How to Replace a Rear Window Washer Pump on a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey

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1A Auto shows you the procedure for replacing the rear windshield washer pump / motor on a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey.

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"In this video, we're going to show you how to replace the rear window washer pump. We're going to do this on a 2003 Honda Odyssey, same as any 1999 to 2004 Odyssey. The only tool you'll need is a flat blade screwdriver as well as 8 mm and 10 mm wrenches or socket and ratchet. In the video you will notice I use a lift to lift the vehicle up. This is not necessary; I just do this to help me in the video, but you don't need to jack up or lift the vehicle to do this.

Okay, open up the hood of your van. There are 11 clips. These clips are pretty easy. Just use a flat blade screwdriver, kind of pry underneath. Pry on one side, pry on the other. Sometimes they're a little hard to get going. Then either the middle comes out, the middle came out on that one. The clip comes out or sometimes you have to pry the whole clip out. Let's see, let's do another one here. This one, pop the middle up. The whole clip came out on that one. All right so there's one, two, three, four, five. I'm missing one there. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and 11 of those clips.

I'm just going to fast forward here as I remove those clips. Sometimes sand and stuff can get into them and make them hard to pry up. Just be careful, you don't want to break the tops of them off. Just pry on one side carefully. Pry on the other side and then go to the next one.

Okay, now looking up underneath the van you'll find some of the same clips. Okay, there should be four of them. One, two, a third and a fourth here that are missing.

Once again, fast forward and this is where you'll really find that they can get gummed up and mucked up with sand and are hard to get out. Actually, I think on this one, I end up just prying one of them out and breaking it off, because it doesn't really come out the right way.

Now on each side, near the wheel, there is a 10 mm bolt right down here. Okay, and then up inside of the fender more there is an 8 mm bolt right up in here.

Again, fast forwarding. Using a 10 mm socket and ratchet or a wrench would work as well. On this vehicle that 10 mm bolt is rusted into the clip so it actually just ends up tearing the plastic underneath. That's something that might happen. There is really no way to prevent it. Then I go and do the 8 mm bolt and it comes out no problem. Repeat that for the other side.

Are you ready to remove the motor cover? Pull out it. You will have to push down a little, and then pull it out. Actually, this will work and come off. Then on the other side. Take it right out. I think on some vehicles they'll have fog lights. If you have fog lights, you want to reach in there and disconnect them.

Okay, over on the passenger side you'll find your washer bottle and pumps. You can see the pumps, just pull out. You could use a flat blade screwdriver to pry them out. If you have fluid in your reservoir, it's going to pour out obviously at this point. Have a catch pan underneath for it. Twist and remove that pump tube. Then there's a little clip for the wiring harness. Use pliers to squeeze the clip teeth. Pull that out. Disconnect the harness.

Now reinstall by reversing the procedure. You'll want to switch out the rubber washer that's in the washer bottle. I put the new pump on in there from 1A Auto. Put it in place. Reconnect the harness, then clip it back into place on the side of the washer bottle.

This we are going to remove. The cap, our funnel, has a little screen in it. I'm not sure if you can see it there but it's a got a screen to filter out the stuff. Just refill our reservoir. While we're doing that, watch it down here. Make sure nothing is leaking.

Okay, inside the car with the key on. The front one is working, okay. Before I put the bumper cover back on, I'll kind of pull out the leaves and some of the stuff that's stuck in here. I just have two of my clips. They don't have any center. What I'm going to do is put the bumper cover up into place. Make sure that the tabs here go up on top of the brackets, underneath the lights, okay. Once you get it pretty much in place, you just got to put these two clips right on top here just to hold it in place. Over here, over there. My little, this is actually the clip that the screw goes into, it fell out. I'm sure that's up in there. Push the bumper cover down a little bit. It's going in underneath there. It's got to go up on top of this clip, but then down to clear that little screw. The other side in place. Pull these two clips back and out. Put this down in place. You have to go down underneath there. I got all the clips. I had to take the centers out of all of my clips to make them so they go in nice and easy except for this one. The center wouldn't come out of it.

These little mud shields go up there correctly. That's great. You just got force them in the right place. Then on this side. Then I only had two clips on the bottom. I'm going to clip them, on this inside one. Make sure it goes through. It goes through two things. It goes through both your bumper cover and this part here. I'm actually, so I'm putting the middle back in there. Right up through here. Then squeeze everything together. Push it in and do the same thing over here.

I think I'll kick it into high speed here. We'll just put the rest of those clips in. Then grab all the centers. Put them into place to lock them. An 8 mm screw in here, firm. It was missing this bolt here. I put this one in on this side. All right on this side my 10 mm bolt is rusted in place.

We hope this helps you out, thanks for watching!"

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