back. Frank
Best Site Ever
December 10, 2019
Broke handle on truck. Went to the GMC dealer, they wanted 475.00 for the door panel plus charge to put it on. They wouldnt Just replace handle. My wife found this site. Cost $44.99 and site had how to video. With in days my parts was delivered, I followed easy instruction how to video and my door is good as new. I will always check for what I need here first.
Silverado Door handle replacement
December 11, 2019
The kit I got from 1A included everything I needed to complete the replacement of the inside door handle on my 2012 Silverdao. That kit combined with the video allowed me to go through the process step by step and complete the repair without any problems. The only problem I encountered was releasing the cable clip, but after I saw what it was, I completed it with out issue. Thanks for a great repair experience.
Perfect fix
December 12, 2019
Everything was included to avoid the high cost of complete panel replacement for a simple broken door handle.
Works great, easy to install.
December 16, 2019
Followed video and had no problems installing new door handle. Took less than 1/2 hour. Am pleased with quality of product. Would buy again if needed.
Works like OEM
December 18, 2019
Very easy to do with the instructions on their site, took about an hour. Works perfect and havent had any issues with it so far and its been on my truck for about 2 months. If youve got a drill and a socket set you can easily do this yourself.
Easy job!
December 21, 2019
Your product was great and it was a breeze to replace with the help of your video! I will highly recommend you as a place for replacement parts to anyone!
Simple and easy fix
December 30, 2019
Instructions were excellent. Only thing that should be mentioned is to install the handle first before putting the door panel back on. Its a real bear to get installed once the door panel has been installed and the handle being the last step.
Replacement handle
January 4, 2020
Great service Right item Online information was perfect
Excellent Replacement Part
January 11, 2020
After getting a part that did not work from another vendor, I ordered the same part from 1A-Auto. It worked! In addition, I watched their instructional video showing how to replace the part, and that worked. A complete package from one place.
Handle Replacement
January 20, 2020
The plate and the accessories needed to remove and replace the old plate were perfect. We could never get the handle to slide all the way down on the pin, no matter what we did. It works but there is a 1/4" gap between the handle and the door panel
January 21, 2020
Work fairly well. The screws they provide after you drill out the panel are not quite big enough you definitely need some good epoxy instead of their super glue they Supply. The door handle would not fit .had to use old door handle. Overall it was good for the price
Chevy Door Handle Replacement
January 22, 2020
Great kit!!!! Easy to follow video, quick delivery. Saved me a ton of dough, thank you 1A Auto!!!!
February 4, 2020
I would highly recommend this product.The part fit excellent and the drill bit that it came with worked excellent.Also the video was very helpful.Thank you
Easy to install
February 9, 2020
This was easy to install and works well. The handle is at a slightly different angle but it works and I was able to do it myself and save money on repairs.
February 20, 2020
Fast delivery, perfect fit, videos are extremely helpful, repaired in less than an hour
February 23, 2020
Very easy to replace good service .
excellent product, nice video, easy install
March 3, 2020
I installed passenger side a year or so ago; fixed driver's side last weekend on my 2013 Chevy Silverado. Kit includes everything you need. The instruction video shows ya how to do it. Easy, quick install.
Easy to Install but handle would not click in
March 6, 2020
Product was easy to install and everything you needed was provided except a few tools. The only issue I had is that the handle would not completely secure and click into slot. After further investigation the notches don't line up correctly.
Interior door handle replacement kit
March 22, 2020
This product is outstanding and the drill bit needed comes in the kit also how-to video weas excellent highly recommended even for someone who isn't very automotive savvy
March 23, 2020
The right part.the right price
Great kit
March 25, 2020
Kit was prefect and had everything I needed to install the interior mechanism that broke. The only snag-up I ran in to was the plastic handle would not lock into place on the metal arm. I noticed that the pin was getting hung up on a metal burr so I filed it down and it went on first try after that. Their video on youtube was a huge help as well. 10/10 would buy again.
