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Fuel Pump Connector Issue Tips 1A Auto

Created on: 2016-05-02

Learn a few tips about connecting a fuel pump adaptor in your GM vehicle in this 1A Auto video.

  1. step 1 :Tips for How to Attach the Connector
    • If you have a flat four-pin connector, you need an adaptor harness
    • Follow the technical instructions
    • Look in the back section of the connector to identify the pin location
    • Sodder/connect the pigtails to the fuel pump connector
    • DO NOT match the pigtails color-for-color

Hey, everybody, I'm Brian. I'm here to help you guys out with a little bit of fuel-pump knowledge. We're going to actually be talking about a General Motors/Chevy fuel-pump application. These were in the older model application Chevy trucks and the Safari vans.

One of the common questions we actually get is why does the part differ from the part in my vehicle and why does it come with this connector?

I'm going to show you right here. GM originally had a square four-pin connector. What they decided to do was update this here with a flat four-pin connector to make it universal through a lot of their applications. Obviously, if you alter that square connector and go to the flat four pin, you're now going to need this adapter harness.

The question is here, how do I install this part? It's simple. It comes with installation instructions. It gives you all the details through here, it tells you what to do. The slight bit of confusion that we actually have with this here, is on the picture here, it shows the old-style connector.

We have the square four-pin application, and you'll notice here it has the A,B,C,D application. Right beside it, it has the updated, newer style connector as you can see here. These are also labeled A, B, C, and D.

The key thing that you have to pay attention to what's listed below. It says rear-view of connector. What they're telling you to do is not look into the front of the connector, as these pictures show here, but to look in the back section here. All right, this is the key. When you remove your square connector, you have to cut it off of the factory harness, but you have to keep that so you can identify your pin location.

You look in the back, identify A, B, C, and D and sodder or connect it to the factory harness on these pigtail ends here and adapt it that way there.

One of the other things we also want to touch on is notice that these here are color-coded purple, brown, gray, and black or it might be you have two blacks and a gray and purple. These may not match the factory colors on your application, so please do not match these color-for-color.

You do need to pay attention to the identifications on your connectors. If you do criss-cross these here, you're going to run into an inoperative vehicle, and immediately you're going to think that the fuel-pump is bad, but in all reality, most of the time it's just a simple wiring situation where you can just go back to the instructions, read it, rear view of connector, it gives you all the details on how to splice off the end of these connectors. You can sodder or crimp them together and use heat suring tubing to seal off the ends of those connectors.

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