TRMRP00053-2013-18 Ram 1500 2500 3500 Driver & Passenger Side 2 Piece Mirror Set


2017 Ram 2500 Truck with Factory Power Folding Mirrors Only Driver & Passenger Side Power Heated Turn Signal Memory Puddle Light Power-Folding Textured Black Flip-Up Towing Driver Side Temperature Sensor 2 Piece Mirror Set

Guaranteed to fit: 2017 Ram 2500 Truck

Fit Details

  • Vehicle Mirror Option: with Factory Power Folding Mirrors Only
  • Side Location: Driver & Passenger Side

Part Details

  • Mirror Extension Type: Flip-Up
  • Mirror Puddle Light Type: Puddle Light
  • Mirror Signal Type: Turn Signal
  • Mirror Type: Towing
  • Mirror Memory Type: Memory
  • Mirror Folding Type: Power-Folding
  • Mirror Heating Type: Heated
  • Mirror Operation: Power
  • Mirror Color / Finish: Textured Black
  • Mirror Temperature Sensor: Driver Side Temperature Sensor
  • Mirror Set Includes: (1) Passenger Side Mirror
  • Mirror Set Includes: (1) Driver Side Mirror
  • Set Quantity: 2 Piece

This part replaces:

  • Trail Ridge TR00053
  • Hollander 128-04243L
  • Hollander 128-04435R
  • OE # 68412884AA
  • OE # 68412885AA
  • OE # 68285874AB
  • OE # 68285875AD
  • OE # 68285874AC
  • OE # 68285875AA
  • OE # 68285875AB
  • OE # 68261047AA
  • OE # 68285875AC
  • OE # 68285874AA
  • OE # 68285875AE
  • OE # 68261046AA
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Part TRMRP00053
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Trail Ridge
Brand #: TR00053
Vehicle Fit
Warranty & Shipping

Part Details

  • Mirror Signal Type:   Turn Signal
  • Mirror Set Includes:
      (1) Passenger Side Mirror
      (1) Driver Side Mirror
  • Mirror Operation:   Power
  • Set Quantity:   2 Piece
  • Mirror Type:   Towing
  • Mirror Extension Type:   Flip-Up
  • Mirror Temperature Sensor:   Driver Side Temperature Sensor
  • Mirror Color / Finish:   Textured Black
  • Mirror Folding Type:   Power-Folding
  • Mirror Memory Type:   Memory
  • Mirror Heating Type:   Heated
  • Mirror Puddle Light Type:   Puddle Light

Special Note:

Replacement mirrors will only work for vehicles with the same exact options. If you do not have the options listed in specifications, the mirrors may not function properly.

Trusted Quality:

  • Trail Ridge Truck Accessories are developed and built with a promise to provide high quality, durable parts for your truck and back them with the best warranty in the automotive industry. They are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are constructed to meet or exceed OEM standards. Every Trail Ridge truck part is rigorously tested to ensure superior fit, function, and durability. Quality, trusted value, and hassle-free installation are all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Upgrades and extended vision ideal for towing Enhanced mirror options for visibility and damage prevention Direct-fit replacement Highest quality construction and materials prevent corrosion, dust and chipping Easy plug and play install with original mounting and connectors Premium finish upgrades for enhanced appearance

Item Condition: New

For Installation:

Fold and unfold the mirror head electronically for atleast 3 cycles on first use. Folding the mirror manually can damage the folding module.

Lifetime Warranty

This item is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. In the event this item should fail due to manufacturing defects during intended use, we will replace the part free of charge. This warranty covers the cost of the part only.

For Installation:

Fold and unfold the mirror head electronically for atleast 3 cycles on first use. Folding the mirror manually can damage the folding module.

