1AWRG00950-Ford Mazda Mercury Front Driver Side Power Power Window Motor & Regulator Assembly TRQ WRA51686



Ford Mazda Mercury Front Driver Side Power Power Window Motor & Regulator Assembly TRQ WRA51686

1991-01 Explorer; 2001-03 Sport; 2002-05 Sport Trac Pwr Window Reg  w/Motor LF
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4.70/ 5.0 40
Quality product
February 19, 2017
I found this window regulator to be of far better quality than the original part.
watch the video
February 24, 2017
If you watch the video and follow the steps it is not difficult to install. My first time to do this and the video made removal and installation an easy process.
fit like a glove.
March 7, 2017
Excellent fit. works like a champ. Only issue was I had to hunt up some nuts and bolts to replace the factory pop rivets.
Wrong product sent correct one ordered.
July 2, 2017
The wrong side was sent I needed driver side passenger side was sent. This caused a big hassle as now I have to wait for correct side
1AWRG00950-Window Regulator Front Driver Side
July 4, 2017
This part works just as the original does and I would recommend this product to any one who needs a replacement
Saved a lot
July 5, 2017
Thank you for the youtube. The only suggestions that delayed installation, were the plastic glides were stuck on the metal crimp at the end of each slide. Make sure thee plastic glide moves freely before putting in door frame. also, when mounting make sure door latch pushrod is on the correct side of the regulator. Knocking out the rivet centers was not so easy, the ones attached to the window, a bit scary. It was not that hard to do, I wish the regulator came with nuts and bolts or had an optional kit. Still awesome. 5 stars.
July 6, 2017
Excellent so far Sue loves the working window Jim P
August 27, 2017
The order shipped quickly and arrived sooner than it was scheduled. The product was correct for my needs and the video assist was helpful. It was as easy as I thought it would be for my ability. The overall experience was very good, it didn't break my funds, it came to me quickly and the installation was not too difficult. My son is grateful to be able to roll his driver window down, makes drive through ordering possible again, thanks so much! I will be doing busines with your company from here on out for my automotive needs! Once again, I thank you kindly!
September 26, 2017
Shipped quickly, arrived as promised, and product was as advertised.
For my 2000 Merc Mountaineer
November 6, 2017
Fast shipping!Received in 3 days ! not the 5 quoted...Awesome. Installed it in 2 hours or so , exact fit absolutely no adjustment required. Metal seems a bit thinner and motor a bit slimmer than the factory original but it works perfectly and is quiet and beds the window into the seal perfectly. Now if it lasts 17 years Ill REALLY be happy!
Customer Service
December 8, 2017
To date, I have not received the item. It might be delivered on Saturday. I am also expecting an order for two other items. 1. Radiator.and a Upper Intake Manifold (recently ordered.) Except for customer service. I think their response could be a little bit more tolerant. I do not want to go into detail, I was a bit disappointed.
Good Product - Great Videos
May 13, 2018
Thanks for helping us. The installation video covered all issues faced in installing the product and both of them worked perfectly when installed.
Thank you 1aAuto!
June 10, 2018
I am very pleased with my 1aAuto product and their customer service. I was a little worried about ordering a part online. But when my window regulator arrived within days of my order I was excited to find it was an exact fit. And with the 1aAuto installation video I had my power window working in no time. Thank you 1aAuto!
Great Price and how to video
July 26, 2018
I recommend using this online store. typed in what i needed. plenty of picture to verify it was correct. Even had a video on how to replace it. It was shipped and received in a reasonable amount of time. Will always look here first when needing car parts.
Window Actuator
July 28, 2018
The Actuator I received arrived in a damaged box because it wasn't packed very well. After examining the product It looked fine so I decided to install it. The video on you tube was excellent at describing the installation. My only complaint was the lack of hardware. It required a trip to hardware store and the choosing of proper hardware. Raise the price 5 bucks and include it. Window works great now.
2000 Ford Explorer Driverside Window Regulator
August 17, 2018
The window regulator arrived in perfect condition. Though not a crucial, it would have been nice if screws and bolts were included with regulator since drilling existing rivets require new hardware. Instructional video is a great feature to properly and safely install new regulator. Overall, the item worked perfectly with no cliches.
