What Are Fog Lights?

What Is a Fog Light?

Fog Lights

Before getting into their function, we should answer the question "What is a fog light?" "Fog light" is by far the most common name for this part, but they are also called "fog lamps", "driving lights" and "driving lamps." Some people say that the lights with yellow lenses are considered "fog" lights, and the ones with white or clear lenses are "driving" lights. However, that has not been our experience at 1A Auto. We believe "fog light" and "driving light" or "lamp" are interchangeable no matter what the lens or bulb color is.

What Is the Purpose of a Fog Light?

When it comes to their function, fog lights were put on the front of cars and trucks to help drivers see the road during fog, rain, and snowy conditions. They are mounted on the front of a car at a lower level than the headlights with the intention of lighting up the road as much as possible. The headlights light up the entire world in front of the vehicle, but the fog lights' main focus is the road itself.

When Is a Replacement Fog / Driving Light Needed?

Replacement fog lights are needed whenever any of the ones on the vehicle have been damaged or are missing. As you can imagine, fog lights are subjected to the worst environments possible. Every puddle, rock, curb, snow pile, and rogue log can damage a fog/driving light.

How Hard Is It to Replace Fog Lights?

The degree of difficulty of replacing a fog light will always depend on the car or truck. Most are quite easy to replace with basic hand tools and a little bit of time. If it is your first time replacing something of this nature, though, it is incredibly helpful to have a service manual nearby for the step by step instructions.

Need Some New Fog / Driving Lights?

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