Need help? Ask one of our Auto Experts
Need help? Ask one of our Auto Experts
Customer Q&A
Ask a question to 1A Auto customers who purchased the product
My truck has all of the options, but also auto dimming. Will these mirrors still work on my truck?
Ty H June 12, 2017
We may not guarantee this if your vehicle has the auto dimming. It could affect the electrical harness. To be certain, please contact a Ram dealership to verify the mirror plug set up.
Alex P June 12, 2017
From the information we have found, on the Ram trucks the auto dimming option will not affect the plug and play operation, but it is highly recommended to confirm the set up with a dealership as their information is more detailed.
Alex P August 2, 2017
I have a 2017 LTD with power folding mirrors but want to change them out for the tow mirrors. Will I need to go to the dealer to have these programmed after I install or are they plug and go?
R K August 23, 2017
If the mirror options on your vehicle currently match the options on our mirrors they are a plug and play. If you are upgrading to new options the vehicle must be programmed/flashed.
Alex P August 25, 2017
I have a 2015 ram 2500. It is my understanding that the outside thermostat is in the mirror. Does this set have the thermostat in them?
Tyler S September 6, 2017
Yes it does. I just purchased the exact part number
Kerry R September 6, 2017
Yea. I just bought these for my truck (2017) and they have the thermostat in the mirror.
C T September 6, 2017
Yes, it is located in the left hand side mirror. Plug and play with existing harness.
WhalleyB0Y . September 6, 2017
Yes, I have these on a 2013 and the thermostat is in the mirror.
Robert V September 6, 2017
Yes the sensor is in the drivers side mirror.
Jim S September 6, 2017
Hi There yes my 2014 2500 has the temo sensor in the driver side mirror and it all works as the original. HTH
W D September 6, 2017
Yes it does
M M October 2, 2017
J S December 14, 2018
I have these on my 2016 1500 and yes they do have the thermostat in them and it works perfectly.
Dale N August 5, 2019
Will it work if im missing the memory?
Patrick D September 14, 2017
No, they will not work if your original mirrors did not have the memory pack.
Tim K September 14, 2017
I have a 2016 Laramie with power folding, heat, tint, memory, dimming and reverse adjustment. Will I lose any of these functions? Also, these list a clearance light function. My Ram has no such function with the stock mirrors. Will the clearance lights on these tow mirrors work on mine?
Reverend D September 23, 2017
The current mirrors will not have the memory feature, the dimming , or the reverse adjusment. We would recommend not purchasing these to ensure there are no issues with the connector plugging in properly.
Alex P September 25, 2017
We have a set of 7x11 towing mirrors which have the power, heat, turn signal, puddle light, memory, reverse adjustment, and power folding using our part number TRMRP00043. This will not have the auto dimming feature, and currently we do not have any mirrors which are equipped with this feature.
Alex P September 25, 2017
Do you need brackets to install?
Patrick D November 9, 2017
No fits in to factory holes
Robert V November 9, 2017
Did not need brackets
M M November 9, 2017
I would install the brackets just for piece of mind. It’s not necessary but will definitely help keep the mirrors from bouncing around over bumps and rough roads. The 2 brackets and hardware cost be about 20 bucks at the dealership. Hope this helps. Good luck
Rosario R November 9, 2017
I bought brackets for my 2017 Eco...figured it couldnt hurt....If you do, go buy the nut insert tool from Harbor Freight for $ works for the bracket
T D November 9, 2017
Everything needed was included, worked perfectly
R O November 9, 2017
No, these mirrors are plug and play. Unbolt the old ones, unplug them, plug the new ones in and bolt them on.
Pete P November 9, 2017
No, I did not need brackets to install on my 1500
WhalleyB0Y . November 9, 2017
Patrick, no brackets needed I installed these on a 2013 ram. Everything was in the box plug and play about 30 min each side to install. Darryl
D A November 10, 2017
I recommend the brackets.
J S December 14, 2018
I have a 2017 Ram 2500 It has all of the features listed except memory. If I install these will the other functions work? Im really not concerned with having memory mirrors.
Brian C December 22, 2017
Yes it will work. I have sane truck, works like a champ
M M December 22, 2017
They should work the same as the old mirror you are going to take off. the plugs are the same on the door.
Jason B December 22, 2017
Brian, not sure but I think so, I just got a 2017 ram 2500, seems exactly the same both are Laramies with same features
R O December 22, 2017
Yes they should
Rosario R December 22, 2017
These will mount to the door, but if your vehicle has separate options than are listed you could experience some functionality problems.
Alex P December 22, 2017
Can i get them in crome?
Abe H March 14, 2018
This part is not listed to fit your vehicle. We may have a part that is listed to fit! Please search our site using your vehicle info and then choose the appropriate category. All the parts we carry are guaranteed to fit the vehicle they are listed for. Thank you!
Adam G March 20, 2018
My truck as all the options on the sport mirrors but it doesnt have memory.Will the tow mirrors work with the memory option?Cant find the tow mirrors on this site w/o memory.
