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Wheel Seal Timken 10P35000

Timken TKAXX00118 TKAXX00118
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Brand #: 10P35000

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These parts are authentic Timken brand products that are supplied and packaged by Timken.   In some cases, Timken will source parts from other high quality suppliers such as SKF and Koyo. These parts are subjected to the very same testing and quality standards as all Timken products.

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This item is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. In the event this item should fail due to manufacturing defects during intended use, we will replace the part free of charge. This warranty covers the cost of the part only.

FREE Shipping is standard on Orders shipped to the lower 48 States (Contiguous United States). Standard shipping charges apply to Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories.  Shipping is not available to Canada.

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Fits these Makes

Year Make Model Description
1997-2000Blue Bird TC1000 Blue Bird TC1000 Wheel Seal
1989-2004Blue Bird TC2000 Blue Bird TC2000 Wheel Seal
1980-1991Chevrolet B60 Chevrolet B60 Wheel Seal
1993-2002Chevrolet B7 Chevrolet B7 Wheel Seal
1960-1990Chevrolet C50 Chevrolet C50 Wheel Seal
1960-1990Chevrolet C60 Chevrolet C60 Wheel Seal
1960-1990Chevrolet C70 Chevrolet C70 Wheel Seal
1992-1996Chevrolet P6000 Chevrolet P6000 Wheel Seal
1997-2009Chevrolet T6500 Chevrolet T6500 Wheel Seal
1997-2009Chevrolet T7500 Chevrolet T7500 Wheel Seal
1962Dodge 500 Dodge 500 Wheel Seal
1967-1973Dodge 500 Dodge 500 Wheel Seal
1997Dodge 500 Dodge 500 Wheel Seal
2009Dodge 500 Dodge 500 Wheel Seal
1996-1998Ford A9513 Ford A9513 Wheel Seal
1997Ford A9522 Ford A9522 Wheel Seal
1986-1997Ford CF7000 Truck Ford CF7000 Truck Wheel Seal
1987-1997Ford CF8000 Truck Ford CF8000 Truck Wheel Seal
2000-2017Ford F650 Truck Ford F650 Truck Wheel Seal
1980-1998Ford F700 Truck Ford F700 Truck Wheel Seal
2000-2017Ford F750 Truck Ford F750 Truck Wheel Seal
1980-1999Ford F800 Truck Ford F800 Truck Wheel Seal
1980-1997Ford L-Series Heavy Duty Truck Ford L-Series Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Seal
2006-2010Ford LCF Truck Ford LCF Truck Wheel Seal
2011-2018Freightliner 108SD Freightliner 108SD Wheel Seal
2011-2013Freightliner 114SD Freightliner 114SD Wheel Seal
1998-2015Freightliner Argosy Freightliner Argosy Wheel Seal
2008-2018Freightliner Cascadia Freightliner Cascadia Wheel Seal
1996-2011Freightliner Century Class Freightliner Century Class 120 Wheel Seal
1996-2011Freightliner Century Class Freightliner Century Class 112 Wheel Seal
1994-2013Freightliner Classic Freightliner Classic Wheel Seal
1996-2017Freightliner Columbia Freightliner Columbia Wheel Seal
2001-2007Freightliner Condor Freightliner Condor Wheel Seal
2000-2016Freightliner Coronado Freightliner Coronado Wheel Seal
1999-2004Freightliner FC70 Freightliner FC70 Wheel Seal
1999-2006Freightliner FC80 Freightliner FC80 Wheel Seal
1991-2000Freightliner FLB Freightliner FLB Wheel Seal
1991-2005Freightliner FLC 106 Freightliner FLC 106 Wheel Seal
