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Fuel Injector 8 Piece Set DIY Solutions

99-07 GM Full Size P/U, SUV w/ 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 (ex FF) Fuel Injector Set of 8
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DIY Solutions
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Part 1AEEK00745

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Part 1AEEK00745
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DIY Solutions
In Stock
Part 1AEEK00745
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3.85/ 5.0 41
By far exceeded my expectations!
September 5, 2017
1A aftermarket injectors.... $700 cheaper than OEM and the quality is more than what I expected. No problems with installation. After almost 3 weeks of hard driving I've had no issues at all. I just had to remove them again to install new knock sensors. Definitely exceeded my expectations! Write your review here. It must be at least 50 characters long. Consider whether you would recommend this product and what you like or dislike about it.
Not compatible with gmc 2005 sierra 5.3L V8
September 6, 2017
Not an OEM replacement. Form and Fit, but not FUNCTION. These injectors have 4 ports at the bottom, not 2 as seen on the 2 website pics. So the sysytem runs extremely rich to the point you get check engine codes for system too rich. I tried resetting the computer, it didnt help. 1AAuto was very good about the return, but fact is i cannot recommend these as a true OEM replacement.
Great Price, Delivered FAST!!
September 18, 2017
Everything about the order was great. They come without the clip that holds them to the Fuel Rail though. It didn't say they were sending them in the order... but wouidn't you know it, I lost several and cannot seem to find them anywhere online. They fit pretty tightly so their purpose may be unnecessary since they can't come out of where they're put into the fuel rail and the intake manifold. Maybe they're irrelevant... Not sure where to get them or what they're called other than maybe Injector metal clips. Aside from that, everything was great.
November 5, 2017
Easy instalation video was a great help A1 auto videos are the best auto repair step by step videos have used them for more than just replacing my fuel injectors
Fuel injectors bad
November 12, 2017
When i received the fuel injectors, I installed them and my motor got even worse. My original fuel injectors have 2 escape holes and the one i bought from you has 4 and I think it was giving to much gas.
8 pkg fuel injector kit 1AEEK00745
November 27, 2017
they look brand new, made in china. they are of the new 4 pin hole design. I think my 2004 avalanche is of the 2 pin hole design. I have not put them in yet. Keeping them handy for the day. My truck has 215,000 miles on it.
Very good product!
January 12, 2018
Installed on my 2005 Chevrolet 2500 HD 6.0. Very easy and Truck runs great.
March 26, 2018
The injectors showed up within a couple of days as expected. They fit without a problem however they don't come with new clips . The fact that they don't come with new clips is my only complaint and it's because I was delayed a day from fixing my truck because I can only get the clips from the dealer . However I would still recommend to a friend.
Very Disappointed
March 26, 2018
I bought my first item from 1A auto because of the great videos you guys do online. It was a replacement mirror and it it looked just like the OEM mirror and it was cheaper than the OEM price. I appreciate that because my car is at 200k, so any cost savings is great. These injectors were disappointing though and it kind of bummed me out because I thought I had found a great source for online parts. I decided to replace my injectors as part of a 200K service since a bad injector can ruin the 6.0L Yukon motor. They made my truck run rich and start throwing misfire codes. I replaced the ones that were throwing misfire codes with AC Delco injectors. Once I replaced the 4th injector, I just pulled them all. $1200 later plus the cost of the 1A injectors and a ton of my time, no more problem. You cannot sell these if they do not adequately replace the OEM injectors.
Fast arrival
April 28, 2018
My parts were in way before my expected date.For my budget the price was right.You will always have me as a customer.This was my first time buying parts and i was very please.Thank you
Fule injectors
June 8, 2018
That went in just like the old ones. No clips. Happy with my order.
June 15, 2018
The injectors look great! Gave them four stars because I havent had a chance to install them yet. Great company! Dont be afraid to use them for your products.
Bank 1 and bank 2 rich
June 17, 2018
After installing injectors vehicle trim values were -19 to -30 both banks. Replaced with oem injectectors and values were correct after reset. Contacted customer service and was refunded, less the shipping cost. Happy with service disappointed with product.
Fuel injectors for 99 Chevy Silverado
June 21, 2018
Bought these injectors for my 99 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Vortec engine all in all the ejectors was packaged very well and the injectors was simple to install make sure you Lube the rubber seals makes installation lot easier but after installed made my truck run 10 times better it left the ground my 5:3 now we'll lay patch for a half a block much better fuel response and Power!!!!!! Remember to install new fuel filter with ejector highly recommended
July 6, 2018
I installed these on my 2003 GMC Sierra and they certainly improved my the performance of my engine. I recommend this product.