Brandon L June 20, 2018
We advise that you order mirrors with the same exact mirror options as your original mirrors. Special Note: These mirrors will only work for vehicles with these exact options. If you do not have the options listed, these mirrors will not function properly. Our mirrors are intended to be a direct plug and play for the exact options listed.
Peter L June 20, 2018
If I have the standard mirrors with just heat, how do I get it to the power folding, puddle lights to work?
Michael B August 28, 2018
These mirrors are meant to be plug and play. Any additional wiring that would be done to the parts to make them fit for the vehicle would void the lifetime warranty that they have.
Emma F August 28, 2018
I’ve recently bought these mirrors an have installed them an they look an wrk great except one thing the drivers side clearance light wrks but NOT the passenger side! Any suggestions??
Nix N December 13, 2018
Thank you for your recent purchase. We are sorry to hear you have encountered issues with the mirrors received. We would suggest contacting our customer service department at 888-844-3393 with your VIN so we can better assist you, thank you.
Jessica D December 13, 2018
The puddle light under the mirror?
J S December 14, 2018
Would these fit a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic?
Jason B April 1, 2019
This is only able to fit up to a 2018 model.
Emma F April 2, 2019
I just installed a set and everything works minus the power Fold for the right mirror. It doesn’t even make sound like there’s anything happening, do I have a bad mirror?
Chris D August 3, 2019
We advise ordering mirrors with the exact same options as your original, as these will not function properly if your vehicle does not have the same capabilities. Our mirrors are intended to be a direct plug and play replacement for the exact options listed. If you are having an issue with the function of the mirrors we would suggest contacting our customer service department at 888-844-3393 so we can further assist you. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Jessica D August 3, 2019
Will this convert my manual mirrors to power folding mirrors?
Sean S August 10, 2019
This is only meant for vehicles that already have power folding mirrors. If you have any further questions feel free to call or email us
Emma F August 11, 2019
When you flip these mirrors up, do the controls on the driver’s door still function properly or do you have to use the left and right controls to control the up and down motion when they are in the towing position?
Dan S September 21, 2019
When the mirrors are flipped up this should still be able to work properly for your vehicle. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Emma F September 22, 2019
Can I buy just the driver side ?
Charlie F January 14, 2020
Thanks for your inquiry. We do carry individual mirrors for this vehicle. This part is specific to vehicles with a particular set of options. We will need more information about your vehicle to confirm the fit.
Adam G January 14, 2020
Has anyone has an issue that when they hook up the mirror the then on the dash reads -40 and throws the check engine light?
Florence H January 28, 2020
Thanks for your inquiry. There could be multiple reasons why youre having this particular problem. We suggest taking your vehicle to a nearby reputable shop to identify the cause. Once you know the cause, well be happy to see if we carry the parts and how-to videos needed for your repair.
Emma F January 28, 2020
I have a 2017 1500 lone star with factory folding mirrors. I looked at moose and their towing mirrors do not work because I have folding power mirrors, from the description these should fit my truck properly??
Adam B June 30, 2020
Thank you for your inquiry. Mirrors should be replaced in an "option for option" fashion. If your mirrors do not have the same options that are listed in our listing, these mirrors will not function properly. Please contact a local dealer with your VIN to get a complete list of options on your mirrors from the factory. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Adam G June 30, 2020
Looking for some help here. Thanks Do they for on my 2017 Rebel??
Roland C August 8, 2020
They will fit on the rebel, same doors as Laramie
D W August 8, 2020
Never installed on a rebel but no difference in the mounting that I know of.
Brian S August 8, 2020
If you have factory power fold mirrors, these will fit your truck. I suggest you buy the MOPAR mirror brackets and proper nut certs to complete the installation before adding this to your truck.
Chris C August 8, 2020
Hello, We will need your 17 digit vin to see what mirror options you have.
Corey M August 8, 2020
Yes, these will fit fine. I have them installed on a 2017 Rebel as well. I recommend you add the MOPAR tow mirror brackets. Below are the part numbers for the brackets, bolts, and rivnuts. You will need a rivnut tool that is M6 size to install the nutcerts. Can be found on Amazon, very easy to add these brackets and provide stabillity for the tow mirrors which are much bigger than the standard mirrors. BRACKET. Left. Trailer Tow Mirror Reinforcement. 68078243AA BRACKET. Right. Trailer Tow Mirror Reinforcement. 68078242AA SCREW. Mounting. Hex Head. M6x1x25. 06508709AA NUT. Rivet. M6X1.00. 06507161AA
Chris C August 8, 2020