1981-2005Freightliner FLC 112 Freightliner FLC 112 Wheel Seal
1981-2005Freightliner FLC 120 Freightliner FLC 120 Wheel Seal
1989-2009Freightliner FLD 112 Freightliner FLD 112 Wheel Seal
1989-2011Freightliner FLD 120 Freightliner FLD 120 Wheel Seal
1993-2011Freightliner FLD 120SD Freightliner FLD 120SD Wheel Seal
2001-2011Freightliner FLD 132 Freightliner FLD 132 Wheel Seal
2002-2006Freightliner M2 100 Freightliner M2 100 Wheel Seal
2001-2019Freightliner M2 106 Freightliner M2 106 Wheel Seal
2003-2019Freightliner M2 112 Freightliner M2 112 Wheel Seal
2001-2018Freightliner M2 Business Class Freightliner M2 Business Class Wheel Seal
1992-1995Freightliner MB60 Freightliner MB60 Wheel Seal
1991-2013Freightliner MB70 Freightliner MB Wheel Seal
1996-2013Freightliner VC Freightliner VC Wheel Seal
2001-2013Freightliner XB Line Freightliner XB Line Wheel Seal
2005-2013Freightliner XB Straight Rail Freightliner XB Straight Rail Wheel Seal
2001-2013Freightliner XC Freightliner XC Wheel Seal
1980-1991GMC B6000 GMC B6000 Wheel Seal
1993-2002GMC B7 GMC B7 Wheel Seal
1979-1990GMC C5000 GMC C5000 Wheel Seal
1979-1990GMC C6000 GMC C6000 Wheel Seal
1979-1990GMC C7000 GMC C7000 Wheel Seal
1992-1996GMC P6500 GMC P6500 Wheel Seal
1983-2002GMC School Bus GMC School Bus Wheel Seal
1997-2009GMC T6500 GMC T6500 Wheel Seal
1997-2009GMC T7500 GMC T7500 Wheel Seal
2005-2010Hino 145 Hino 145 Wheel Seal
2005-2010Hino 165 Hino 165 Wheel Seal
2005-2010Hino 185 Hino 185 Wheel Seal
2008-2014Hino 258ALP Hino 258ALP Wheel Seal
2006-2014Hino 258LP Hino 258LP Wheel Seal
2005-2014Hino 268 Hino 268 Wheel Seal
2008-2014Hino 268A Hino 268A Wheel Seal
2005-2014Hino 338 Hino 338 Wheel Seal
2008-2014Hino 338CT Hino 338CT Wheel Seal
2006-2016IC Corporation 1300 FBC IC Corporation 1300 FBC Wheel Seal
2003-2018IC Corporation CE Commercial IC Corporation CE Commercial Wheel Seal
2005-2015IC Corporation CE Integrated IC Corporation CE Integrated Wheel Seal
2003-2019IC Corporation CE School Bus IC Corporation CE School Bus Wheel Seal
2003-2004IC Corporation FE Commercial IC Corporation FE Commercial Wheel Seal
2007-2011IC Corporation FE Commercial IC Corporation FE Commercial Wheel Seal
2005IC Corporation FE Integrated IC Corporation FE Integrated Wheel Seal
2007-2008IC Corporation FE Integrated IC Corporation FE Integrated Wheel Seal
2003-2004IC Corporation FE School Bus IC Corporation FE School Bus Wheel Seal
2006-2011IC Corporation FE School Bus IC Corporation FE School Bus Wheel Seal
2003-2016IC Corporation RE Commercial IC Corporation RE Commercial Wheel Seal
2003-2019IC Corporation RE School Bus IC Corporation RE School Bus Wheel Seal
1987-1995International 1452 Series International 1452 Series Wheel Seal
1996-1998International 1552SC International 1552SC Wheel Seal
2002International 1552SC International 1552SC Wheel Seal
1979-2002International 2554 Series International 2554 Series Wheel Seal
1979-2003International 2574 Series International 2574 Series Wheel Seal
1982-2002International 2654 Series International 2654 Series Wheel Seal
1979-2003International 2674 Series International 2674 Series Wheel Seal
2000-2017International 4100 International 4100 Series Wheel Seal