Not what I thought it was
March 29, 2020
The holes on the handle didn’t match up
Chevy Interior Door Handle repair
April 3, 2020
Kit worked really go. Very easy to install and looks to be better than factory equipment.
Glad I found 1A Auto
April 9, 2020
Quality parts at a reasonable price. I love that the shipping is free, and it comes fairly quickly. I think it is awsome that they give you install videos to go along with your order as well. It's good for the DIY guys and gals. I'm definitely going to be using this site more often.
door handle repair
May 23, 2020
I am very happy with 1A auto. I watched their repair video, ordered that part, watched the video again at installation time and everything went just as advertised. Parts were delivered quickly and fit perfectly.
June 19, 2020
Watched video and realized that I could do this without help , so I ordered and replaced the broken one and can open the door from the inside again.
June 19, 2020
Product works as it should, feel more sturdy then the original.
Perfect Fit
August 11, 2020
Searched for a new door handle after it broke on my 2013 Silverado. Found it here. Shipped very quickly and followed the video instructions posted on this site. Was a very simple process. Took about 20 minutes and door handle works perfect and looks just like the factory handle. Same feel and texture. Excellent do it myself job and saved a lot of money. Was about to take it to the dealer.
Driver inside door Handel broke off, had to be replace
August 11, 2020
I was very pleased with the replacement part. Had every thing we needed to make the replacement easy, Thanks
Great service
August 17, 2020
Good value, great shipping. Exact fit. Video completely explained installation.
Inside n outside door handles
August 21, 2020
Both door handles fit great. Good quality and the videos made it easy to know how to install and what to expect.
Great Product at a Great Price
August 26, 2020
Comes with everything you need, its got a little weight to it so doesnt seem like its going to break anytime soon. Theres only one thing I think would bother some people and thats the angle of the new handle. It curves inward more than the stock one but Im sure that you can use either the one this kits comes with or reuse the stock one. Other then that it only took like 20 minutes to drill out the old one and install the new one 1A has a step by step video how to install. If any of my other doors need this part replaced Ill be ordering from here again.
Adequate replacement part
September 11, 2020
This kit has everything needed for a quick and simple replacement of the interior door handle. The only issue is the angle of the handle arm does not match the original, making the handle not be level or parallel to the door skin. Functionally, this part is adequate, but fit and finish is lacking.
September 17, 2020
Parts were excellent!!! Videos were a big help also... thanks so much
September 20, 2020
Part Ccwas exactly what I needed and delivered when promised.
October 3, 2020
Great product replacement , followed the installation video which made it a breeze to install. Working like a charm. Satisfied Customer
Interior door handle repair kit
October 6, 2020
Excellent part and they bent backwards to help install would recommend to anyone and will be buying more parts
Perfect replacement
October 16, 2020
Fast delivery, part was as expected and fit perfectly
2010 Chev Silverado interior door handle kit
October 21, 2020
I would like to thank you for your (you tube) for showing me how to do it myself, ( I could not have done the job without it), and getting the part to me in with a tracking no. and your staff were very kind to me on the phone, I am telling all my acquaintances about A1, and how great you are.
Interior replacement door handle
October 24, 2020
Part was fairly priced, video showed exactly how to remove the old handle and replace the new one. Very pleased.
October 26, 2020
The gmc driver side interior door handle repair kit was great and easy to install. Ordered to be able to get all pieces in one place.
2012 Door Handle Replacement
November 5, 2020
I received my kit today. It took about an hour to replace and saved me $450.00!! It fit perfectly and was very easy! Thanks 1AAuto
Great Product and Service
November 6, 2020
Not only did this product match my existing hardware perfectly, the installation video provided was fantastic. Without that level of service, I would have completed the replacement, but it would have taken me significantly longer. Great quality and service. Ill be back.
