Chevy GMC Cadillac Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set TRQ PSA58753

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Part Details

  • Quantity:   13 Piece Set
  • Kit Includes:
      (2) Front Lower Ball Joints
      (1) Pitman Arm
      (2) Front Upper Control Arms with Ball Joints
      (2) Front Outer Tie Rods
      (2) Front Sway Bar Links
      (1) Idler Arm Bracket
      (1) Idler Arm
      (2) Front Inner Tie Rods


  • Brand New Steering & Suspension Kit
  • Comes as a 13 Piece Kit
    • Fits LH (Driver Side) & RH (Passenger Side)
  • Direct replacements
  • Built to strict quality control standards

Our steering and suspension components come pre-greased, sealed for long life, and do not require the extra maintenance typically required by greasable versions.

Direct Fit

Application-specific, with no modifications required.

Rigorously Tested

Made from higher quality materials than the competition. Built to have a longer life in any environment or road conditions.

State of the Art Manufacturing

By the same factories that the OEMs use.

Prepackaged for Your Convenience

Carefully assembled to include all of the parts you need, saving time and money.

Item Condition: New

Attention California Customers:

WARNING:  This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information, go to

Lifetime Warranty

This item is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. In the event this item should fail due to manufacturing defects during intended use, we will replace the part free of charge.

Note: When replacing steering components, it is recommended to have a professional alignment performed on the vehicle afterwards. This will ensure proper tracking and even tire wear.

    NOTE: After completing the procedure you will need a professional alignment

  1. step : Removing the Wheel (0:47)
    • Loosen the 22mm caps on the hubcap with the vehicle on the ground
    • Pull the hubcap free
    • Raise the vehicle with a floor jack
    • Secure the vehicle on jack stands
    • Remove the lug nuts
    • Pull off the wheel
  2. step : Removing the Upper Control Arm (1:10)
    • Mark the tab on the adjustment piece with a marker to mark the alignment
    • Remove the two 10mm bolts holding the brake line and move the brackets
    • Remove the ball joint nut with an 18mm wrench
    • Hit the wheel knuckle and control arm to break them free
    • Remove the 21mm nuts from the upper control arm bracket
    • Jack up the wheel underneath the wheel knuckle
    • Remove the upper control arm nut
    • Remove the bolts and upper control arm bracket
    • Place a nut back on and use an air hammer to knock the bolt out if it won't budge
    • Move the control arm up and down while pulling out
  3. step : Installing the Upper Control Arm (3:52)
    • Put the upper control arm into place and push the 21mm bolts in to hold it
    • Put the brackets on either side and realign them up
    • Angle the control arm down into the wheel knuckle
    • Replace the 18mm ball joint nut
    • Replace the 21mm nuts from the upper control arm bracket
    • Replace and tighten the two 10mm bolts
    • Put a grease gun into place on the end of the control arm and fill it up
  4. step : Reattaching the Wheel (6:00)
    • Slide the wheel into place
    • Start the lug nuts by hand
    • Tighten the lug nuts preliminarily
    • Lower the vehicle to the ground
    • Tighten the lug nuts to 100 ft/lbs in a crossing or star pattern
    • Reattach the hubcap and tighten the caps

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Hammer
  • Jack Stands

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Marker / Writing Utensil

  • Ratchets & Related

  • Ratchet
  • Torque Wrench

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 10mm Socket
  • 21mm Socket
  • 22mm Socket