2006-2008International 4100 SBA International 4100 SBA Wheel Seal
2001-2018International 4200 International 4200 Series Wheel Seal
2003-2008International 4200LP International 4200LP Wheel Seal
2001-2018International 4300 International 4300 Series Wheel Seal
2002-2018International 4300LP International 4300LP Wheel Seal
1996-2018International 4400 International 4400 Series Wheel Seal
2002-2018International 4400LP International 4400LP Wheel Seal
1981-2003International 4600 International 4600 Series Wheel Seal
1990-1994International 4600LP International 4600LP Wheel Seal
1990International 4600UH International 4600UH Wheel Seal
1981-2005International 4700 International 4700 Series Wheel Seal
1990-2002International 4700LP International 4700LP Wheel Seal
1995-2002International 4700LPX International 4700LPX Wheel Seal
1981-2003International 4800 Series International 4800 Series Wheel Seal
1981-2005International 4900 Series International 4900 Series Wheel Seal
1962-2014International 5000 Series International 5000 Series Wheel Seal
1996-2014International 5500i International 5500 Series Wheel Seal
1996-2014International 5600i International 5600 Series Wheel Seal
1996-2015International 5900i International 5900 Series Wheel Seal
1990-1992International 7300 Series International 7300 Series Wheel Seal
2001-2016International 7300 Series International 7300 Series Wheel Seal
1990-1992International 7400 Series International 7400 Series Wheel Seal
2002-2017International 7400 Series International 7400 Series Wheel Seal
1990-1992International 7500 Series International 7500 Series Wheel Seal
2002-2016International 7500 Series International 7500 Series Wheel Seal
1990-1992International 7600 Series International 7600 Series Wheel Seal
2003-2011International 7600 Series International 7600 Series Wheel Seal
1990-1992International 7700 Series International 7700 Series Wheel Seal
2002-2013International 7700 Series International 7700 Series Wheel Seal
1981-2005International 8100 Series International 8100 Series Wheel Seal
1981-2003International 8200 Series International 8200 Series Wheel Seal
2013International 8200 Series International 8200 Series Wheel Seal
1981-2003International 8300 Series International 8300 Series Wheel Seal
1990-2017International 8500 Series International 8500 Series Wheel Seal
2008-2011International 8500 TranStar International 8500 TranStar Wheel Seal
2008-2011International 8500 TranStar International 8500 TranStar Wheel Seal
2003-2007International 8600 SBA International 8600 SBA Wheel Seal
2001-2017International 8600 TranStar International 8600 Series Wheel Seal
2008-2014International 8600 TranStar International 8600 TranStar Wheel Seal
1998-1999International 9100 SBA International 9100 SBA Wheel Seal
1995-2015International 9100i SBA International 9100 Series Wheel Seal
1994-2014International 9200 SBA International 9200 Series Wheel Seal
2000-2011International 9200i SBA International 9200i SBA Wheel Seal
1985-2015International 9300 Series International 9300 Series Wheel Seal
1984-2014International 9400 International 9400 Series Wheel Seal
2000-2011International 9400i SBA International 9400i SBA Wheel Seal
1986-1997International 9600 International 9600 Series Wheel Seal