Good product
November 17, 2020
it came with everything to do the work. Watched A1 Auto videoclip on YouTube and it was very helpful. Would buy again
Easy assemble
November 19, 2020
It came the day after I ordered it, and it was easy to install. I would recommend 1aauto, or their products to anyone.
Chevy interior door handle replacement kit
December 1, 2020
I ordered the Chevrolet interior door handle repair kit it came in the mail on the exact date it was promised. I watch the short video and took the door apart. In less than one hour I had the repair completed. Came with everything I needed. This was a great experience and a great product!
Fit perfectly
December 9, 2020
Easy to do all the parts are included, fit perfectly. video made it super easy to do. Would recommend it
Good kit.
December 10, 2020
Fits my 2010 Silverado as advertised. Easy install. Don't remove the door handle clip. Push it hard to install over pin.
Handle repair kit
December 30, 2020
Was exact fit!! The kit contained all needed parts and tool to help get the replacement installed in no time. The video was very helpful as well
January 8, 2021
It arrived in good order and the video on how to replace it ws really good. It worked like a charm
Got a handle on things..
January 9, 2021
The drivers side door handle assembly i recieved from A1 was definitely superior than the cast pot-metal factory junk handle that came on the truck. Installation was easy and the fit and finish was perfect. No complaints. A very good buy for anyone needing a replacement handle assembly. The price was on point as well.
January 9, 2021
The door handle was the perfect fit and works perfect!
2012 GMC door handle
January 12, 2021
Received in three days, all the parts are good quality and instructions were great! Had it installed in an hour. Price was excellent too.
January 17, 2021
Once I got the door panel off it was pretty easy to go just father instructions took me 10 minutes took me longer to take the cable off and put the cable back on and it was to fix the whole doorWrite your review here. It must be at least 50 characters long. Consider whether you would recommend this product and what you like or dislike about it.
Replaced door
January 19, 2021
The interior door part came on time with instructions, email that gave detailed installation video and sent a special drill to remove old part. I am not a mechanic and normally do not have the patience to work on my vehicle but this process went vary smooth. I highly recommend this part and 1aauto.
2010 GMC Sierra Door handle Repair
January 24, 2021
Real easy to do. comes with the special bit to do the install. I needed no instructions to take on the repair. What was in the kit to me was self explanatory. I highly recommend the kit if this is the issue.
Door handle replacement kit worked great !
January 25, 2021
I would recommend buying this product to anyone. Ive purchased parts from 1AAuto before and they always fit and/or work as they should.
door handle replacement kit
January 27, 2021
replacement door handle kit worked great also video on replacement was fantastic
Glad I found you
January 28, 2021
Glad I found you guys u made things a lot easier after getting a estimate from the dealer450.00 for the whole panel only drove around over a year with a broken handle along came u guys and for less than 60.00 it was fixed Ordering was easy with free shipping video was awesome watched it once everything went smooth and took about as long as the video said it would would highly recommend and have been telling friends and relatives about 1aauto and ordered other parts without any problems thanks 1aauto
Great product
February 4, 2021
I bought a handle for a 2012 Chevy Silverado it was easy to install the only problem I had was with the pin in the bottom of the handle other then that I will definitely buy from these guys again.
Quality part
February 6, 2021
The parts were quality, and the kit included everything I needed.
handle replacement
February 28, 2021
it's the same thing you get when you order the $12 dollar one from ebay..i sent the ebay one back for the same reasons everyone doesn't like this one from 1a..handles are very difficult if not impossible to get on without popping screws out holding backing plate to door panel..the handle once mounted is facing inwards towards the panel..doesn't look good and makes it more difficult to get hand behind..i've read the reviews and see that 1a is aware of the problem but continues to sell the product without getting the manufacture of the product to make corrections..i basically had to purchase this item because gm only sells entire door panels to fix handle..insane..i watched 1a video on door handle replacement and in the video the one the guy installed looked good when done..so i bought it hoping it would be better than the $12 dollar one from ebay ...it is not better..it's exactly the same
Great quality replacement part
March 6, 2021
Bought this door handle repair kit for my wife's 08 Silverado shipping was fast and well packaged. It was a good quality product and install very easy with all the supplied hardware plus the A1 Auto install video on YouTube is very helpful. I definitely recommend this part and A1 Auto to anyone looking for replacement parts for their vehicle.
