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Debuting in 1933, the Chevy Suburban has been a reliable passenger carrier since the very beginning. Essentially the "Suburban" designation means a windowed station wagon body attached on a truck base and instead of hauling cargo, the Suburban was designed to transport passengers comfortably. A full size SUV, it is the perfect choice for large families. Engineered for daily driving or recreation, the Chevy Suburban handles the most aggressive environments with ease, while providing a smooth ride for its massive amount of passengers. The Chevrolet Suburban maximizes space while providing comfortable options such as power leather seats, power windows, several airbags, navigation systems and more. Being a cross between a station wagon and a truck, the Chevrolet Suburban can perform heavy duty work as well. The newer models are equipped with GM's newest LSx V8 engines for maximum horsepower, torque, and efficiency. That said, being around for seven decades also means that it has changed a bit over the years.

Here is a complete list of Suburban models along with their associated years.

1933-59 Suburban 3100
1960-86 Suburban C10 - (2 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1960-86 Suburban K10 - (4 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1967-86 Suburban C20 - (2 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
1967-86 Suburban K20 - (4 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
1987-88 Suburban R10 - (2 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1989-91 Suburban R1500 - (2 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1987-88 Suburban R20 - (2 Wheel Drive 3/4 Ton)
1988-91 Suburban R2500 - (2 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
1987-88 Suburban V10 - (4 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1989-91 Suburban V1500 - (4 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1987-88 Suburban V20 - (4 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
1989-91 Suburban V2500 - (4 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
1992-99 Suburban C1500 - (2 Wheel Drive, 1/2 ton)
1992-99 Suburban C2500 - (2 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
1992-99 Suburban K1500 - (4 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
1992-99 Suburban K2500 - (4 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)
2000-14 Suburban 1500 - (2 or 4 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton)
2000-14 Suburban 2500 - (2 or 4 Wheel Drive, 3/4 Ton)


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