1999-2011International 9600 International 9600 Series Wheel Seal
1985International 9700 International 9700 Series Wheel Seal
1988-1997International 9700 International 9700 Series Wheel Seal
1999-2011International 9700 International 9700 Series Wheel Seal
1996-2011International 9800 SBA International 9800 Series Wheel Seal
1994-2017International 9900 International 9900 Series Wheel Seal
1999International 9900 SFA International 9900 SFA Wheel Seal
2000-2011International 9900i 2000-11, 2013-17 International 9900i Wheel Seal
2013-2017International 9900i 2000-11, 2013-17 International 9900i Wheel Seal
2000-2003International 9900i SFA International 9900i SFA Wheel Seal
2000-2009International 9900ix International 9900ix Wheel Seal
2001-2003International 9900ix SFA International 9900ix SFA Wheel Seal
2004-2008International CXT International CXT Wheel Seal
1962-1986International CargoStar International CargoStar Wheel Seal
2005-2010International CityStar International CityStar Wheel Seal
2002-2014International DuraStar International DuraStar Wheel Seal
1996-2002International Genesis RE International Genesis RE Wheel Seal
1962-1979International Loadstar International Loadstar Wheel Seal
2012-2013International Loadstar International Loadstar Wheel Seal
2009-2017International LoneStar International LoneStar Wheel Seal
1969International M1400 Metro II International M1400 Metro II Wheel Seal
1987-1990International M1400 Metro II International M1400 Metro II Wheel Seal
1987-1990International M1600 Metro II International M1600 Metro II Wheel Seal
2007-2008International MXT International MXT Wheel Seal
1963-1975International Pickup International Pickup Wheel Seal
2006-2017International ProStar International ProStar Wheel Seal
2006-2008International RXT International RXT Wheel Seal
1950-2013International S Series International S Series Wheel Seal
2010-2014International TerraStar International TerraStar Wheel Seal
1998-2014International TranStar International TranStar Wheel Seal
2008-2014International WorkStar 7600 International WorkStar Wheel Seal
2008-2012International WorkStar 7700 International WorkStar 7700 Wheel Seal
1987-2004Isuzu FR-R Isuzu FR-R Wheel Seal
1986-2002Isuzu FS-R Isuzu FS-R Wheel Seal
2003-2008Isuzu H Series Isuzu H Series Wheel Seal
1986-2017Isuzu NP-R Isuzu NP-R Wheel Seal
1987-2018Isuzu NQ-R Isuzu NQ-R Wheel Seal
1987-2016Isuzu NR-R Isuzu NR-R Wheel Seal
1981-2015Kenworth C500 Kenworth C500 Wheel Seal
1985-2003Kenworth K100E Kenworth K100E Wheel Seal
2005-2006Kenworth K100E Kenworth K100E Wheel Seal
1987-1993Kenworth K130 Kenworth K130 Wheel Seal
1993-2005Kenworth K300 Kenworth K300 Wheel Seal
2008-2015Kenworth T170 Kenworth T170 Wheel Seal
1997-2011Kenworth T2000 Kenworth T2000 Wheel Seal
2008-2015Kenworth T270 Kenworth T270 Wheel Seal
1995-2008Kenworth T300 Kenworth T300 Wheel Seal
2008-2015Kenworth T370 Kenworth T370 Wheel Seal
1989-1998Kenworth T400 Kenworth T400 Wheel Seal
2010-2015Kenworth T400 Kenworth T400 Wheel Seal
1993-1997Kenworth T450 Kenworth T450 Wheel Seal
1986-2015Kenworth T600 Kenworth T600 Wheel Seal
2008-2015Kenworth T660 Kenworth T660 Wheel Seal
2013-2017Kenworth T680 Kenworth T680 Wheel Seal
2011-2015Kenworth T700 Kenworth T700 Wheel Seal
1980Kenworth T800 Kenworth T800 Wheel Seal