2008 Silveraldo inside door handle Kit
March 6, 2021
My door handle broke on my 2008 Silveraldo. I went to the local Chevy dealer to get it fixed. They told me it was going to be $798.00 to order another complete door panel. I told them I have to think on that. So I tried to do some research on a salvaged door panel and they were going for 200 to 400 dollars. So I went to Youtube to search for fixing a door handle and 1A Auto video poped up. At the end of the video the kit was suggested for $49.00 plus tax. I ordered it, I got it in a couple of days with everything in the kit that they promised. So I repaired the door handle with the help of the video and it works like new. Saved tons of money.
Worked great
March 7, 2021
After my inside door handle snapped off my 2012 Chevy Silverado, I thought it was going to cost a fortune to repair. However, 1Aauto had a replacement kit for about $50.00 plus a easy to follow video. I had the job done in one hour. I can only imagine what it would have cost bringing it to a dealer or repair shop. Thanks, 1Aauto!
Handle replacement
March 12, 2021
Easy install. Hardest part was removing and reinstalling the door panel.
Replacement Chevy Door Handle
March 25, 2021
I went almost a year just rolling my window down to open my door because the dealership wanted a ridiculous amount to replace my drivers side interior door handle. I bought this product from 1A Auto, used their instruction videos on YouTube, and was able to replace my door handle in about 30-40 minutes. Its been almost two months and the door handle is working great still! Definitely recommend this product and 1A Auto to anyone needing any sort of repairs!!!!
April 8, 2021
A1 made this task easy. Took to collision center whom were going to charge over $400 . By watching video they instructed each step. All I can say is Thank You. What a savings.
April 11, 2021
It's is described as it came, perfect fit and easy install!
Great kit, easy install.
April 11, 2021
The kit, the parts and the youtube video of the install all worked hand-in-hand to make this project a breeze. Thanks 1A.
Great product
April 20, 2021
Fast shipping and great prices Part fit perfect Will be doing business with them again
April 24, 2021
This fix took about 30 minutes and I can open the door from the inside again!!! Mechanic quoted me $600 to install an new door handle.
Not quite as easy as advertised.
April 29, 2021
The instructional video and majority of kit is satisfactory. Fairly simple to install. The issue arose when I went to put the new handle onto the new assembly. It. Would. Not. Fit. So after some filing, and then resorting to the original handle, it was finally complete. For those folks who couldnt have figured that out, this wouldnt have worked.
May 10, 2021
Worked out great when in nice no problem, and yes I would recommend it
May 12, 2021
This door handle kit worked great everything I needed was in it except a small screwdriver and a 10 mm ratchet replaced it in under an hour
Replacing the door handle mechanism a breeze
May 13, 2021
I followed the instructions on the video and it was spot on. The only issue I had was a rectangular bracket below the lock mechanism that broke of and stayed on the door. I just used screws/ washers and super glue just like in video for the bezel and it was fixed just like new. Sure beats the many of hundreds of dollars the dealer wants to charge for an 11 year old truck!
Door handle repair kit
May 14, 2021
Perfect fit, all parts, easy install with help from you tube A1 Auto video.. will purchase other parts in the future.
Door handle repair kit
May 16, 2021
The door handle repair kit worked perfectly. The 1 Aauto YouTube video was extremely helpful.
door handle replacement
May 20, 2021
item arrived on time packaged very good with the door replacement video was able without any problems at all
May 29, 2021
Easy to find right part on website, shipped fast
Great kit
May 30, 2021
Way cheaper than dealership repair. Got it done in 20 minutes. Drove around without a working handle for a month before I caved. For the price its a great fix.
