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HID Headlights

1A Auto offers replacement HID headlights for many makes and models. HID kits include the headlight housing, ballasts and bulbs to make for an easy replacement. Our headlight assemblies are made of the highest quality materials and held to strict quality control standards. We confidently back our lights with a lifetime warranty. With high quality parts, free shipping, and vehicle-specific how-to videos, 1A makes it easy to replace a burnt out or broken HID headlight with a new, high quality part.

Why HID Headlights

HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights, or xenon headlights, use electrodes to charge xenon gas inside the light bulbs. It works almost the same way as a neon light, just smaller and brighter. This is different from standard halogen lights, filled with halogen gas, and use a heated tungsten filament to produce light. Most cars use halogen headlights. However, HID headlights are becoming more popular on luxury cars like BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac, and Lexus.

In addition to having a greater light output than halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs also tend to last longer. Xenon bulbs can work for up to 2,500 hours, while halogen bulbs burn out after 200 to 400 hours.

Signs to Replace HID Headlights

Of course, xenon bulbs do eventually burn out. You might notice that the color changing from white to a blue or purple shade. Old xenon bulbs also make a buzzing noise sometimes. These are indicators that you may want to consider replacing your HID headlights.

HID headlight systems include a device called a ballast that regulates the voltage. When the ballast wears out, it generally causes your headlights to flicker. If you’re not sure if the bulb or the ballast is the problem, switch the bulbs from one light to the other. If the flickering or dimness switches to the other light, then you know it’s the bulb. You know it’s the ballast if the switched bulb flickers in the same light.

How to Replace HID Headlights

If your car came with HID headlights, replacement will be about as easy as replacing any other headlight. Like halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs are vulnerable to skin oils from your hands. We recommend that you wear gloves whenever handling the bulbs.

You may have to remove the grille to access the headlight bolts. Then disconnect any wiring (including for the ballast) and bolts, then pull off the headlight. Then just reverse the process to install the new headlight. On some cars the ballast may be separate from the headlight assembly. You’ll just have to disconnect the headlight from the ballast before installing it.

Ballasts that are integrated into the headlight are usually attached behind the bulbs. If you’re just replacing a bulb, you’ll have to pull off the ballast first.

HID Conversion Kits

Some companies sell kits that allow you to upgrade from halogen headlights to HID lights. Because xenon bulbs need higher voltage, you can’t simply put xenon bulbs into your existing headlights. You’ll also have to install and wire ballasts. This is generally a job for a mechanic or electrician.

Be sure to check your state’s laws beforehand as a HID conversion kit may not be street-legal in your state.

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