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How To Replace Rear Wheel Hub 2007-16 GMC Acadia

Created on: 2020-08-31

This video shows you how to do the replacement yourself on your 2007-2016 GMC Acadia.

Tools needed

  • Torque Wrench


    Rust Penetrant

    Pry Bar

    18mm Socket

    Safety Glasses

    21mm Socket


    Brake Caliper Hanger

    34mm Socket

    Copper Anti-Seize

    Wheel Chocks

    Center Punch

    Slide Hammer

    Needle Nose Locking Pliers

    10mm Socket


    Floor Jack

    Wire Brush

    22mm Socket

I'm gonna take these lug nuts off to take the wheel off. Use a 22-millimeter socket. ...wheel. Pull it off. Now I'm gonna take the caliper off with the bracket together, because I'm not replacing the brakes. I'm gonna use a 21-millimeter socket to take these bolts off the caliper bracket. There's two of them.

And we can slide the whole caliper and bracket off. You might have to twist this a little bit just to compress the piston. That's good. And now we'll just hang this. Use a brake caliper hanger, and just find a place to hang it from. Just hang it from the shock right here. Just make sure there's no tension on the hose. Looks good right there. Take this screw out. I'm gonna use a T30 socket. And take a hammer, if this rotor doesn't come off right away, if it's not loose, you can tap on these areas right there, and just be careful of the studs. And slide it out. There's a little bit of rust on here. I'm just gonna spray some rust penetrant. Let it soak for a minute.

Now, take a 34-millimeter socket. Take this nut off. The wheel speed sensor is located right here. There's a 10 millimeter bolt. Just take that bolt out. And pull that bolt out, and just grab the sensor. You might have to use some pliers and twist it. Pull it out, set it aside. And you need to remove these three bolts that are on the backside of the knuckle. Use an 18-millimeter socket. Take those bolts out.

I don't wanna ruin the threads on the end of the axle, so I'm just gonna use a punch and a hammer. Just give it a tap. Try to loosen up the axle from the hub. Now you can use a slide hammer. You can try hitting this with a hammer on the backside and trying to get it off, but sometimes a slide hammer is the only way to go. Just try to pull it off. Now, that didn't work for us. Today, this hub is stuck onto the knuckle a little bit too much. So what I'm gonna do is take these shoes off, so that I can get a hammer from the side, and hopefully that works a little bit better.

I'm gonna take these springs off. I'm just gonna use some needle nose pliers, some locking needle nose pliers, and just slide it out of the way. Take that off. Now I'm gonna take this adjuster out. You can use a screwdriver, pry the shoes out a little bit. We could adjust it down a little bit as well. And slide that out. And there's a bottom spring. You can use that same needle nose pliers, or locking pliers, and slide this spring out. There we go. And slide that spring out.

Now we'll take these springs out. You're gonna use a tool like this, and just push down, twist. You gotta hold the pin from the backside, and slide it out. Do the same on the other side. Take this shoe out. And slide it out. This pin is in my way, so I'll just slide this pin out and set it aside. Now I'm gonna use a hammer and just give it a couple of hits right here. There it goes. It's moving a little bit. Hit it from the other side. Be careful. You don't wanna mess up the threads. You could always put the nut on the end of it. There we go. And there it is.

I'm just gonna clean up this area right here. You can use a file or a wire brush. Get some of the corrosion. If you use a file, just don't go too deep. Don't file away the metal. Just clean it up. Gonna use some anti-seize so that if I ever have to take this hub off again, it's gonna be a little bit easier. Just gonna put a little on the splines of the axle. And just make sure you have the shield in the right position. Take a new hub, and line it up. And just push it on. And you're gonna get this all lined up, and then you can start one of the bolts from the backside. You can put a little thread locking compound on these bolts. There we go.

Now I'm gonna torque these bolts to 96 foot-pounds. And put the axle nut on. I'm just gonna take a pry bar. I lowered the vehicle down, and this is gonna prevent the hub from spinning while I torque this. I'm gonna torque this nut to 151 foot-pounds. I'm gonna put these shoes back. I gonna take this pin. Put that pin back first. Take the spring, and just slide this in position. You have to push it on, and then twist it. That's why it really helps to have this tool. There you go. You just twist it, so that... The cover is slotted. And then once you go over the pin, then you turn it, and that should lock in place. Do the same on the other one. There we go. That one's on.

Before I put any of the springs on, I'm just gonna put the adjuster back in position. You might have to make some minor adjustments with it if you moved it at all. Now I'll take the bottom spring. Just try to line this up. And get one side started. Take my locking pliers, and just get the other side in. There we go. Just make sure that's all the way in. There we go. Now it's in. And it's in on that side. That's good. And put the top spring in. Start it on one side. But, here we go underneath here.

The adjuster's in the way. There we go. Just like that. And again, use the locking needle nose pliers. Slide that in position. This one's a little easier than the lower one. Just make sure you lock it in. Looks good there, and there. Perfect. Now we can take the wheel speed sensor and reposition that into the knuckle, and take the bolt, get the bolt started, and snug that up. That's good. Now, if you had any rust on the backside of the rotor, you're gonna wanna clean that up, either with a wire brush or a scuff pad. And line this up. You might have to adjust your parking brake shoes. Those are pretty good. You just want them dragging just a little bit. That feels seem good. And take that screw. Screw that screw back in. Just snug it up. I'm gonna take the caliper off the hanger, and just make sure the hose isn't twisted. Slide the pads over the rotor. There we go. And take the bolts. You can put a little thread lock adhesive on them.

Get those back in position. Now we can put the caliper bolts back in. You can put some thread locking compound on the bolts. And torque these bolts to 129 foot-pounds. There we go. And throw the wheel up. The lug nuts on. Now I'm gonna torque these lug nuts to 140 foot-pounds, in a cross pattern, to tighten the wheel down evenly. And just go around again, double-check. And because we had the caliper off, it's always a good idea before you start the vehicle, just pump the brake pedal. That way, if there's any air gap, that takes away that air gap in between the brake pads and the rotor. That's good.

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13-17 Buick Enclave, Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia Steering & Suspension Kit 16pc

Chevrolet GMC Buick Front 16 Piece Steering, Suspension, & Drivetrain Kit TRQ PSA66561

Part Details:
  • (2) Front Sway Bar Links
  • (2) Front Strut & Spring Assemblies
  • (2) Front Outer Tie Rods
  • (2) Front Inner Tie Rods
  • (2) Front Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies
  • (2) Front Forward Lower Control Arm Bushings
  • 16 Piece
  • (2) Front Control Arms with Ball Joints
  • (4) Front Steering Rack & Pinion Bellows

How to Replace Front Wheel Hub and Bearing 2003-07 Cadillac CTS

Not only can a worn wheel bearing or hub be annoying if it is noisy or vibrating, , it leads to accelerated wear in other parts, or unsafe driving conditions. Replacing your worn bearing or hub with a quality TRQ part is a safe, smart, decision. How to do the replacement yourself on your 2003-07 Cadillac CTS.

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