Working So Far, Perfect Replacement
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/766de0617e09cf436e70c4817c8614af_1625013228138_0.jpeg", "caption": "New Door Handle after Installation"}]
June 29, 2021
Just finished installing this door handle replacement on my 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500hd. the video on YouTube helps tremendously. The superglue didnt really work that well and the little screws provided didnt seem to get good fixation so I used Epoxy also. I also had to file just a bit of metal so the door handle would slide over the keeper. ( I hope it never breaks again, itll be fun to take apart with the epoxy Im sure). Ill try to be a little easier on the door handle from now on; I had no idea it would break off in my hand as it did. Could have bought it cheaper on Amazon but you never know what youre going to get with them.
Installs easy and fixed the problem.
July 1, 2021
Great fit and installation was easy. Had it over a year and it's still trucking. Great stuff.
July 7, 2021
Perfect kit. Great customer service. I highly recommend this company
Great fix
July 11, 2021
Quick easy fix, awesome video walks you thru the whole job.
July 31, 2021
thank you I save a lot of money and is easy to install 30 minutes job
August 1, 2021
easy to follow instructions and installation was easy.
Great, some difficulty.
August 3, 2021
It was excellent. I did have some trouble with the dust cover(or whatever its called) on the door. It didnt allow me to see the attachment of the door latch cable clearly. It would have helped to have a close-up of the clip to see what was meant when instructed to press the clip or however it was stated. Also, I had some trouble putting the door handle back on but after I sanded the surface where the pin was sliding, it bushed right on.
Broke again
August 5, 2021
Cheaply made part. Super glue didnt hold. Broke again after 4 days
August 9, 2021
Great instructions on repair thanks alot.
August 10, 2021
Quick easy fix with easy to follow instructions, at 1/10th the price of the dealership. Fast shipping as well.
August 12, 2021
Vary easy and directions were vary easy to follow and do
chevy Silverado
August 20, 2021
Very easy to install
Worked perfect
August 23, 2021
Fit exactly. Video was extremely helpful.
Very good
August 25, 2021
Works Great
August 29, 2021
Easy install
Great door handle replacement.
September 2, 2021
The part was a great find. A body shop was going to charge me to replace the entire panel on my truck. The installation was not difficult as there is a great video for it. The only issue is that the black door handle didn't fully snap on when I put it on. I didn't want to damage the door to force it on but I think I got it secured. Also one of the new screws could have been more secure. Otherwise a perfect fit.
September 4, 2021
Good stuff
Customer service
September 8, 2021
Great customer service. Will definitely shop there again.
September 15, 2021
work just fine
Easier than I thought
September 25, 2021
Works perfect! Took about 2 hours to install and simple overall.
Replacement Silverado door handle
September 28, 2021
Perfect fit and easy to install
September 28, 2021
Installed as per the 1AAuto YouTube video. Works great and looks like OEM.The video was a great help.
October 1, 2021
With your you tube help it was an easy install - overall 1/2 hr at the most to do the job....
Great product and support
October 14, 2021
the video explained exactly what to do and all the parts worked as planned.
Good stuff
October 27, 2021
Great to have the right parts with the right tools to do the job in the same package. Plus a video to watch on how to do it made this a quick and easy fix. Thanks!!!
Great replacement part that actually works
November 1, 2021
Great fit. Works great. I think the screws could have been a little bigger. But worked great and now I don't roll down my window to get out of my truck Thanks.
great buy!
November 8, 2021
easy to install. good instructions. nice to include all tools and materials needed for install
November 8, 2021
Parts were correct and the video that you guys made was awesome and very helpful. Definitely recommend this product.
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/b396fe1bf70ee6da6f067e4fed0c0189_1636481609749_0.jpeg", "caption": "Very easy installation,"}]
November 9, 2021
No surprise hang up on installing this item.