September 23, 2018
Buying the product on line was simple, straight forward & quick; delivery was timely as well...will use 1aauto for future purchases.
Bang for the buck!
November 23, 2018
It's easy to install, thanks to The video provided. I'd still give 5 stars eventhough the nuts and bolts are not included. Wouldn't mind paying extra for having those instead of buying it separately. I used M8 x 20mm.
Worked great
January 4, 2019
Had no issues with part. Also enjoyed the how to videos.
2002 Ford Explorer SporTrace window Regulator
February 26, 2019
The regulator was in my hands 2 days after ordering, extremely fast shipping. Part was exactly as described except for in the video called for 10mm bolts to replace rivets that were drilled out but were in fact 8-9 mm. Thank god I was somewhere where I had bolts and nuts around. Part fit perfectly and works great. AAA+++
Window regulator
Gary T.
March 2, 2019
The window regulator I ordered for my 2000 explorer fit perfectly. The video was on spot. It didnt take very long to install.
window regulator
March 11, 2019
the ordering was painless. The customer service rep was knowledgeable. Order came on time and the videos helped with the install. the price was good. will order again. Curtis
Window regulator for 05 Explorer Sport Trac
March 21, 2019
First of all this is the right part for my vehicle. Several other sights told me my truck needed a rail type regulator. 1 A Auto was the only one that recognized that in 05 the regular explorer used a different part than the Sport Trac. The part arrived quickly and was well packed. The video was very helpful but didn't mention what size bolts to use to replace the drilled out rivets. I used 1/2 inch long 1/4 20 bolts with nylon lock nuts and they worked fine. The regulator is solid and works very smoothly. I will certainly continue to use 1A Auto for my future car part purchases.
After market window regulators
June 9, 2019
I really like 1Aauto the way they present everything the videos that are very helpful but I only have one complaint .I have purchased 3 window regulators with motor for my son's 2008 Chevy Impala all three of those window regulator that I purchase in approximately the last two years all three of them have broke. I'm not sure where 1aauto gets their parts from at least the window regulators because that's the part in question . I've read on the internet that if you're going to replace a window regulator you should always use OEM Factory replacement and they are extremely expensive.However I always say if OEM was that great why did they break in the first place. Regardless I ve read they're apt to last a lot longer that these aftermarket window regulators do. Thanks James
Great Product
July 11, 2019
Is install and fit exactly. So far its working great. Thanks A1 Auto
Window regulator
August 14, 2019
This product arrived in a very timely manner and was a perfect fit, by watching the 1A auto films was a very easy and painless install
Part put together incorecctly
August 14, 2019
I received my ford power window regulator with motor, I took it to the shop to get installed, the mechanic showed me how the regulator was put together wrong, he said he probably could fix it but needed my permission in case something broke. he fixed it ok and installed it and worked great, however it cost me an extra $100.00 in labor
December 16, 2019
Worked fine and was easy to install
As Advertised
December 27, 2019
Fit like they said it would. Worked like they said it would. would recommend it to anyone. Would have given it 5 stars but I had to put it in. LOL
I/we got this
February 11, 2020
After talking with the dealership I could not afford to have my window repaired, but along with the video. We got it fixed. Thank you 1A auto
April 19, 2020
Works better than factory piece & 50% of the cost of a dealer - even with employee discount from dealer..
Great experience
June 22, 2020
The replacement regulator appeared to be well-made. It fit and worked perfectly. Very pleased with the whole process.
window regulator
August 11, 2020
Having an exact video from the supplier of the part is a dream come true. The replacement part and the video were "spot on" This could not have been an easier job. I shudder thinking of putting this on without the video. I'll look no where else when the time comes for my next dyi auto repair
Mercury mountaineer Window Regulator - Works Great!
August 24, 2020
Bought a window regulator and motor from 1AAuto and it matched the factory part and works great!