August 9, 2018
They came all taped up in boxes sealed in plastic bags the installation was easy
New Injectors
September 20, 2018
Great price, everything was there and works great. Will buy more items from this company. They have great prices and shipping that can't be beat. J. Brazzell
Best experience online order!
November 8, 2018
Add problems finding parts locally, looked on 1A Auto and they had parts available at half the price I installed and create a product works 100% no problems at all! They will now be my first choice for any auto parts. I also ordered from them a year previously as I couldnt find a water pump for an old vehicle They had it at a quarter of the price! I cant say it enough If youre looking for parts Theres no better place. Trevor
Little advice
December 22, 2018
I ordered fuel injectors for a suburban. I got them in a timely manner. When i went to instal them i had a little difficulty doing so. Then when i took them off i broke two of them. I called and they sent me out the two i broke at no charge. So the advice is if you order them check your o-rings to make sure they are the right size. But over all i had a great experience and i will definitely order from them again.
Cheap parts that work flawless ????
March 25, 2019
I bought a set of fuel injectors for a 5.3 Chevy...needless to say GM wanted 192 dollars for 1...I needed 8...so I jumped on 1A auto and bought a full set of 8 for 154 bucks...thats less for 8 than what GM wanted for 1...besides that 1A auto has a lifetime warranty on these particular parts how can you go wrong....long story short I will definitely be buying more parts from these guys again in the future!
April 18, 2019
May 10, 2019
They leaked
400 miles and all are working fine. Hummer h2 LS one
July 4, 2019
Missing on 3 and 5. These fixed the problem.
August 8, 2019
Great product/Price. Excellent customer service. Thank You
September 8, 2019
I had a little trouble getting them to fit in my intake but I have had no problems since then.
Bad injectors
October 29, 2019
These were supposed to be for my Chevy 2500hd gas 6.0 installed one side. 2 ended up going bad in just a few days dumping massive amounts of fuel and throwing multiple codes so I ended up not using the other 4 out and bought injectors elsewhere
Value for the price
November 21, 2019
I purchase these injectors for my 99 Silverado. They were an exact match to the old ones. None of the injectors were damaged or damaged o rings. All were individually packaged. They arrived when they said it was supposed to and the price was the best for a full set compared to several other parts stores.
Works Great! 2000 5.3L Silverado
January 6, 2020
I used these injectors to replace all my injectors in my 2000 Silverado. They fit perfectly and went on with ease after a little dielectric grease was added to the o-rings. The price is great, the customer service is wonderful, and the product works great so far! I would recommend these and would buy these again if I needed to
Bad injectors, both banks running rich
February 13, 2020
After installing in my Silverado it ran rich from dumping excessive amounts of fuel, no error codes but my truck lacked power, was hard to start. Replaced them with OEM AC Delco fuel injectors and my truck runs awesome again!
May 3, 2020
Fixed my problem
Fuel injectors
May 14, 2020
Totally satisfied with these injectors.
Problems since day one
May 21, 2020
I put these on my engine and had nothing but problems with them. I replaced them for OEM ones and all my problems were solved. These injectors are not at all recommended.
Exactly what I ordered
August 15, 2020
Product fits perfectly. We will find out if everything works in the near future. My project is being worked on when I have the time. 69 C10 with a Vortec 5.3L setup. Thank you
Bad quality
September 5, 2020
The company is amazing! Customer service is amazing! The quality of the injectors were awful. Didnt work and made my truck worse than my bad injectors. Numerous cylinders were missing. Luckily I was granted a full refund.
Mix matched parts
September 23, 2020
Sent me 7 injectors of one style and one different one. The odd one out ended up being a close fit but by the time I realized it, I went to pull the fuel rail off and it pulled the end cap off of the injector which should have never come off in the first place( tried removing end caps from the old injectors, did not want to come off no matter what I tried) and then fell down in the intake port on the head. Ended up having to pull the intake for no reason. Hate to leave bad reviews but dont send mix matched parts especially if that one part ends up causing a huge issue other than the odd one out the other 7 work good.
Suburban injectors
October 2, 2020
shipping & price was great. However, when it came time to install the injectors, 1 of them was missing the black plastic tip on it. My mechanic had to use the black plastic tip off of 1 of the injectors he removed which 3 days later caused a leak in my truck and caused a fire in the engine bay. Thank God I was at a Goodyear tire service center who where able to extinguished the fire.
Great price
December 23, 2020
Installed in my vortec 6.0 over a month ago. Working great and improved gas mileage
One bad injector
March 24, 2021
I had one bad injector out of 8. I picked the best looking injector out of my old ones to finish my truck.