November 11, 2021
I needed a part in 1a auto had the part I ordered it it was shipped in a timely fashion and it was exactly what I ordered couldnt ask for anymore
Worked great
November 15, 2021
Great kit to repair poor engineering
December 4, 2021
This is poorly engineer by GM. The interior lever should be redesigned. The 1A part fit perfectly and the install instructions were very precise.
December 6, 2021
Video was helpful and repair worked as expected
December 16, 2021
Good parts right prices
Works like it is supposed to
December 18, 2021
It works. Gave a 4 only because the screws that it came with were a bit too short. Used different screws to attach. New handle is way better than rolling down the window to open the door.
Works well, ok quality.
December 20, 2021
Positives: - The install video was great and easy to follow - Inclusion of the drill bit and super glue are a nice touch Negatives: - Fitting the handle required grinding down the metal shaft, couldn't see how it would possible fit as made. - Door handle does not sit flush against the interior panel.
Great product!
Joe, Clifton Park
December 21, 2021
Perfect fit! All parts included including the drill bit to remove rivets. My Cheverolet Repair shop wanted $800 to repair the handle. They don't repair the handle, they replace the entire door panel. It cost me less than $60 and an hour and a half of my time to repair it. Thank you!
Well Thought Out and Documented Repair Kit
December 24, 2021
Overall, a great experience. It didn't take long to arrive in the mail, and the handle looks just like the one that was there originally. The detailed instruction video was very helpful, and anyone with a moderate level of DIY/repair skill should have no problems. Including the proper size bit for drilling out the plastic rivets was a nice touch. I probably did the whole job in about an hour, even with the "help" of a 3 year old. I'm just happy I don't have to keep rolling down my window to let myself out of the truck anymore.
December 24, 2021
Straight forward with video. Fast delivery and delivered as advertised.
With this fixed, you just need the door unlock pull to not break to have a chance of getting out if you drive your truck into a lake.
December 26, 2021
works okay. Only broke one of the plastic buttons on the mirror panel. Wire harness and control cable were harder to get off than it looked in the instructional video. Snapping the plastic handle over the detent was super hard, it felt like I was going to break something. you could probably file the metal down a little to make it easier and it still wouldn't come off until the metal breaks again. C'mon Chevy,
December 29, 2021
Watched the video and it was very easy to trade out.
Quality and as advertised
January 5, 2022
Parts came as described. Was a very easy fix once the door panel was removed. The hardest part for me was getting the ball end of the cable to the door latch removed as well as replacing the door panel after the repair. Be careful with the super glue as it comes out easily and with gravity. Be sure to put the tip pointing up hill. Don't over-tighten the screws, they are not meant to be torqued, just to hold until the super glue cures.
January 8, 2022
Excellent product and instructions
Looks and acts like OEM part
January 9, 2022
Followed all the steps in the video. Easy replacement. Works like a charm.
Door handle
January 9, 2022
It was so easy to install
January 27, 2022
Good part but unclear about attachment, had to secure with through bolts, no instructions.
February 1, 2022
It was great, fit great easy install
February 8, 2022
The only drawback was the drill bit destroyed the receptacle for the replacement screws. This required me to drill through the inside door panel and use a bolt and nut to reattach the handle unit. Otherwise it fit well and was exactly like the original part.
Not for a beginner
February 11, 2022
was not very easy to do. screws would not tighten up. I got maybe 2 out of 6. Couldn't get the handle on til my son came by. I am 72 I guess I just didn't have the strength anymore. It is always easier in the video.
February 15, 2022
Work great just like tha original
I'm glad I bought the handle
February 16, 2022
Driver door inside handle sent on easy and still works great 1 month later
February 19, 2022
Unbelievably Easy with the step my step video. Done in less than an hour.
February 21, 2022
The part fit perfectly, and the video was most helpful. Thanks guys
Not worth it.
February 24, 2022
The cheap plastic broke after 10 uses. Not impressed
March 2, 2022
The video was extremely helpful on installing the part, only problem was the new handle didnt fit on latch so I used the old one. Other than that everything was great.