  • Specialty Tools

  • Grease Gun

  • Wrenches - Metric

  • 18mm Wrench
  • 21mm wrench

Customer Q&A
Ask a question to 1A Auto customers who purchased the product
What brand are the parts? Who makes the parts?
Nathan C January 19, 2016
These will be our house brand 1A Auto parts. This will come with a lifetime warranty, and free ground shipping. Thank you and have a great day!
Derek C January 19, 2016
Trq auto parts are great quality love the lifetime warranty
R S July 6, 2019
G R August 23, 2019
S T September 6, 2019
E L September 28, 2019
This whole kit is 250$ how is that possible?
Ian K July 22, 2016
It is and I have been running it for a few months now and all seems well...I was skeptical too at first and you can tell some of the parts arent quite as high quality as say Moog but over 700 bucks compared to 250 with a warranty it was worth a try and so far I have been satisfied
Colton F July 22, 2016
Absolutely, and you cant beat a lifetime warranty!!
Brian F July 22, 2016
Yes it is and it works great... Thanks 1aauto
Marcus W July 22, 2016
Yes the whole kit is 250. I installed it about two months ago. Its the labor thats gonna kill you at least 750$ Unless your gonna install yourself. Parts are good quality with the exception of the lower ball joints. They just arent the best. You will have to replace them after a while. You will notice noise on the lower end. Other than that cant beat the deal. Plus hardens parts come with a warranty for manufacture defects. Hope that helps. Zach p. Dallas tx
Zach P July 22, 2016
The parts don’t cost much it’s the labor it took me about 8 hrs to do
R S July 6, 2019
The parts don’t cost much it’s the labor it took me about 8 hrs to do
E L September 28, 2019
Will this kit still work for a truck thats lifted?
Max F May 27, 2017
We would not recommend this kit for a lifted truck because of the additional strain. It would depend what type of lift however. Certain suspension lifts require special components, while a body lift or leveling kit would use the same OEM type parts.
Alex P May 30, 2017
Is this for just on side or both left and right?
Alan Y September 8, 2017
Ray T September 8, 2017
Both sides
Tom T September 8, 2017
Both sides
Colton F September 8, 2017
The parts in this kit will cover both driver and passenger side.
Alex P September 8, 2017
both sides
Allen K September 13, 2017
Will this kit work for my 2005 Z71 Tahoe? I am needing new ball joints but want to upgrade all components.
Robert H September 21, 2017
Do all ball joints, tie rod ends inner and outer, and idler arm bracket have grease certs?
David D February 22, 2018
Yes on the kit they sent me
Chelaine W February 22, 2018
Lorenzo G February 22, 2018
Contrary to what you would expect from some of their pictures, most items DO NOT have a grease fitting. 1A auto basically scammed me and then were unwilling to credit me. Do it right the first time and get moog
Chad G February 22, 2018
Yes, they do. My experience was that some of them took grease easily (normally) and others were very challenging. If I recall correctly, I also had to install the zerk in at least some of the parts. The holes were there but the zerk had to be fitted.
Kevin O February 22, 2018
Who manufactures this kit?
Aaron K March 20, 2018
I’m not sure, I’m sure some over seas outfit. It’s a good kit, but it’s very light duty.
Douglas P March 21, 2018
We have a few different aftermarket companies build these parts specifically for us, as our 1A Auto house brand. They are manufactured to the same OEM specifications as the original part that came with your vehicle. If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to ask.
Tim K March 28, 2018
R S July 6, 2019
G R August 23, 2019
S T September 6, 2019
E L September 28, 2019
Do this kit chome with grease fittings?
M C April 27, 2018
Hello! Our parts do not come with grease fittings, but they are listed to fit and function just as the originals and have our lifetime warranty as well.
Peter L April 27, 2018
The upper ball joints had grease fittings all the other parts were sealed
R S July 6, 2019
Yes upper ball joints do
G R August 23, 2019
S T September 6, 2019
E L September 28, 2019
No it does not have grease fittings only parts that came with fittings are the upper ball joints No other parts have them that’s my main complaint after I already pitched
M C September 29, 2019
You grease the rack and upper balljoints. The rack greases everything since the parts have a grease channel. Lower ball joints are sealed factory greased.
L O October 1, 2019
Hard no.
D Y January 3, 2020
Will this fit a 2003 chevy tahoe Z71??
Daniel C May 6, 2018
Yes it will, the only thing you need to verify is the number of flat grooves on you OE pitman arm. The one in this kit has 4.
Tim K May 6, 2018
Would these fit a 2002 chevy avalanche z71 1500??
Ezequiel T July 16, 2018
Hello, This kit will fit your vehicle as long as you have the 4 groove pitman arm. Thank you!
Adam G July 16, 2018
it fit my 2003 gmc sierra which is the same as your truck
Ray T July 16, 2018
Yes it would.
C H March 10, 2019
I’m not sure the different vehicles that it fits
R S July 6, 2019
Im not sure
E L September 28, 2019
Does this fit 2006 Tahoe "4wd"?
Bill B July 29, 2018
This kit will fit your vehicle provided you have the following: 2001-2006 Chevy Tahoe 13 Piece Set Steering & Suspension Kit for Models with 4 Groove Pitman Arm
Peter L July 29, 2018
I purchased this same kit and installed it on my 05 Yukon 4x4. My Yukon has a custom lift kit on it so the stabilizer bars did not work for me but would likely work on a standard model