1987-2015Kenworth T800 Kenworth T800 Wheel Seal
2014-2015Kenworth T880 Kenworth T880 Wheel Seal
1995-1996Kenworth T953 Kenworth T953 Wheel Seal
1994-1996Kenworth T993 Kenworth T993 Wheel Seal
1981-2016Kenworth W900 Kenworth W900 Wheel Seal
1989-2005Mack CH Mack CH Wheel Seal
2006-2007Mack CHN Mack CHN Wheel Seal
2008-2017Mack CHU Mack CHU Wheel Seal
1991-2002Mack CL Mack CL Wheel Seal
1985-2001Mack CS Mack CS Wheel Seal
2008-2017Mack CXU Mack CXU Wheel Seal
1981-2006Mack DM Mack DM Wheel Seal
1966-2006Mack DM690 Mack DM690 Wheel Seal
1998-2002Mack DMM Mack DMM Wheel Seal
2012-2015Mack GU400 Granite Mack GU400 Granite Wheel Seal
2012-2015Mack GU500 Granite Mack GU500 Granite Wheel Seal
2008-2017Mack GU7 Mack GU7 Wheel Seal
2008-2017Mack GU8 Mack GU8 Wheel Seal
2006-2010Mack Granite CT713 Mack Granite CT713 Wheel Seal
2006-2010Mack Granite CTP713 Mack Granite CTP713 Wheel Seal
2000-2007Mack Granite CV513 Mack Granite CV513 Wheel Seal
2000-2007Mack Granite CV712 Mack Granite CV712 Wheel Seal
2000-2010Mack Granite CV713 Mack Granite CV713 Wheel Seal
1995-2010Mack LE Mack LE Wheel Seal
1981-1988Mack MR Mack MR Wheel Seal
1997-2000Mack MR Mack MR Wheel Seal
1979-2001Mack MS Mack MS Wheel Seal
2007Mack Pinnacle CXP612 Mack Pinnacle CXP612 Wheel Seal
2007Mack Pinnacle CXP613 Mack Pinnacle CXP613 Wheel Seal
1989-2005Mack RB Mack RB Wheel Seal
1981-2005Mack RD Mack RD Wheel Seal
2010-2017Mack TD700 Mack TD700 Wheel Seal
2007-2013Mack Terrapro MRU612 Mack Terrapro MRU612 Wheel Seal
2007-2013Mack Terrapro MRU613 Mack Terrapro MRU613 Wheel Seal
1987-2006Mitsubishi Fuso FE Mitsubishi Fuso FE Wheel Seal
2007Mitsubishi Fuso FE140 Mitsubishi Fuso FE140 Wheel Seal
2007-2009Mitsubishi Fuso FE145 Mitsubishi Fuso FE145 Wheel Seal
2007-2009Mitsubishi Fuso FE145CC Mitsubishi Fuso FE145CC Wheel Seal
2008-2009Mitsubishi Fuso FE180 Mitsubishi Fuso FE180 Wheel Seal
1996-2003Mitsubishi Fuso FK Mitsubishi Fuso FK Wheel Seal
1996-2003Mitsubishi Fuso FM Mitsubishi Fuso FM Wheel Seal
1993-2000Peterbilt 200 Peterbilt 200 Wheel Seal
2008-2013Peterbilt 210 Peterbilt 210 Wheel Seal
2008-2013Peterbilt 220 Peterbilt 220 Wheel Seal
2001-2003Peterbilt 270 Peterbilt 270 Wheel Seal
1987-2013Peterbilt 320 Peterbilt 320 Wheel Seal
2008-2013Peterbilt 325 Peterbilt 325 Wheel Seal
1995-2015Peterbilt 330 Peterbilt 330 Wheel Seal
2005-2010Peterbilt 335 Peterbilt 335 Wheel Seal
2011-2013Peterbilt 337 Peterbilt 337 Wheel Seal
2007-2010Peterbilt 340 Peterbilt 340 Wheel Seal
1981-1984Peterbilt 348 Peterbilt 348 Wheel Seal
2010-2015Peterbilt 348 Peterbilt 348 Wheel Seal
1986-2008Peterbilt 357 Peterbilt 357 Wheel Seal
1967-1987Peterbilt 359 Peterbilt 359 Wheel Seal
1981-2006Peterbilt 362 Peterbilt 362 Wheel Seal
2007-2013Peterbilt 365 Peterbilt 365 Wheel Seal
2007-2013Peterbilt 367 Peterbilt 367 Wheel Seal
1988-1994Peterbilt 372 Peterbilt 372 Wheel Seal
1986-1995Peterbilt 375 Peterbilt 375 Wheel Seal
1986-1994Peterbilt 376 Peterbilt 376 Wheel Seal
1986-2001Peterbilt 377 Peterbilt 377 Wheel Seal
1987-2007Peterbilt 378 Peterbilt 378 Wheel Seal
1986-2007Peterbilt 379 Peterbilt 379 Wheel Seal
2012-2013Peterbilt 382 Peterbilt 382 Wheel Seal
2007-2015Peterbilt 384 Peterbilt 384 Wheel Seal