Fits the following Makes:

Year Make Model Description
2013-2018Ram 1500 Truck Ram 1500 Truck with Factory Power Folding Mirrors Only Driver & Passenger Side Power Heated Turn Signal Memory Puddle Light Power-Folding Textured Black Flip-Up Towing Driver Side Temperature Sensor 2 Piece Mirror Set
2013-2018Ram 2500 Truck Ram 2500 Truck with Factory Power Folding Mirrors Only Driver & Passenger Side Power Heated Turn Signal Memory Puddle Light Power-Folding Textured Black Flip-Up Towing Driver Side Temperature Sensor 2 Piece Mirror Set
2013-2018Ram 3500 Truck Ram 3500 Truck with Factory Power Folding Mirrors Only Driver & Passenger Side Power Heated Turn Signal Memory Puddle Light Power-Folding Textured Black Flip-Up Towing Driver Side Temperature Sensor 2 Piece Mirror Set
Trail Ridge
Brand #: TR00053
Product Reviews
4.72/ 5.0
25 reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Great towing mirrors
These mirrors arrived ahead of time, very well packed. They were a perfect swap for the factory originals. I watched the installation video, followed the directions and the first mirror took about 15 minutes to install, the second one about 10. The only negative that I have to mention is, I previously purchased another set of towing mirrors for my 2010 ram, also purchased from 1aauto. When those mirrors were rotated up, the directional controls rotated also, right was still right, up was still up. Not so with this installation, when in the raised position, the down arrow moves the mirror inward, the right arrow tilts the mirror upward. I was a little disappointed with this but I can live with it since I dont tow often.
May 24, 2017
Great service and pricing. fit and work great. took 45 minutes tonstall both sides.
June 29, 2017
Customer Service really backed me up!
The product was packed well and arrived quickly. Product has a nice finish, and fits perfectly. One of the mirorrs did not function smoothly after install so I called customer service and they rushed out a new pai rimmediately without charge! Everything works great now and I feel confident shopping with 1A Auto
June 29, 2017
2017 ram 2500 tow mirrors
Over all great quality. A snap to install, took maybe 30 minutes total. My truck came factory with power folding, heated and auto dimming along with power adjusting. My only issue is when Ive opened the mirrors up for towing the adjustments are off 90 degrees. Meaning when in towing position up is actually left and so on. Not a big deal but not quite 5 star.
October 2, 2017
Power Tow Mirror
Opened the box and found one mirror had cracked glass...Immediately called 1A and they told me they would send a new one out...bummed...they took two days to get it sent...but they did send it overnight. Installed both and was easier then I thought. I added the factory bracket even tho 1A said it wasnt needed. Had to have the dealer add a code, LEG, to make the switches work properly when they are in the "out" or "tow" position. Very nice mirrors and would definitely recommend A1 power tow mirrors!
October 6, 2017
Excellent Product
Fit and Finish are superb! Installation went smooth and parts work great!
October 16, 2017
Great mirrors
I broke my driver side mirror and ordered these. Install was very easy and I couldnt tell the difference between this mirror and the OEM one. My only complaint is at you cant just buy the driver or passenger mirrors individually you have to buy the pair
March 30, 2018
Just what we needed!
2017 RAM 1500 Big Horn with power folding mirrors. Ordered and delivered fast! Easy installation. Ordered the optional brackets and rivnuts from MOPAR for stability/durability. Wish these had the auto dimming.
April 2, 2018
Tow Mirrors
