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Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads from 1A Auto come with long warranties that can protect against manufacturing defects. We sell high-quality ceramic brakes, guaranteed to fit, built to the highest standard. Also, we provide fast and free shipping for your convenience on all auto parts.

Benefits of Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are made of ceramic fibers and may include copper fibers. This composition makes ceramic brakes best at dissipating heat which limits the pad materials that are stripped off while braking. Because of this, they are superior for their longevity. They are also lighter, quieter, and produce less brake dust than other brake pads. This makes ceramic brakes ideal for high performance. Ceramic brake pads are usually more expensive, but can perform well in a range of temperatures.

Ceramic Brake Pads vs. Semi-Metallic vs. Organic

There are other types of brake pads that may be better suited to your needs depending on your vehicle or driving style. Semi-metallic brake pads are sturdy and can provide firm and strong braking. Made of 30-65% of metal, iron, steel, or copper, they absorb heat from the rotor better than any other pad. Because of their metal makeup, they tend to wear down the rotor more and can also be noisier. These pads will need some “breaking in.” In colder climates, they may take a bit to warm up to their solid stopping power. Semi-metallic brakes are good choice for standard and heavy vehicles and tend to be durable.

Organic brake pads are best on lighter cars that don’t need a lot of stopping power. They are made of material like rubber, glass, carbon, and Kevlar, which makes them light and quiet. Organic brakes wear out faster and create more brake dust than the ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads. We recommend organic brakes for light or moderate use.

Replacing Ceramic Brake Pads

Consider replacing your ceramic brake pads when you hear squealing or squeaking from the wheels. It is the most common and obvious sign. However, worn out brake pads can manifest themselves in other ways. You may feel a sinking or pulsating brake pedal, slower than usual stopping, or a pull to one side while braking. You also may see deep grooves in the brake rotors or hear rattling from the wheels.

It is unsafe to wait to replace your ceramic brake pads, especially if there are warning signs. Your stopping power will decrease, which can throw off your timing. You can replace ceramic brake pads fairly easily, regardless if you are a professional or novice.  The job can take up to two hours to complete. The more you do it, the faster you’ll get. It can also be a rewarding experience and save you money. Replacing the rear brakes can be a bit more challenging than the front, depending on your model.

If you haven’t replaced your ceramic brake pads before, check out our automotive repair video library. We have thousands of videos to help you maintain and repair your specific make and model.

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