1996-2007Peterbilt 385 Peterbilt 385 Wheel Seal
2005-2013Peterbilt 386 Peterbilt 386 Wheel Seal
1981-1982Peterbilt 387 Peterbilt 387 Wheel Seal
2000-2011Peterbilt 387 Peterbilt 387 Wheel Seal
2007-2013Peterbilt 388 Peterbilt 388 Wheel Seal
2007-2013Peterbilt 389 Peterbilt 389 Wheel Seal
2013Peterbilt 567 Peterbilt 567 Wheel Seal
2012-2015Peterbilt 579 Peterbilt 579 Wheel Seal
2011-2015Peterbilt 587 Peterbilt 587 Wheel Seal
2011-2018Ram 4500 Truck Ram 4500 Truck Wheel Seal
2011-2018Ram 5500 Truck Ram 5500 Truck Wheel Seal
1999-2010Sterling Truck A9500 Sterling Truck A9500 Wheel Seal
1999-2010Sterling Truck A9513 Sterling Truck A9513 Wheel Seal
1999Sterling Truck A9522 Sterling Truck A9522 Wheel Seal
1999-2008Sterling Truck AT9500 Sterling Truck AT9500 Wheel Seal
2014Sterling Truck AT9500 Sterling Truck AT9500 Wheel Seal
1999-2001Sterling Truck AT9513 Sterling Truck AT9513 Wheel Seal
2005-2009Sterling Truck Car Hauler Sterling Truck Car Hauler Wheel Seal
1999-2010Sterling Truck L7500 Sterling Truck L7500 Wheel Seal
1999-2010Sterling Truck L8500 Sterling Truck L8500 Wheel Seal
1999-2010Sterling Truck L9500 Sterling Truck L9500 Wheel Seal
1999-2000Sterling Truck L9501 Sterling Truck L9501 Wheel Seal
1999-2001Sterling Truck L9511 Sterling Truck L9511 Wheel Seal
1999-2000Sterling Truck L9513 Sterling Truck L9513 Wheel Seal
1999Sterling Truck L9522 Sterling Truck L9522 Wheel Seal
1999-2008Sterling Truck LT7500 Sterling Truck LT7500 Wheel Seal
1999-2008Sterling Truck LT8500 Sterling Truck LT8500 Wheel Seal
1999Sterling Truck LT8501 Sterling Truck LT8501 Wheel Seal
1999-2000Sterling Truck LT8511 Sterling Truck LT8511 Wheel Seal
1999-2001Sterling Truck LT8513 Sterling Truck LT8513 Wheel Seal
1999-2008Sterling Truck LT9500 Sterling Truck LT9500 Wheel Seal
1999-2001Sterling Truck LT9501 Sterling Truck LT9501 Wheel Seal
1999-2001Sterling Truck LT9511 Sterling Truck LT9511 Wheel Seal
1999-2002Sterling Truck LT9513 Sterling Truck LT9513 Wheel Seal
1999-2001Sterling Truck LT9522 Sterling Truck LT9522 Wheel Seal
1999-2003Sterling Truck ST9500 Sterling Truck ST9500 Wheel Seal
1989-1994UD Trucks 1800 UD Trucks 1800 Wheel Seal
1989-1994UD Trucks 2000 UD Trucks 2000 Wheel Seal
1989-1994UD Trucks 2300 UD Trucks 2300 Wheel Seal
1989-1994UD Trucks 2600 UD Trucks 2600 Wheel Seal
1989-1994UD Trucks 2800 UD Trucks 2800 Wheel Seal
1969-1975Volvo 160 Volvo 160 Wheel Seal
2001-2017Volvo 9700 Volvo 9700 Wheel Seal
1996-2002Volvo ACL Volvo ACL Wheel Seal
1986-2015Volvo FE Volvo FE Wheel Seal
2011-2015Volvo VAH Volvo VAH Wheel Seal
2000-2017Volvo VHD Volvo VHD Wheel Seal
1998-2004Volvo VN Volvo VN Wheel Seal
2000-2018Volvo VNL Volvo VNL Wheel Seal
1990-2018Volvo VNM Volvo VNM Wheel Seal
2006-2012Volvo VT Volvo VT Wheel Seal
1996-2001Volvo WAH Volvo WA Wheel Seal
1988-1998Volvo WC Volvo WC Wheel Seal
1988-2002Volvo WG Volvo WG Wheel Seal
1982-1998Volvo WH Volvo WH Wheel Seal
1988-1998Volvo WI Volvo WI Wheel Seal
1982-2004Volvo WX Volvo WX Wheel Seal
1990-2015Western Star 4900 Western Star 4900 Wheel Seal

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DIY Solutions HUB01154

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Brand #: 10P35000
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