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Why should I buy a brake kit?

Using a brake kit will save you time and money by taking the guesswork out of shopping for brake parts for your vehicle.  Our brake kits contain matched components that are easy to install and will help your vehicle perform at its best.  Make replacing your brakes easy with one of our brake kits.

1A Auto’s brake kit options

Replacement Rotor & Pad Kits

Our replacement rotor and pad brake kits contain brand new, direct-fit replacement parts that look and perform as well as or better than a vehicle’s original parts.

Performance Rotor Pad Kits

Our performance rotor and pad brake kits contain brand new, direct-fit parts intended to upgrade your vehicle’s factory braking performance and appearance.

What to know before you replace your brakes

Always replace brake parts in pairs

Another reason to replace your brakes using a brake kit is that brake parts should always be replaced in pairs, by front or rear axle.  Those parts include pads, rotors, drums, shoes and hydraulic parts.  Replacing parts on only one side—left or right—will most likely lead to uneven braking, which can result in the vehicle pulling to one side and reduced stopping power.

What are brakes and what is their role?

Brake systems are made up of multiple parts with one goal: To safely and effectively slow and stop a vehicle by creating the friction to do so. That braking process is accomplished by applying a fixed friction material to a rotating friction surface.  The friction material used in that process is either a brake pad or shoe, and the friction surface is either a brake rotor or drum.  When the brake pedal is applied, hydraulic fluid is compressed.  That force is transferred to the brake caliper or wheel cylinder, which applies pressure to the friction material.  The friction material then presses against the friction surface, creating drag on all four wheels and reducing the speed of the vehicle.

Brakes FAQs

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