I ordered some tow mirrors for my truck through 1A Auto, Power Fold, and the prices were unbeatable for the options you get with them, over half the price of the dealer. Unfortunately, I am assuming through shipping one of my mirrors was broken on the smaller glass portion of the mirror. I called the customer service line and notified them of what happened, and the next day I got an email telling me that they are sending me a new replacement mirror and it was being shipped out that same day, no questions asked. I was quite amazed at the quick reply and outcome. I live in Canada so they probably went through quite a process to get here but over all 2 weeks, and about 1 week of that at customs, I am currently waiting for my other mirror to arrive which was sent out about a week ago. I will not be able to install these mirrors until June as I am out of town for work, however, if the mirrors work as good as the customer service department for this company, I will be a happy camper..Thank you 1AAuto customer service department for what you have done.
April 14, 2018
Trail Ridge aftermarket mirrors
The mirrors are easy to install There is a few things they can improve on is the the mirror glass itself I found and certain angles is distorted. The other thing they need to figure out is when the mirrors are flipped up all the settings for the directions stay the same my only dodge never did that and it was an 08 All in all the they are good quality mirrors
April 20, 2018
Excellent mirrors, easy to install
I replaced my standard mirrors with these towing mirrors. These are very high quality, comparable to the factory mirrors, with all of the same functionality. Installation took approximately 20 minutes with basic hand tools. The electrical connectors are well made and color coded to match factory. Excellent product.
July 4, 2018
Replacement mirrors
I was very impressed with the quality of the product received and thanks to A-1 Youtube installation video they were easy to install .. Thank you!
September 3, 2018
A1 Ram tow mirrors
Mirrors do a great job. Looks as good as a factory mirrors. Good quality. Great fit takes less than an hour. UOnly reason I didn’t give them 4 stars is because when they are raised in the tow position the mirrors adjustments are 90 degrees out. Meaning if you want to move your mirror out you have to push the up button on your controls. You can get it corrected if you want to pay $120 labor at the dealership to have your computer reprogrammed. Since these mirrors are heavier and stick out further I would buy the factory mounting brackets and rivnuts. These brackets stop all vibration.
October 3, 2018
Great product and quality
Exactly what I was looking for, easy installation, high quality, works perfectly!!!
January 2, 2019
I will first start off by saying I am not one to write reviews, but in this situation, I almost feel obligated in doing so. After a couple of months of owning a 2018 RAM 2500 Laramie, I was on a quest to find tow mirrors. The truck came with the sport mirrors that are sleek and nice but do not give you the functionality when towing. After speaking to multiple Mopar service departments, I was advised that due to my technologically advanced sport mirrors, Mopar does not make tow mirrors to accommodate my needs. After speaking to a customer service representative from 1A, I was promised that the mirrors would function as normal keeping all the functionalities as the sports mirrors. First off, shipping was insanely fast. I ordered it at like 4:00 PM and they were there the next day around midday. As I opened the box, each mirror was contained within their own box protected by a cushion and each mirror was wrapped in a cloth-like bag to protect it from scratches. The finish of the mirrors was comparable if not better than factory. In order to install the mirrors correctly, I used the multitude of videos found on youtube. I dont know if it comes with written directions but I did not receive it. That being said I wouldnt have used it anyway cause I rather watch a youtube video to make sure Im doing it correctly. The install of the mirrors was a breeze and the fitment like stated above, was flawless and like it came off the assembly line like such. After all, said and done, all