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Dash Camera - Review & Unboxing

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What's up, guys? I'm Andy from 1A Auto.

Here we have a dash cam that we sell at This dash cam has a G-sensor, has night vision, has a loop recording, park mode and viewing angles of 120 degrees. I'm going to unbox this right now. Let's see. Oops. Nope. Open it up, the side of the box.

Here it comes with a suction cup mount, a little mount to your windshield. It comes with the cord. This is to hook it into your computer. This is the power cable, and then the camera itself, slide this up. It's got a nice screen on the back. It comes with a 4 gigabyte SD card. You pull it out right there, slide back in. To use the mount, you just slide this on here, just like that, and then that will suction to the windshield.

I'm going to secure this against the windshield. Just push down, lock it up with that lock, it's in position. You can rotate this the way you want it, and tighten this up a little bit. Then we're going to plug in the connector right there and just like that. This plugs into the cigarette outlet. Now, when we start the car, power is going to go to the camera, and it's going to automatically start recording.

This camera has many different settings. There's a night vision mode that you can turn on, you can turn it off. Or you can put it in auto-mode, which is pretty neat. All right. I'm going to stop recording.

There's a lot of cool settings on this camera. Just hit the settings button, and you can change the resolution. You just scroll down here, click the resolution. You can do it from 1080p to 720, just select which setting you want, and then back up, select that.

You can loop-record, G-sensor, parking mode. Turn the parking mode on, select the different G-force for when the camera kicks off. Scroll through. You can select the night vision down here. Select that, turn it on, off or auto. The microphone on or off. A lot of cool settings.

One of the cool features of this camera is it will loop-record. It'll just keep recording over old files, so you don't have to erase files and start over. You can also take the camera, hook it right up to your computer and extract the video that you want.

Hit the check mark button to start recording, or when you start the vehicle, it'll start recording automatically.

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