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How to Replace Front Door Lock Actuator 07-11 Honda CR-V

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Hi, I'm Michael Montano, we've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

We're going to move this trim panel right here, use a trim tool. We sell these at Just get in behind here, pry this out, use some clips, this one happened to stay in there, there's the other one. I'm going to take this clip out before it gets lost, just use some needle nose pliers, then we can re-install it on here, just push it on. So I'm just going to push it on this bench, push it down, just like that.

Next is the cover right here. I'm going to take a flat plane screw driver and just pop this cover off, there's two Philips head screws right there, I'll take those out with a Philips head screw driver. Pull the handle out of your way a little bit, get this screw out as well. Over here there's a little cover, under here just get your screw driver under the cover, peel it up it's just rubber. And another Philips head screw, take this one out.

Over here there's a little cover, take your flat blade screw driver, pry underneath it, put it out of your way and if you look up in there, there's a Philips head screw, we'll take this one out and under here there's one more cover. Pull this one off, there's a Philips head screw right here, take this one out.

I'm going to use a trim tool and go underneath here, and just pop off the door panel and go all the way around popping the door pins, just like that. Once this is all loose, you can lift up on the door panel and pull it back. I'm going to pop this in our door handle assembling in. I'll just take my trim tool and grab under here, there's some clips that hold it in. Pop these up like this, just like that, that can stay like that for now. I just spun the door panel so that we can see this electrical connector. There is a little tab on here, right there. So we push down on that and release the connector, then we can put our door panel aside.

Pull this vapor barrier down, we don't have to pull it all the way out just move it to the side a little bit. We'll disconnect this electrical connector here, this little tab right there, pull that out. Use the trim tool here, just pry that out. I am going to pull this little retainer out so I can move this a little bit more. I'm going to pull this little cover off, just take a little peak with our screw driver, get this little cover out.

In the back there is a rod that we're going to have to disconnect. There's a clip at the top right here, I'm going to slide that clip towards the inside of the door and then try to pull it out towards the vehicle. Ours is stuck so we're going to pull ours out after. There's two 10 mm bolts through these holes, we'll use a 10 mm socket and an extension. We'll take those out and the same for this side. When we get that 10 mm bolt out, we're going to pull this bracket off and pull it back this way and slide it off like that. Slides that way and then come to the outside. I'm just going to maneuver this out, like this. The lock cylinder will stay in there like that. Take a screw driver and slide this just like that and it comes out like that, then pull the handle out, just like that. We're going to take a Philips head screw driver, I'm going to take this screw out right here, we're going to push on the door really hard and loosen it up, pull that off there. And right here there's three screws. I'm going to use a Philips head screw driver to take these out. I'm going to push real hard, sometimes others are really difficult to get out. Take this 10 mm bolt out, use a 10 mm socket and racket, remove the bolt that holds the window channel on. So I'm just going to grab the window channel and pull that up. We can actually just leave it there out of our way.

We can grab the latch assembly, we're going to pull this rod out here first and the locks on our cable we're going to just push it to the back. As we're pulling this out a little bit the cable has to go further to the back a little bit so I get more slack, so I can pull it out like this. And there's this white clip right here, I'm going to push up on that and then we can collect and grab this cable, pull it out. There's your door latch.

So we want to install this cable that goes to the lock cylinder into the door latch assembly. There's this little thing that kind of looks like a screw driver, a straight screw driver coming out. I have the lock cylinder facing me, because as you can see if I spin the lock cylinder, that spins that screw driver looking end. So the lock cylinder is facing me, then we're going to install it to the latch, this is going to go in upside down just like this. I'm going to slide this on just like that, and we'll put the lock on. And that's going to go on like that. And then we'll start putting the latch assembly back in, send that rod back in there. So with the cylinder, I'm going to line the cylinder up from the outside, like that, just hold that there for a little bit. With one hand holding that cylinder on the outside, then I can align the latch up here on the inside just like that. The cylinder fell, that's okay. And I can get these screws started on the outside here and then get this screw started right here. Then I'll take my screw driver and tighten these screws up on the outside. I'm going to snug these up real tight and then once those are snug then we can tighten this one down.

Put that lock cylinder back where it's supposed to go, put that handle right there. Now we'll take this window channel, put this back in position. Once that's in the proper position, we'll install the 10 mm bolt, and we'll snug it down. So I'll slide this in here, just like that and this side we're going to make sure that this lock is in the up position. You can pull this out a little bit, just like that so then the lock can lock on this rod. I'll just use a little 90 degree pick to lock this on to the run, just like that, and to get this in here I'm going to pull the handle open then slide it in, like this.

Make sure that gasket lines up, push that in there. Now you can put this bracket on. I'm just going to slide this over the rear part of the handle. It's going to slide on just like that, it's a little bit tricky. I'll take our 10 mm bolt, we'll get that started right there. It's kind of hard to see but on this other side we're going to line up the lock cylinder with the door handle. So when I align this cylinder up, I'm going to insert the key, that will help me hold it. And then you can take that 10 mm bolt, get it lined up in the bracket. Aright, so I got those bolts in, so now I'm going to snug them up. You can hold the handle from outside to make sure that it lines up properly. That's good.

I'm going to slide this vapor barrier back up, this is going to go like this. Oops, this little plug is going to go right there, just like that. There's a little plug that goes right here. This wire connector is just going to go there and that's going to go there. Sometimes you'll have one of these clips stay in the door and we need to put it back in the door panel. We have this clip remover tool, you can get these at Just slide it on all the way, and then just pop it out.

We'll reinstall this clip, slide it in here, just push it on like that. Before we put the door panel back on we want test the door latch, make sure it operates properly with this in unlock position, we'll check the inside handle, and that works properly. Then we'll check the outside handle and that works properly and do it one more time and confirm with it locked, it does not work with that, it does not work on the outside. Then we'll also test to make sure the key works properly, and that's working properly. Perfect. Then we'll reattach master window switch electrical connector, just plug it in the back here till it locks in place.

And we'll take the inner door handle, we're going to line it up with the inside of the panel just like this. And once that's on slide the top part of the door panel in first, into the window channel just like that and we'll make sure our door panel is lined up with our pins, if it's line up then we can start pushing it on. We'll install these two screws here, install a screw right here, tighten that down. We're going to push this cover down. Install a screw right here then we pop this cover on, then install a screw right here and then can pop this cover on this way, just like that. And then this little one goes right here, it's locked in right there. And then line these containers up, lock it in.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Pick

  • Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Ratchets & Related

  • Socket Extensions
  • Ratchet

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 10mm Socket

  • Specialty Tools

  • Trim Tool Set

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