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Where to Safely Jack Up Lift Support 2009 Nissan Rogue

Created on: 2017-04-14

Where to place your jack and jack stands to lift you 2009 Nissan Rogue.

  1. step 1 :Where to Place Jack Stands
    • Raise the vehicle from anywhere on the subframe
    • Raise and support the vehicle from the stub frame/unirail
    • Raise from the solid metal where the lower control arm bracket bolts to

Tools needed

  • Jack Stands

    Floor Jack

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When raising and supporting any vehicle, you want to check underneath for any type of solid steel fixture or structure. For this particular vehicle, we have our engine cleaner. Our front subframe here. It's acceptable to raise from any of these locations as well as put a pair of jack stands underneath it anywhere you can get a good flat stance on them. This vehicle also has these little bump outs here. It's almost like a unirail or a stub frame some would call it. You can raise and support here on either side.

In back of the vehicle, we have this nice solid piece here you can see it's reinforced and this is where our lower control arm bracket bolts onto. That's an acceptable place to lift as well as most unibody vehicles. We have a pinch rod between the rocker panels and the floors. It is also acceptable to raise and support from. This is true on either side. In the rear, you're really going to want to just lift from one of those points or in a pinch, not the differential itself because this is an aluminum differential. In the all-wheel drive models you do not want to raise the vehicle there, but if you had to, you could use the piece of the rear subframe right here and possibly support from these places. Always use your best judgment in placing jack stands to make sure that they are stable and secure and have enough bite onto the vehicle wherever you put them. That if the vehicle were to move from some kind of extreme force, it would still be resting on a jack stand.

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