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How to Replace Ignition Coils 2007-17 Ford Expedition

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Created on: 2020-11-24

This video shows you how to install a new ignition coil in your 2007-2017 Ford Expedition.

All right friends, just right off the bat, I want to let you know you're gonna have eight ignition coils for this. You're gonna have four on the driver's side back and four over on the passenger side. Overall, the process to replace all of them is gonna be the same. So I'm gonna do one, show you how, and then you can handle the rest.

Before we get into taking anything apart, let's go ahead and blow off the external areas where any dirt or debris may be. Now, looking along the passenger side, we can see the forward coil and then, of course, all the rest going down the line. There's gonna be a mounting bolt on each one and there's gonna be one wiring harness to each one as well.

Start off by removing the wiring to each one. Always check to make sure you don't see any funny colors. Set that aside, then remove the 7-millimeter mounting bolt. Now, with that that bolt's out, go ahead and grab the coil. Give it a little twist and draw it right up and out. There it is, friends.

Okay, friends, before we can go ahead and install our brand new coil, we wanna go ahead and apply a little bit of dielectric grease to this lower aspect right here. That's where the spark plug is gonna go in. And then we'll, of course, go into this electrical connector a little bit right there. At this point, we're ready for our install. Let's get it into the truck. All right, down on there. Start in your bolt then snug it up. Torque it to 53-inch pounds.

Okay, that's bottomed out. Let's reinstall that electrical connector. Listen for the click, give it a nice tug, do the same to all. Okay friends, so after you have all your coils in there, go ahead and start up your engine. You wanna make sure that you don't have a check engine light. If you do, make sure you just double check everything that you've done, and you didn't leave anything unplugged.

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