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What are automotive tools?

Most car repairs call for tools, and more tools means you can tackle more repairs. Some tools can help you complete an install, and others can help you identify problems with your vehicle.

Specialty tools, such as voltmeters and test lights, can help you diagnose issues like a bad battery or a broken window. They can be very useful for identifying the cause of issues and eliminating any guesswork.

There are also tools that can help with specific repairs, such as spark plug sockets, oxygen sensor sockets, harmonic balancer pullers, serpentine belt tools, wiper arm pullers, and even larger sockets for axle nuts. These tools can help remove and install certain parts, making it a simpler process. 

Do I need automotive tools?

While the amount of automotive tools you can buy may seem endless, many exist to assist with certain repairs and make them easier. In some cases, automotive tools are necessary for installing certain parts on your vehicle. Special tools also provide an opportunity to complete the whole job yourself.

It’s important to work with tool sets that are reliable and made of good quality. At 1A Auto, there are a number of special tools and sets that can make your repairs go smoothly and last you a long time.


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