Good Quality
October 22, 2020
Arrived quickly, good quality for a great price. The only downside is they did not come with replacement bolts
1998 ford explorer
December 5, 2020
Perfect fit, works great. Not too hard to install, just watch the 1A Auto video on you tube
Great product
September 17, 2021
Fit perfect just wished it had bolts to replace the rivets
November 23, 2021
Worked perfectly with my 98 explorer
Great product, great value, excellent help from A1
[{"url": "https://wac.edgecastcdn.net/001A39/prod/media/pNISJll75W64CYGsite/b8d24cc2ef0e1f3f2d613897cf5a9ead_1642875926641_0.jpeg", "caption": ""}]
January 22, 2022
Installed in my 1998 Explorer. Watch the video a few times, get yourself familiar with the process. It's pretty clear. I consider myself handy and not a mechanic, this took me 90 min, if I had to do it again I'm sure I could get it done in under an hour. Important tips: You need some machine screws and bolts. comments in the youtube video help you, I used M8 machine screws. I just got an assortment of stainless from amazon. Bonus: buy some spare door clips to replace any you may trash when you remove the door panel. Amazon has very affordable options. Wear a pair of work gloves to save your hands from getting banged up and vacuum out the inside of the door after you drill out so you don't clog the door drains. I took the advice from the video and added some double stick tape to re-attach the inner liner. See my photo
As above and throw in a MOON or two.
April 25, 2022
Can be trusted. To me 6 stars and a Asteroid.
Customer Q&A
what size bolts are needed to replace the rivets?
December 15, 2016
David B
Normally you can use 1/4 20 hardware. We recommend you use nylock nuts. Do not use nuts with lock washers as these tend to still back off (unless you use locktite)
December 15, 2016
Brian F
David, Here is what I used for the installation : METRIC HEX NUT 10.9 M8 ZINC MERTIC LOCK WASHER 10.9 M8 ZINC METRIC CAP SCREW 10.9 M8X20MM ZINC
December 15, 2016
Clark S
About how long would you expect it to take for this replacement?
January 13, 2017
Dave R
This replacement for the window regulator and motor should take between 1 to 2 hours. This includes removal of the door panel and proper access to lifting the window up and down to access the particular mounting bolts.
January 13, 2017
Alex P
About 3-4 hours for a 1st timer, like me. Watched a youtube video on how. Took my time. Didn't want to break anything along the way. Might have to drill out a few rivets. Be careful of sharp edges of inner door panel openings.
January 14, 2017
Francis G
about 2 hours
January 22, 2017
Mike J
What level of difficulty would you say this repair is?
January 13, 2017
Dave R
If you have at least average motorhead skills you should have no problems.There are some Youtube videos out there that I highly recommend before you begin. You will have to drill out a few big rivets and replace them with 1/4 X 20 machine screws. Drilling out the rivets is a bit of an art form. If you don't do it right the rivet will spin with the drill bit.Use a bit that will just fit into the recessed hole, then hold the bit at an angle while drilling. Done right, this will drill out the rivet without it spinning..
January 13, 2017
Dave G
Expect to dedicate about 1/2 day. If you have never removed/replaced the door panel this will add time as you figure it out. Also, be sure and order a box of plastic door panel clips. Its not a good idea to reuse the old ones. Takes about 7 per door. Also, when you drill out those big rivets you will need to remove the part of the rivet that stays in the hole. Use a hammer and drift punch. Piece of cake for the rivets on the door structure but there are two rivets on the scissors mechanism. You will need to place some kind of bucking bar behind the arm. If you don't, there is too mach 'give' and you will never push it out. This is a 2 person job. 1 to hold the bucking bar and punch, the other to smack the punch with a hammer.
January 13, 2017
Dave G
On a scale of one to ten...I say a five. It was my first time changing out this part as well. The only thing that took awhile was waiting for the epoxy to cure (for window). Other than that not to bad.
January 13, 2017
Carlos T
On average, this repair would be either a 2 or 3 out of 5 for level of difficulty. With the appropriate skills to identify bolts and how the mechanism operates you should have no issues in replacing this assembly and gathering your window operation back to full function.
January 13, 2017
Alex P
I removed the old stuff, per the 1AAUTO YOU TUBE video, took me about 2 hrs. Very cold where i live so waiting for better weather to install. I estimate about 2 hrs. to install. It is not easy or very difficult, just time consuming, and a slow process. The YOU TUBE video has been very helpful.
January 20, 2017
William J
Do you sell the bolts you need to complete this repair?
January 13, 2017
Dave R
At this time we do not offer the mounting hardware to complete this repair, however you may purchase this hardware locally at a auto part store, or if the vehicle was factory equipped with bolts instead of rivets you may re use them.
January 13, 2017
Alex P
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