March 3, 2022
Good fit and good quality!
March 7, 2022
Works well so far!
Good Quality Fast Shipping
March 8, 2022
Fast shipping, product is durable and good quality.
Not impressed
March 18, 2022
Bottom line, its better than a broken handle. Is it as good as oem, no. The spring is half the tension of stock, it feels week and worn out when installed. The new handle position is wrong. It angles the end not connected into the door panel. I put the stock one on, but it took some light filing of the new post to make it fit. The rubber bumper inside fell out immediately after installing, it is far too small. I had to disassemble it again, and replace it with the stock one.
March 19, 2022
Fits great. No problems with install. Decent quality.
March 31, 2022
It installed as shown in the video!
April 3, 2022
Easy instructional video and came with everything I needed. Will order other fro you guys.
April 5, 2022
great job, received on time and was what i needed and didn't have to buy a whole trim panel
April 10, 2022
Easy to install works great
Easy Installation
April 11, 2022
The kit arrived by the date promised, and it contained all the parts described, but the replacement handle did not fit into the metal arm, so I had to use the original handle. I would have returned this if I could not make my original handle fit. I found some on line videos that were very useful. I used some of my own (longer) screws because the ones in the kit seemed too short. Took about an hour to install.
Great Part, Great Service, Perfect fit.
April 20, 2022
Finding the part on 1Auto web site was really easy. The part was shipped very promptly. And the part was exactly as advertized. As usual with 1Auto, the part fit perfectly. Thanks for the great service. Gary
The best fit
April 21, 2022
Fits perfectly, shipped super fast and was super easy to install thanks to your videos on YouTube.
Good replacement
April 24, 2022
Good product replacement. Easy install
Silverado replacement handle
May 6, 2022
I purchase a simular handle from amazon for 23.$ It lasted 3 weeks. Replaced it with this one, holding my breath to see how long it lasts. Does seem like better quality! Thanks Nate
Great Kit
May 19, 2022
Kit worked as advertised. Can't beat the video...step-by-step instructions. That and the drill bit were worth the extra money for this kit.
Excellent Repair Kit
May 20, 2022
Exactly what they said it was. Works great!
great handle
May 26, 2022
excellent set and easy to install. the hardest part is taking the door apart but after that it was simple
Not so good second time around.
June 21, 2022
Not recommended for a second replacement. Worked fine the first time & lasted 5 years + then broke again just as original had.
July 9, 2022
Fits perfect so far. Easy to put on. Highly recommended. Thank you.
July 10, 2022
Great quality detailed instructions
Perfect fit
July 13, 2022
Item worked just like OEM, would buy again
July 16, 2022
This kit works great. Everything i needed to fix my door and return it to normal.
The truth
July 18, 2022
Good so far. But being "light" just due to it being a repair. Easy fix. If they would just quit making these out of pot metal and make something that would last. But this product seems as good as oem.
August 1, 2022
I received the correct part that works like it should and was fairly easy to install since they provided a great video to follow. I'd say this was one of the best experiences I've had buying auot parts and I'll definitely look to them first.
August 6, 2022
works great thanks
August 16, 2022
The kit worked great. Was easy to install also.
August 27, 2022
Removed old one installed the kit & the inside door handle still does not work.
Seamless from start if finish
August 29, 2022
Excellent from start to finish. Video instructions were spot on. Parts were quality. Perfect fit. Thank you for making this process seamless.
September 1, 2022
The replacement was perfect. The video explains everything so well. I will always go thru this company for any car parts.
September 6, 2022
Good fix for a bad design by GM
September 28, 2022
didnt fit perfectly , but it works
Great, but watch both videos.