Great product
June 2, 2021
Direct fit and functioned perfectly. The owner was really surprised on how much more power the truck had
Buy good ones elsewhere - these are kinda different
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/c72851e7d558267fddc99da3abbef01d_1630817703190_0.jpeg", "caption": "Note: Old one injector in the background. New are different. The O-ring is located higher up. ??"}]
September 5, 2021
Order Confirmation: 2DQL15XHVBE Full disclosure: I bought 8 of these injectors 4 years ago. They remained sealed and still new. I finally got to working on my 2002 Suburban. I ended up having leaky injectors and both banks are running real rich. I have no idea what brand these are but I am buying new ones elsewhere. I am forced to spend more money. The o-ring is located higher up on these. I don't like that from a seal perspective. These also have 4 injector holes in stead of 2. These are just different.
September 8, 2021
I haven't installed them as of yet. Weather they correct my problem or not remains to be seen. However, either way you look at it, a new set of injectors can't hurt. Stay tuned, I'll keep you informed.
Customer Q&A
Will these fit on my motor it has the z for 8th VIN number?
October 28, 2017
Chase G
I have a 2003 Suburban LS 1500 5.3 Flex fuel VIN Z . Will these injectors work in my truck?
December 29, 2017
Jeff &
These are specific to the 8th VIN digit "T" for the 2003 Suburban 1500 LS.
December 29, 2017
Alex P
What's the flow rate of these injectors?
February 8, 2018
Jeffrey B
I don't have the exact specifications for these injectors. Our parts are designed to be exact replacements for what came with the vehicle, so as long as your year, make, and model match up with our listing, these will definitely fit and function just like the original. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
March 27, 2018
Tim K
Will this product fit a 2005 Chevy Avalanche 5.3 flex fuel vin digit z ?
March 23, 2018
Juan G
This part is not listed to fit your vehicle. We may have a part that is listed to fit! Please search our site using your vehicle info and then choose the appropriate category. All the parts we carry are guaranteed to fit the vehicle they are listed for. Thank you!
March 27, 2018
Adam G
No because the fitting will not fit. The original fuel injectors have a certain shape and clip on the electric connection.
March 27, 2018
March 28, 2018
No. Does fit LS
July 4, 2019
William T
How many pound per hour do these push?
February 11, 2019
Michael L
February 11, 2019
These specifications are not listed or available. Our parts are exact replacements for your vehicle's OEM parts. As long as your year, make, and model match up with our listing, these parts will directly fit and function like the originals. Thank you!
February 11, 2019
Jessica D
Do these come with the o rings on them?
February 19, 2019
Andrew P
These do not come with o-rings.
February 19, 2019
Christa R
Yes but the dimensions were not right to thick weren’t Teflon
February 20, 2019
Who is the manufacture of the injectors ?
May 24, 2019
Michael S
1A Auto's house brand parts are manufactured by various aftermarket companies specifically for us and built to your vehicle's exact OEM specifications.
May 24, 2019
Jessica D
It says it fits 8th digit t but when I add it to my cart it only asks if it 4.8 or the 8th digit is n. Which option fits the 5.3 8th vin digit t?
November 9, 2019
Thanks for your inquiry. This part is specific to vehicles with a particular set of options. We will need more information about your vehicle to confirm the fit. The information we will need in order to assist you is your VIN.
November 10, 2019
Emma F
Thank you for your VIN! According to the information you have provided, these parts are not listed to fit your application. We do offer the AC Delco design under part number ACEEK00002 which is listed to fit. Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you!
November 11, 2019
Jessica D
Can you list the part number for the "Z" vin engines?
November 15, 2019
Eric E
Thanks for your inquiry. In order for us to find the correct part for your vehicle, can you please verify the year, make and model? We look forward to hearing from you.
November 15, 2019
Peter L
Thank you for the follow up. Currently, we do not carry this part for your vehicle. We're always updating our inventory so please check back soon! If you have any other questions, let us know.
November 18, 2019
Christa R
Do these injectors come with new metal clips?
June 24, 2021
John D
These parts will come as pictured on the listing.
June 24, 2021
Andra M
Will this fit my 2006 chevy Silverado 4.8 V8?
July 5, 2021
Ramiro A
This kit is specific to 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models with a V8 4.8L engine and an 8th Vin Digit of "V".
July 6, 2021
Jessica D
are these 4 port sprayer? and do you have reprogram you computer in order to use them? 2004 silverado 5.3l(not flex)
July 7, 2021
You do not need to reset your computer after changing the injectors, though it is a good idea to do so. You will need the 8th VIN Digit to confirm fit on your vehicle. Be sure to verify all of the information shown in the Vehicle Fit tab before ordering.
July 8, 2021
Cristina P
I have a 03 Silverado with the 6.0 and I believe it has the 2 hole are these a 2 hole or a 4 hole thanks?
August 10, 2021
John D
The hole count is just a variation of nozzle tip, it will not effect the way the injectors fit or function.
August 11, 2021
Jason R
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