Christopher H July 30, 2018
Dont know
Don D July 30, 2018
Don’t know
R S July 6, 2019
Dont know
E L September 28, 2019
Will this fit my awd Escalade esv?
Brandon S January 15, 2019
Yes this will fit a 2003-2006 Cadillac Escalade ESV, pitman arm has a 4-grooves.
Tim K January 15, 2019
What brand are these?
Hector G February 7, 2019
Unknown sorry
Coppaul C February 7, 2019
1A Autos house brand parts are manufactured by various aftermarket companies specifically for us and built to your vehicles exact OEM specifications.
Christa R February 7, 2019
The brand is (TRQ) Trusted reliable quality. I wouldnt buy these again. Mine didnt last long. Good lifetime warranty. But not worth replacing and aligning every several months.
Marcus R February 7, 2019
Will this kit work on my 2001 Yukon Denali? Not extended just regular.
Jaq B February 21, 2019
This kit is not listed to fit the Denali models. We do not currently have a kit for the Denali vehicle.
Peter L February 21, 2019
What size is the pitman arm nut on a 2000 Silverado 1500 4X4?
Joseph M March 5, 2019
You should be able to use the original nuts. We do not have the size of the nuts that you will need.
Christa R March 5, 2019
will this kit fit 2000 Silverado Z71 4x4?
Dewey S March 12, 2019
Yes, according to the information you provided, this part will fit your vehicle.
Emma F March 13, 2019
Will it work if I have a 3-4in lift on my 2001 Chevy Silverado?
Evan W March 24, 2019
This item is unable to work for vehicles that have a lift.
Emma F March 24, 2019
Can they be returned just in case not the correct parts??
Alfredo C April 17, 2019
We have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, if they are not the correct parts they can be returned for a refund within 60 days. Be sure to check the vehicle fit list to make sure they will be correct for your vehicle!
Anthony C April 17, 2019
I’m lifting my truck soon, and Wanna rebuild the front end because it’s a 2000 and I don’t trust the front end to support 35’s and a 6 in lift. Will this be a good durable upgrade for daily driving, with possible occasional mud holes?
Seth M May 30, 2019
These are meant to replace the OEM parts and are built to OEM specifications. Modifications such as what you listed - 6in lift with 35s - are not within OEM specifications and we will neither be able to confirm fitment nor replace parts if they should fail.
Ian P May 31, 2019
Will this work for 2wd vehicle?
Jordan M June 9, 2019
This kit is correct for both 4WD and 2WD models depending on the specific year, make and model. Please check the vehicle fit list to ensure it will be correct for your vehicle.
Anthony C June 10, 2019
Do you have a suspension kit for a 2003 Silverado 2Wheel drive extended cab . 4.3 liter V6 ?
Greg B June 25, 2019
We do carry 2wd suspension kits for your truck. When you search for your vehicle and type suspension in the search bar they will come up. Make sure to click on the left said that will say rear wheel drive. Then all of the kits will come up.
Corey M June 26, 2019
Does it come with Greece fittings?
Clinton S August 5, 2019
Thanks for your inquiry. These parts do not come with grease fittings. Everything that you see pictured and described in the listing will be included with this purchase. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!
Katie L August 5, 2019
Will this fit a 2004 Cadillac Escalade 6.0 AWD?
Dakota W September 7, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry. This kit will be correct for that vehicle as long as it had the 4 groove pitman arm from the factory, not the 3 groove. If you do not know this about your vehicle, you may contact a local Cadillac dealership with the 17-digit VIN for further confirmation. Please contact us if you have any further questions.
Anthony C September 16, 2019
Will this fit my 2003 Chevy Tahoe 4x4?
Dayton T November 30, 2019
Thanks for your inquiry! This kit is listed to fit the following Chevy Tahoes: 2000 Chevy Tahoe with 4 Groove Pitman Arm (without Z71 Package) Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set 2001-2006 Chevy Tahoe with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
Peter L November 30, 2019
Are these parts greaseable?
Sidney C December 17, 2019
These items are not greaseable and will come pregreased. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.
Emma F December 17, 2019
Is the lower ball joints bolt in or press in style?
Radisson W January 21, 2020
Thank you for your inquiry! Yes, the lower ball joints will be the press in design. Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you!
Jessica D January 21, 2020
Press in style
Nasano S January 21, 2020
How does your warranty work?do I have to remove the parts and send them in or will you send replacement parts and then I send in the warranty?
Kalen T February 14, 2020
This item is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. In the event this item should fail due to manufacturing defects during intended use, we will replace the part free of charge. We will ask that the original parts are returned after the replacement parts are installed.
Peter L February 14, 2020
Will I have to purchase boots?
Michael D March 17, 2020
Boots for what exactly? If speaking on the ball joints or tie rods then no there is no need to buy boots. I purchased same kit an didnt have to purchase anything extra an rebuilt the front end of my 03 suburban.
B D March 17, 2020
Thank you for the inquiry This kit is a direct replacement and no other parts are required.
Christa R March 17, 2020