October 1, 2022
Great product as usual. Included drill bit very useful. I have a 2008 Silverado 2500HD. Be sure and watch both videos: the disconnect tricks/tips on the non-electric (crank window) were great.
awesome store
October 5, 2022
Loved it Thank you for video as well Saved me so much $$
October 17, 2022
Great product worked exactly as needed
Great Deal!
November 8, 2022
Parts arrived as promised, the video was super helpful with installation. Very eased with A1 Auto!
GMC truck door handle replacement
November 22, 2022
Perfect replacement, front and back drivers side handles interchangeable. Easy install
November 25, 2022
Installed and working perfectly, I substituted the super glue that came with the kit for a two part epoxy and let it set up overnight to dry completely. I go easy when operating the handle just for longevity but it feels solid and works great. 50.00 or 500.00 for the whole door panel from Chevy this was a no brainer for me.
December 3, 2022
Worked perfect.
Excellent Product
December 8, 2022
I installed this in about 30-45 mins. Installation was easy and went without a hitch, Handle works perfectly. Not sure why the OEM handle broke off as I'm not hard on my equipment. This handle assembly feels at least as strong as the original. Hopefully it will last indefinitely.
December 11, 2022
December 12, 2022
So easy. Everything you need! This is the ONLY kit to buy. I bought two others before this from other online companies that didnt come with hardware let alone the specialized drill bit.
2012 Sierra driver side interior door handle replacement
January 5, 2023
Easy to replace, recommend watching an on line video for door disassembly first. But the drill bit from the kit worked great and the handle was easy to install and works great.
January 8, 2023
this is a great kit after removing door panel it was a broken door handle cable luckly i got one that day but i wish i would have got it from A-1 AUTO
It works fine
January 9, 2023
Great price. Way way better than GMCs price!
I will highly recommend this
January 13, 2023
Great product,easy to use,worked great
Great replacement
January 22, 2023
Perfect replacement and easy to install thanks to 1Aauto videos
Worked as advertised
January 29, 2023
Recommend. It worked perfectly.
February 1, 2023
Works great. Just like new.
Customer Q&A
Does this fit single cab Silverado trucks?
February 9, 2019
Dimitri D
This is listed to fit the front door of the vehicles in the "vehicle fit list." Please make sure to verify the year, make and model prior to finalizing your purchase, but it does fit for single cab models.
February 9, 2019
Peter L
What size screws are used? I lost mine before I got around to installing it
March 4, 2019
Graham O
Actual Measurements are not listed or available.
March 4, 2019
Andra M
Does it fit extended cab ?
November 14, 2019
Don G
Thank you for your inquiry! This repair handle should fit the front door of an extended cab, but you still need to make sure your model is listed in the fit chart. If you are unsure that this part will be correct please provide us with your full year, make, model and trim level so we can confirm!
November 14, 2019
Tim K
Thank you for providing this information. This will be the correct fit for the front driver side interior door handle for your vehicle. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
November 14, 2019
Anthony C
How long did it take to complete?
September 29, 2020
Chet P
Thanks for your inquiry. Written and video installation instructions are found on the product page under the "How-To & Tools" tab. We're constantly adding new installation video instructions. If we do not have one for your vehicle on the product listing page, please check again at a later time or check our Video Library to see similar repairs here: https://www.1aauto.com/videos
September 29, 2020
Jessica D
1 hour 30min.
September 29, 2020
20-25 minutes
September 30, 2020
Teddy R
I cannot figure out how to detach the cable from the door pane. I have watched the video numerous times.How do I get it off?
January 8, 2021
Greg F
Been a while but I think its open in the other direction.
January 8, 2021
Glenn G
If you put the handle on how do you get it off?
September 21, 2022
Kage H
Thank you for your inquiry! We do not have any instructions on how to remove this part after installation. You will just have to be mindful of the glue when taking out the self tapping screws.
September 22, 2022
Tim K
Watch the video for non-electric/crank window. The silver pin is push and release for the handle.
October 1, 2022
Robert F
Where can I get just the drill bit and screws?
December 4, 2022
Michael H
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