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Control Arms - Rear at 1A Auto

What is a Rear Control Arm and where is it Located?

Your vehicle's front and rear control arms play a major role in your car or truck’s suspension system. Generally speaking, a vehicle’s control arms act as the pivot point between the wheels to the road and springs, or struts to the frame or unibody of the vehicle. They keep the up and down motion of the vehicle’s wheels in relation to its body synchronized while holding the knuckles, spindles, and axles firmly onto the vehicle. Rear control arms, like those located in the front, work in tandem with bushings which are used to reduce friction and prevent any contact between the components which could prove to be damaging. In a nutshell, front and rear control arms hold everything together and help you maintain control of your car or truck so that it isn’t wandering all over the place. As a result, you are able to drive your vehicle smoothly without feeling like you are about to be sick from the dizzying movement.

The number, type and location of control arms on a vehicle vary greatly and are dependent on the type of suspension system the car is equipped with. A vehicle with independent rear suspension may have upper and lower control arms tucked behind each wheel, which are commonly referred to as "A-Arms". A vehicle with a MacPherson strut style suspension system in the rear would only use lower control arms because the strut essentially takes the place of the upper control arms. In terms of construction, a rear control arm can be made out of stamped steel, cast iron or aluminum and each material brings with it its own set of pros and cons. For an in-depth explanation of the various control arm setups that are possible on a vehicle and the different materials that they are made of, check out our control arms guide.

When is a Rear Control Arm Replacement Needed?

The rear control arms, like all control arms in general, are always being subjected to significant day to day abuse whether in an off-road terrain environment, or just bad road conditions on your daily commute. The bushings that are attached to ends of the rear control arms can wear out or become loose. This is the most common reason for rear control arm replacement because this can cause excessive tire wear, popping or creaking in the suspension system, extra play in the steering system, and can pose a serious safety concern for you as well for others around you. In addition, rear control arms can also get bent over time, either from an accident or possibly from a tow job gone bad. All of these are great reasons to replace a rear control arm.

Need a Rear Control Arm Replacement?

Is your vehicle wandering all over the road uncontrollably even though you are driving on a flat, smooth surface? If so, your suspension systems’ rear control arm(s) may need replacing immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be suffering from the dizzying effects that this motion is sure to cause. If you are in need of a replacement rear control arm, then you have come to the right place. At 1A Auto, we carry a massive and ever-expanding selection of rear control arms for many makes and models, including rear lower control arms and rear upper control arms. Many of these control arms are also available in suspension kits which will bring your entire suspension back to new again. We use these rear control arms on our own cars and trucks, and we have absolute confidence in the fit, finish, and quality.

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for a replacement rear upper control arm and / or a rear lower control arm for your car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our control arms, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online right here at 1aauto.com. So, replace that worn, heavily rusted, rotted, or damaged rear control arm with a quality replacement from 1A Auto today and bring back the safety and integrity of your vehicle's suspension and steering.

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