Fits the following Makes:

Year Make Model Description
2002-2006Cadillac Escalade Cadillac Escalade with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2003-2006Cadillac Escalade ESV Cadillac Escalade ESV with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2002-2006Cadillac Escalade EXT Cadillac Escalade EXT with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2002-2006Chevy Avalanche 1500 Chevy Avalanche 1500 with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
1999-2006Chevy Silverado 1500 Chevy Silverado 1500 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2007Chevy Silverado 1500 Classic Chevy Silverado 1500 Classic 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2000-2006Chevy Suburban 1500 Chevy Suburban 1500 with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2000Chevy Tahoe Chevy Tahoe with 4 Groove Pitman Arm (without Z71 Package) Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2001-2006Chevy Tahoe Chevy Tahoe with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
1999-2006GMC Sierra 1500 GMC Sierra 1500 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2007GMC Sierra 1500 Classic GMC Sierra 1500 Classic 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2000GMC Yukon GMC Yukon (excluding Denali Models) with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2001-2006GMC Yukon GMC Yukon with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set
2000-2006GMC Yukon XL 1500 GMC Yukon XL 1500 with 4 Groove Pitman Arm Steering & Suspension Kit 13 Piece Set

Part Interchange

Brand Label Part Number
ACDelco 45D1103
Centric Parts 623.66064
Dorman - OE Solutions 520-116
Dorman OE Solutions 520-116
Falcon Steering Systems FK80942
General Motors 15047200
General Motors 12475485
General Motors 15864153
General Motors OEM 15864153
General Motors OEM 15047200
General Motors OEM 12475485
Ingalls Engineering CAK80826
MAS Industries CB90006PR
MAS Industries CB90270
MAS Industries CB90136
MAS Industries CB90136PR
MAS Industries CB90006
MOOG RK80826
MOOG K6541
MOOG RK80942
MOOG RK621782
MOOG K80631
MOOG K6536
MOOG K80942
MOOG K6534
MOOG CK80942
MOOG K80826
MOOG K6723
MOOG CK80826
MOOG Chassis Products ES3493T
MOOG Chassis Products CK80826
MOOG Chassis Products K6723
MOOG Chassis Products K80826
MOOG Chassis Products RK80826
MOOG Chassis Products K6534
MOOG Chassis Products RK80942
MOOG Chassis Products ES3488
MOOG Chassis Products K6541
MOOG Chassis Products K80942
MOOG Chassis Products K6536
MOOG Chassis Products K80631
MOOG Chassis Products CK80942
MOOG Chassis Products RK621782
MasterPro 4CB50432
Mcquay-Norris FA4181
Mcquay-Norris FA4181E
Mevotech RMS20268
Mevotech GS20268
Mevotech TXMS20268
Mevotech CMS20268
Mevotech MS20268
Mevotech CMS501238
Mevotech MK6659
NAPA 260-5308
NAPA 2605308M
NAPA Premium 2643804
NAPA Premium 2605308M
NAPA Premium TXMS20268
NAPA Premium 2605308
Precision Driveline 4CB50026
Precision Driveline CB50026
Raybestos Chassis 502-1103
SYD 12475485

This item may be interchangeable with parts from other brands with the above part numbers. This information is provided only for reference and does not guarantee that the item you are purchasing is identical to parts with part numbers from the brands listed above. To confirm that this item fits your vehicle, use the above "Check Vehicle Fit" option.

Part 1ASFK01727
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