the functions as I was promised worked seamlessly. The only qualm I would note is that the puddle lights are white LEDs but exhibit a tad of yellow light. It especially can be seen on a white vehicle at night. But.... it doesnt bother me one bit. The mirrors make the truck look more aggressive/functional and what a RAM 2500 should look like or have when purchased off the lot. Lastly, to mention again, all the functions work including power folding, ambient air temperature, and defrosting. I know some people mention that these mirrors are pricey but for what your getting.... I believe them to be priced just right. Other companies are selling modules and mirrors upwards of $1,200.00 when you get both for half the price. I recommend that if youre looking for what I was looking for, dont hesitate and see for yourself. -Michael
February 13, 2019
Perfect...Exactly what I wanted !!!
Fast shipping Easy installation functions properly and looks awesome overall painless ordeal. Thank You
March 23, 2019
Exact Fit.
It took me around 30 Min. to fix both mirrors, After I watched the How To video. The mirrors look rigid and firm, didnt notice any vibration, clear vision. Hisham Al Hasani, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
March 28, 2019
Tow mirrors 2014 Ram 2500
Glad I got these mirrors. Work great.! arrived quickly., fairly easy to install
July 7, 2019
Mirrors fit great, easy installation and well built. Went for a drive down back road no vibration in the mirror. Shipping to Canada took a little longer than expected but was worth the wait
July 18, 2019
Trail Ridge Mirrors Foe 2016 Ram 1500
Great set of mirrors that really look stylish on my truck. The site was easy to use and the order came quickly. There was a video to watch that gave me great instruction as to how to install the mirrors. I installed both mirrors in less than an hour, all options worked perfectly. Now I have great view around my 30 ft 5th wheel. I would defiantly recommend these mirrors for your 2013-2018 Ram.
August 5, 2019
towing mirrors
staff was very knowledgeable and the how to video made installation easy and fast
August 30, 2019
High quality tow mirrors
Mirrors are very high quality. The motor on the power fold option sounds strong and i assume will last long. The mirrors itself are perfect. The mirrors were very well packed during shipping. The mirrors do deserve a 5 start review the only reason I’m giving it a 4 start is the plug and play doesn’t line up perfectly.... they still work with a little altering. Also the temp sensor in the driver side mirror is off. Couple degrees which doesn’t bother me none. Again, very well made mirror for the price. I’d defiantly buy again!
September 30, 2019
Dealers said they would not work everything fit like a glove and plug and play very happy with the mirrors had them done in 30 minutes
October 20, 2019
Perfect Fit, half the price!
I was in need of replacement mirrors for my 2013 Ram 2500 and did not see myself paying $1000 for OEM mirrors. I gave these a shot, direct replacement/plug and play for half the cost. Shipping was fast, packaging was excellent and came exactly as described. They even have a great install video if needed. I could not be happier. I high recommend these.
February 16, 2020
Just Like Factory, Excellent customer service
Install took about 30 minutes for both sides. The mirrors fit up perfectly and appear to be just as the factory tow mirrors are. I compared them to another truck with factory tow mirrors and I couldnt tell the difference. They are stable at speed in both positions and all factory functions (including the power fold) work just as they should. If you are on the fence, just buy them. I would suggest calling customer service to be sure you get all the proper functions that you need. Customer Service was great and super helpful. Product also arrived a day early. I would buy them again.
May 19, 2020
Customer service


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